ProJect Measure It E Precision Digital Scale

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The Perfect Tool For Accurately Measuring The Tracking Force Of Your Stylus

Electronic Stylus Pressure Gauge With Backlit LCD Display

Supplied With Calibration Weight

Helps Get The Best Performance From Your Turntable

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About Project Measure it E

The ProJect Measure It E is the perfect tool for accurately measuring the tracking force of your stylus. Improve the sound of your records by fine tuning the stylus pressure using the ProJect Measure It E.

Getting the correct tracking force on your stylus is a bit tricky, even for those who have done it often! Just because the indicator says so, doesn't mean it is. The best way to make sure is with an electronic stylus gauge. When these first became available about 30 years ago from memory, we bought a Technics model and it was fantastic. But, when analogue sales slowed, it obviously got the chop.

The good news is that Pro-Ject have now released a superb little thing which is better (and cheaper) and is a 'must' for all Turntable owners - especially if (1) you want your stylus to last; (2) your stylus is expensive; (3) you want the best performance. This latter one is obviously why most of us play 'vinyl' but the tracking force should not be too light or too heavy and the only way to get it guaranteed to the manufacturers recommended zone is with an electronic Stylus pressure gauge!

With this super-accurate little device you can balance your tone arm to perfection. In fact, to within an accuracy or +/- 0.002 of a gram. It comes with a 5g weight which can be used to auto-calibrate the gauge, a protective cover and has an illuminated LCD display. Get the perfect tracking weight with the ProJect Measure It E Digital Stylus Force Gauge. It is perfect for every vinyl lover. 

Main Features & Specifications

  • Suitable for use with all turntables/cartridges
  • LCD display with backlight
  • Capacity: 0-5g, variance + 0.002g
  • Auto calibration
  • Auto off after 120 seconds
  • Spare batteries supplied
  • Storage bag for protection when not in use
  • Supplied accessories 5g weight for auto-calibration
  • Finish: Grey

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