Denon PMA-600NE Stereo Amplifier

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2 X 45 Watts Into 8 Ohms, 2 x 70 Watts Into 4 Ohms

European "Sound Tuned" High Current Design

Dedicated MM Phono Input For Turntables

Bluetooth Wireless Streaming Capability


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About The Denon PMA-600NE Stereo Amplifier 

The Denon PMA-600NE stereo amplifier provides high-current power for your speakers and plenty of connections for your favourite digital and analogue sources like a turntable. Listen to your favourite high-resolution audio content with the 192kHz/24bit D/A converter or connect via Bluetooth to stream nearly unlimited songs.

Designed for the aspiring music enthusiast, the Denon PMA-600NE is the superior choice for those who want to build their first 2-channel Hi-Fi system. The PMA-600NE allows for the most vivid and emotional reproduction of vinyl and hi-res audio with digital inputs and a built-in phono equaliser. Listen to your favourite music via Bluetooth as well for seamless streaming of nearly unlimited songs. From deep bass to detailed highs, enjoy your favourite high-resolution audio content with the 192kHz/24bit D/A converter.

Denon PMA-600NE Stereo Amplifier

At 70 Watts (4 Ohms) per channel, the PMA-600NE supplies enough power to drive your speakers for optimal sound. Connect the PMA-600NE to your favourite components with the two Optical and one Coaxial digital input. Powered by the Denon Advanced High Current (AHC) single-push-pull circuit power amplifier, the PMA-600NE provides exceptional sound quality that balances high power with delicate, musical details.

Thoughtfully Selected High-Grade Audio Components: With more than a 100-year legacy of designing premium audio components, you can trust that a Denon product has undergone rigorous testing. The overall aesthetic, sound quality and design integrity of PMA-600NE and its Hi-Fi components are built to last. Denon engineers carefully constructed the amplifier circuit within the PMA-600NE to secure a frequency response of up to 100 kHz during applied use. The volume circuit suppresses noise in the amplifier, achieving high sonic resolution. The PMA-600NE handles a wide, dynamic range of high-resolution audio sources with tone control and power throughout.

Analogue Mode: Denon engineers carefully constructed the amplifier circuit within the PMA-600NE to secure a frequency response of up to 100 kHz during applied use. The volume circuit suppresses noise in the amplifier, achieving high sonic resolution. The PMA-600NE handles a wide, dynamic range of high-resolution audio sources with tone control and power throughout.

Phono Equalizer For Vinyl Lovers: The PMA-600NE includes a phono equalizer that supports input from moving magnet cartridges. This phono equalizer has high gain, and unlike loops in other circuit board patterns which cause adverse effects on sound quality, the simple, straightforward design of the PMA-600NE phono equalizer significantly improves sound.

Bluetooth Support & Digital Connectivity: Extend your audio experience with nearly unlimited sources. Pair the PMA-600NE to your smart device or computer via Bluetooth, and listen to your favourite music wirelessly. Or, connect your TV, media player, computer or any digital source via the Optical and Coaxial digital inputs for an exceptional audio performance with the built-in DAC.

Digital Inputs: The PMA-600NE features two Optical inputs and one Coaxial input and supports PCM signals up to 192 kHz/24 bit. These digital inputs help to improve sound and visual quality of your TV audio, Blu-Ray, media players and more. Also use it to input high resolution sound from an audio source on your computer.

Main Transformer with Individual Wiring: To eliminate interference and maintain exceptional sound quality, the main power transformer of the PMA-600NE has separate coiled wires for the audio and control circuits. An integrated microprocessor features Stop Mode for even greater sound quality while you listen. Stop mode automatically ceases all operations of the micro-processor when it’s not needed for playback. By stopping the oscillation of the micro-processor clock during these listening moments, the audio signal is protected from external noise and enhances sound quality.

Signal Level Divided Construction (S.L.D.C.): The Signal Level Divided Construction (SLDC) chassis developed by Denon is used in the audio circuit to ensure that delicate musical signals are faithfully amplified and transmitted to the speakers. Listen with exemplary quality, every time.

