Yamaha R-N803D Stereo Receiver

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Up To 100 Watts Output Per Channel With DAB+ Tuner And Internet Radio

Bluetooth, Phono Input, Apple AirPlay, Sub Output, SABRE 9006AS 192 kHz / 24-bit DAC

Yamaha YPAO Room Correction And MusicCast Compatibility

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About The Yamaha R-N803D Network Stereo Receiver

The Yamaha R-N803D is the top of the line of a new breed of stereo Receiver. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DAB+ Radio and Internet Radio add to an already impressive feature list. Now you can listen to the world of radio as well as stream music from your smartphone or tablet.

Yamaha boasts over 60 years of history as an audio brand. And the technology of R-N803D comes directly from Yamaha's legendary Hi-Fi design concept ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology), which faithfully maintains the integrity of the audio by combining a meticulously symmetrical left / right circuit layout and signal directness (straightest, shortest signal paths) with a low-vibration chassis of high rigidity, equipped with the special resin frame “Art Base” that absorbs and blocks unnecessary vibration. It maintains sonic purity and accurate stereo image of the music to create unshakeable drivability.

Not everyone wants a Home Theatre Receiver but there has been a cry from radio fans to give them the latest networking functions in a product without the extra perceived complications. That feedback prompted Yamaha to design the R-N803D with the latest network capability. Enjoy 1000's of radio stations from around the world via the Internet. Where many stereo Receivers stop short of streaming music options, the R-N803D embraces them all with full support for Apple AirPlay and DLNA-compatible devices. Connect this Receiver to your home network router and turn your compatible computer, smartphone or tablet into bona fide wireless sources. Enjoy sweet music alongside your CD or Blu-ray player, record player, and other components thanks to the R-N803D's high-power, low-noise construction.

Yamaha R-N803D Network Stereo Receiver Silver

The R-N803D uses the renowned SABRE 9006AS 192 kHz / 24-bit DAC (from ESS technology) to deliver superior S/N performance. Combined with Yamaha's original network module, the unit thoroughly draws out all the sonic merits of high-resolution sound sources, effectively reproducing even the subtle ambience of concert halls and delicate expressive nuances in the sound.

Optimised For The Ultimate Sound In Your Room: For the first time in a Hi-Fi receiver, the R-N803D is equipped with the Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimiser (YPAO), a famed technology used in Yamaha's AV receivers. It measures the shape of the room, the material of the wall and the position of the speaker, and then automatically adjusts the sound to create the ideal response and sonic quality. The unit also features other advanced YPAO functions, including YPAO™-R.S.C (Reflected Sound Control), which actively corrects the important early reflection sounds that greatly influence sound quality, and YPAO Volume, which applies exceptionally high-precision EQ (equalisation), with 192 kHz / 64-bit operation. The result? You can create an ideal listening environment right in your home, just like that of a professional audio listening room.

Audio Quality Not Sacrificed

With all this advanced technology, you may assume that the 803' doesn't come up to scratch when it comes to performance. Not so! Yamaha employs their tried and tested ToP-ART (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) design concept, which combines the latest and best technologies, components and circuit designs to maximise sound quality. It is what we in the audio industry call High Current Amplification and this amp design uses superior quality components from input to output to achieve high current power with low impedance drive capability. In other words, the R-N803D will handle, with ease, a wide range of speaker systems even those rated at a 4 Ohm impedance. With 100 Watts of full-bandwidth power per channel at 8 Ohms the R-N803D delivers dynamic peak power rated at 140, 170, 220 and 290W into an 8, 6, 4 and 2Ω load respectively. This sort of power provides solid, reliable audio performance even when driving both A & B speakers - another popular inclusion from the past - at the same time. Consumers will also be happy that the receiver has individual bass and treble controls.

