Van den Hul The Integration Hybrid RCA Cable

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Triple Shielded Audio Interconnect.

Fusion Technology Linear Structured Carbon Conductors.

Excellent Value. Made In Europe.

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About Van den Hul The Integration Hybrid RCA Cable

The Integration Hybrid’s design is based on the worldwide acclaimed D-102 III Hybrid. It’s a triple shielded audio interconnect suitable for both balanced and unbalanced uses.

The Integration Hybrid is the first member of van den Hul's very own state-of-the-art Fusion Series. It’s a triple shielded audio interconnect suitable for both balanced and unbalanced uses. The Integration Hybrid’s design is based on van den Hul's worldwide acclaimed D-102 III Hybrid. In The Integration Hybrid the two stranded metal cores have been replaced by four stranded “Fusion Technology” conductors in a so-called star quad configuration. All other technological advances have been maintained, like the applied hybrid technology (where the conductors are embedded in a conductive layer containing our Linear Structured Carbon and the very effective triple layered shielding. 

van den Hul The Integration RCA Interconnect

The Integration Hybrid is highly resistant, almost immune, to interference noise and this is due to the star quad configuration with four stranded Fusion conductors and a very effective triple layered shielding. Low parasitic capacitance presents a low load to the signal source and this means that longer runs of cable can be used without losses. Of course this is beneficial in shorter lengths as well but not as noticeable.

What is Hybrid technology?

It simply means the conductors are embedded in a conductive layer containing van den Hul's own Linear Structured Carbon conductors and this makes it highly versatile. Besides being suitable for both unbalanced and balanced uses, it also serves perfectly as a music instrument or microphone cable. Another feature is the strength from Fusion Technology. The conductors are strong and are much less susceptible to break under frequent bending than the average copper cables.

Although the only time you see the cable is when you take it out of the box to install - and it looks very nice - the gold coloured jacket in the rugged Hulliflex jacket acts as an excellent protection for heavy use and helps resist gravitational 'pull' when connected to your components.

In The News

"This category's winner includes van den Hul's 'fusion technology' - it uses zinc as well as copper and silver, and each conductor is surrounded by Linear Structured Carbon. The proposed idea is to preserve low-level detail by reducing the alleged detrimental effects of crystal boundaries - the proof is in the listening, and whatever the reason, there's no denying this interconnect's outstanding sound quality. There's a rare, natural ease to the sound, with a splendid tonal balance from top to bottom. Imaging, also, is truly first rate." - HI-FI CHOICE MAGAZINE

Main Features & Specifications

  • Cable Type: Triple screened quadruple core / star quad (Balanced)
  • Conductor Material: Fusion Technology: amorphous Cu/Zn/Ag alloy + HYBRID: Linear Structured Carbon ® saturated layer(s)
  • Design Purpose: Unbalanced audio interconnect
  • EFF Conductor: Core: Cores: 0.16 mm² / Cores: ~AWG 25 / Cores: 7; Screen: 180
  • External Diameter: 7.8 mm
  • Jacket: Hulliflex / 300 Vrms min
  • Jacket Colour: Gold Tone
  • Resistance: Core: Cores: 0.43 Ohm/m.; Screen: 0.62 Ohm/100 m
  • Capacitance: 86 pF/m. (in balanced star quad mode)
  • Characteristic Impedance: 110 Ohm (in balanced star quad mode); Allows AES-EBU standard digital audio transmission
  • Insulation: Core: PE foam
  • Connector Type: van den Hul RCA type C - 8.0
  • Available Lengths: 1 Metre and 1.5 Metre pair
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 Years

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