About Denon

As Japan’s first audio electronics manufacturer and with a deep legacy of firsts, Denon is absolutely one of the longest audio company emanating from Japan. Founded in 1910, their aim has always been to enable the entertainment moments that matter through the relentless pursuit of quality, innovation and audio performance and Audio Trends teamed up with Denon way back in 1982. Even then, we had difficulties keeping up with demand because they just couldn't physically reproduce enough gear for the world market! How have they been so successful over decades and still are up with the best in mass-produced audio components when the market has become very crowded?

Innovative engineering and technology are at the core of what makes a Denon product so iconic. Through a disciplined approach to design and production, their Japanese based engineers ensure that only superb craftsmanship, precision engineering and impeccable performance go into every component. The creation of products that can deliver total quality enjoyment to others is a fundamental driving passion and the main reason why they exist. What’s more, their constant quest to create the perfect entertainment component is the key to transforming creative ideas into leading innovation, and to anticipating consumer needs. In recent times, this has included the development of mobile technologies, so that customers can enjoy the best possible quality reproduction in any format.

For everyone at Denon, Passion, Artistry, and Technology are more than buzzwords – they are part of the quintessential philosophy behind everything they do. These three elements and decades of innovation and engineering excellence have shaped their entire culture. Every detail of a Denon product is crafted around these elements with a single goal in mind: to maximise the entertainment experience. It is worthy of note that Denon is distributed in Australia by Sound United who are the international owners of the brand so after-sales-service is readily available if required.

Our Take On The Denon PMA-600NE Stereo Amplifier

For those after a nicely specified stereo integrated amplifier that won’t break the bank the Denon PMA-600NE could be just the ticket. It has Bluetooth for streaming from your smartphone or tablet as well as three digital audio inputs to bring you old CD player to life or give you great sound from TV. On the analogue side of things it has a moving magnet phono input for your turntable as well as several line inputs for other analogue device such as an AM/FM tuner. It also has a subwoofer out in case you feel a little more bass is called for. All-in-all the Denon PMA-600NE has all the flexibility you could want in a modern amplifier and, as usual, offers the great sound quality Denon have been known for for decades.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: Stereo Integrated Amplifier With Built-In DAC & Bluetooth
  • Power Output: 2 x 45 Watts (20 Hz - 20 kHz, 8 ohms, T.H.D. 0.07%); 2 x 70 Watts (1 kHz, 4 ohms, T.H.D. 0.7%)
  • Bluetooth: Built-in Bluetooth for convenient music streaming
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.01% (rated output -3 dB, 8 ohms, 1 kHz)
  • Input Sensitivity: Phono MM 2.5 mV / 47 kOhm: Line 110mV / 30 kOhms
  • Signal-To-Noise Ratio: Phono MM 84 dB (5 mV input); Line 105 dB
  • Tone Controls: Treble ± 8 dB at 10 kHz; Bass ± 8 dB at 100 Hz
  • Volume Control: Large size volume control knob for precise adjustment
  • High-Current Design: Advanced Ultra-High Current (UHC)-MOS Single
  • Push-Pull Circuit: Features new type dual FET transistor for more transparency and details
  • Twin Transformers: Leakage-cancelling-mounted twin transformers
  • Phono Input: High-performance phono equaliser
  • Quality Parts: These are strictly selected for high sound quality. Shottky diodes and selected parts and a solid heat sink, to suppress vibration
  • Power Supply: High-current, dynamic power supply, to support high speed and large current flow
  • Minimum Signal Paths: These protect signal purity


  • Phono (MM): 1
  • Line Level Input: 4 pr RCA type
  • Line-Level Output: 1 pr x RCA type – fixed level out for recording
  • Subwoofer Output: 1 mono variable out
  • Speaker Outputs: You can connect one pair of speakers via gold plated binding posts that will accept banana plugs and bare wire

Other Features

  • Remote Control: System remote control (RC-1234) unit to control not only the amplifier but also a Denon CD Player or Network Audio Player
  • Power Supply: AC 230 V, 50Hz
  • Power Consumption: 185 Watts
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 434 x 122 x 307mm
  • Nett Weight: 6.8 kg
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE

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