MusicCast Expands Entertainment Possibilities

MusicCast is a new revolution in network audio, use all your MusicCast products together or separately, it’s completely up to you. And the Yamaha R-N803D stereo receiver supports Yamaha's proprietary MusicCast multi-room audio eco-system. It allows you to wirelessly play back a wide variety of audio sources and content in multiple rooms of your home (additional MusicCast products sold separately). MusicCast works with your home's existing WiFi router and Yamaha's free MusicCast App for Apple (iOS 9.0+) iPod/iPhone/iPad and Android (OS 4.1+) smartphones/tablets puts control of your whole home listening experience in the palm of your hand. You'll be able to stream the receiver's tuner, analogue inputs, digital inputs, Bluetooth, and network sources to other MusicCast products installed in your home. In addition, you'll be able to stream your MusicCast products' sources to the stereo receiver.

Stream Your iTunes Library Via Apple AirPlay: AirPlay lets you stream your favourite songs directly from your Apple iOS device or from your iTunes library on your Windows PC or Mac computer to the R-N803 network stereo receiver via your wireless network. If you use any Apple portable devices or iTunes on your computer, then you'll love the R-N803D's built-in support for Apple AirPlay. From your Apple iOS device you are able to stream stored music on your device, downloaded music apps, and music on your iCloud to the AV receiver. It lets you stream music directly from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, no wires required. If you're not an Apple user, this receiver's DLNA-compatibility opens up wireless streaming to compatible PCs, music servers, and Android devices. You can even download Apple's free Remote App onto your compatible iOS device to browse and control playback functions of the music stored in your iTunes music library on your computer when it is being streamed to the network receiver. With AirPlay you also get to see song/artist information on the receiver's front-panel display.

Internet Radio: The Yamaha R-N803D's network connection provides access to Spotify Connect, Tidal, Deezer and vTuner Internet Radio. You can control the Internet Radio services from the network receiver's remote control and front-panel display. The receiver's front-panel display will indicate station name, album name, song title, and elapsed time.

vTuner: You can also listen to Internet radio stations using the vTuner Internet Radio Station database service particularly customised for this unit, providing a database of numerous radio stations around the world. You can search for Internet Radio stations by Location, Genre, New, Popular, or Podcast.

Stream Millions of Songs with Spotify Connect: With the Spotify app on your Apple iOS or Android smartphone, you've got instant access to millions of songs. And now you can stream those same songs from your smartphone to the Yamaha network receiver by using Spotify Connect; simply hit play on the app to start streaming music. What's more, when you've been listening to Spotify on your smartphone outside and come inside, the song immediately begins to stream to the receiver for uninterrupted music enjoyment. You can also personalise playlists and receive phone calls while listening to music. The Spotify app for Apple iOS/Android devices and a premium account are required.

DAB+/FM Tuner: The Yamaha R-N803D network receiver features a built-in DAB+/FM tuner with manual, seek and preset tuning. The R-N803D lets you store up to 40 station presets. This can be done manually or automatically (auto-preset tuning). You can set this receiver to automatically match FM broadcast frequencies in stereo, or convert the frequency to monaural for weaker stations.

Free Yamaha Control app for Apple & Android Devices: A network connection also offers you the opportunity for smartphone control using Yamaha's free Network Player Controller app. Download it to your Apple or Android device to use it as Wi-Fi remote. It lets you select streaming music options and even view album artwork with select sources.

Analogue + Digital Inputs: The Yamaha R-N803D offers both analogue and digital audio inputs in order to connect a variety of source components.

Analogue Audio Inputs: The receiver features four pair analogue stereo RCA inputs to connect up to four analogue audio components like a CD player or tape device. It also features a Phono input so you can connect your turntable directly without needing a separate phono preamp. There is also a stereo RCA record output to connect to a CD-recorder or other recording device. There is also a dedicated variable out RCA socket for use with a Subwoofer.

Digital Audio Inputs: The R-N803D is equipped with digital audio inputs with both optical and coaxial terminals. The optical is for receiving audio from a TV and the coaxial is for receiving audio from a Blu-ray Disc™ player. The audio stays in the digital domain, giving you pure, pristine, dynamic sound for all your entertainment sources, from sports and other programmes to movies and concerts.

A & B Speaker Terminals: The R-N803D is fitted with A & B speaker terminals so you can power up to two pair of speakers (the A & B speaker terminals are wired in parallel inside the receiver). The speaker selector switch on the front-panel of the receiver makes it easy to switch between speaker outputs, allowing you to hear the sound from one speaker pair (A or B) or from both speaker pairs (A+B). The eight binding-post speaker terminals will accept bare wire (like QED 79 strand) and banana plugs which we truly recommend.

