Yamaha SPMK-30

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Yamaha SPM-K30 Wall-Mount Bracket For YSP-5600, YSP-5100, YSP-4100, YSP-4000, YSP-3050 And YSP-3000 Yamaha Soundbars/Digital Sound Projectors

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The SPM-K30 Wall Mount Bracket comes supplied with two sets of adapter plates so it can be used with any of the Yamaha Digital Sound Projectors. The Type-A adapter plates are used for the YSP-800 and YSP-900, while the Type-B adapter plates are used for the YSP-4000 and YSP-3000. Hardware is supplied to secure the bracket to the Yamaha Digital Sound Projectors and two safety wires are supplied to keep your Digital Sound Projector in place. However, wall-mounting screws are not provided. The dimensions after assembling the SPM-K30 vary depending on the type of Digital Sound Projector being mounted.

Wall Bracket Dimensions For YSP-800/900 Installation: Width = 26.75", Height = 4.415", Depth = 0.635"

Wall Bracket Dimension For YSP-3000 Installation: Width = 27.5625", Height = 4.415", Depth = 0.635"

Wall Bracket Dimension For YSP-4000/4100 Installation: Width = 28.75", Height = 4.415", Depth = 0.635"

Wall Bracket Dimension For YSP-5100 Installation: Refer manual

Wall Bracket Dimension For YSP-5600 Installation: Refer manual

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