Headphone Jack: The Yamaha R-N803D is equipped with a front-panel, full-size headphone jack for connecting a set of headphones, so you can listen to your music privately. Connecting a set of headphones automatically mutes the receiver's speaker outputs.

Ethernet LAN Port: The Yamaha network receiver is fitted with a RJ-45 Ethernet (LAN) port to connect the receiver to your home network to access your DLNA music server, or Internet Radio.

Our Take On The Yamaha R-N803D Network Stereo Receiver

It seems that most current Yamaha Stereo Receivers are rated at 100 Watts per channel, which could lead you to believe they all sound the same. Nothing could be further from the truth and, as ever, the devil is in the details. The R-N803D sits at the top of the Yamaha Stereo Receiver range and Yamaha have beefed up the power supply so that speakers of all impedances, even difficult low impedance models, are handled with ease. So, the R-N803D always has plenty of power in reserve and can, in fact, produce 140, 170, 220 & 290 Watts into an 8, 6, 4 & 2Ω load respectively. So, as you can see, low impedance speakers are no problem when you've got up to 290 Watts telling them what to do. The result is effortless dynamics, no signs of stress even at higher volumes, and the peace of mind that comes with an amplifier that is in complete control. The icing on the cake must be Yamaha's Parametric Room Acoustic Optimiser (YPAO) technology that measures the shape of the room, the material of the wall and the position of the speaker, and then automatically adjusts the sound to create the ideal response and sonic quality.

All of this is starting to sound like a very special amplification device indeed. Good to see the trickle down effect from Yamaha's top end products coming to this very reasonably priced stereo receiver that not only sounds great, but has almost every facility an ambitious music lover might need. Highly recommended.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Power Output: 2 x 100 Watts into 8 ohms (20Hz - 20kHz) at 0.19% THD. Delivers dynamic peak power rated at 140, 170, 220 and 290 Watts into an 8, 6, 4 and 2Ω load respectively
  • Low Impedance Drive: 4 Ohm capability allows use with a wide range of speakers
  • Wi-Fi: Connect to your home network
  • Wireless Direct: Lets you connect compatible devices to the receiver wirelessly, without the need for a wireless access point
  • Internet Ready: Listen to music from a networked computer
  • Tuner: Built-in DAB+/FM tuner with 40 presets
  • Apple AirPlay: Stream your music from an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or computer running iTunes
  • Bluetooth: Lets you stream directly from compatible devices
  • Also sends audio wirelessly to Bluetooth-enabled speakers or headphones
  • MusicCast: Connects wirelessly to other Yamaha speakers and receivers with MusicCast to play the same song through multiple speakers or different songs in different rooms
  • DLNA Certified: DLNA 1.5 certified for streaming music with compatible computers, music servers and portable devices
  • High Res Music: Play high-resolution digital music files via a networked computer (up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution) as well as DSD files up to 5.6 MHz
  • File Compatibility: Plays MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, and AIFF files
  • Free App: Download free Yamaha Network Player (NP) Controller app lets you use your Apple or Android device as a Wi-Fi remote
  • Remote Control: Traditional remote control device is included
  • Tone Controls: Front-panel controls for bass and treble


  • Digital Audio Inputs: Optical x 2, Coaxial x 2
  • RCA Inputs: Stereo RCA inputs x 4 pair
  • Phono Input: Yes – compatible with Moving Magnet Cartridges or High Output Moving Coil Cartridges
  • Recording Output: Yes x 2
  • Remote Input/Output: Designed for external control systems
  • Ethernet Port: Allows connection to the Internet
  • Speakers: 2 Pairs (A & B speakers) can be connected, use either Banana plugs (recommended) or bare wire
  • Headphone Output: Full-size 6.5mm jack on front panel
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 435 x 151 x 392mm (with antenna up: 435 x 215 x 392mm)
  • Available Colours: Black or Silver
  • Nett Weight: 11kg
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 years

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