WireWorld Stream 8 Speaker Cable

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Dual DNA Helix Design Speaker Cable

16 Gauge Oxygen-Free Copper Conductors

Composilex 3 Insulation

Minimum Purchase 4 Metres

The WireWorld Stream 8 Speaker Cable shows it’s possible to get a smooth, natural, dynamic sounding cable at a very reasonable price. Available by the metre, this flexible cable will let you clearly hear every detail on your favourite recordings.


The Stream 8 speaker cable allows you to enjoy the latest WireWorld performance advantages in an amazingly light, flexible and open cable that is equally at home in a quality home theatre system or high resolution stereo system.

Dual DNA Helix Construction: The goal of Wireworld’s patented DNA Helix cable technology is to enable listeners to experience their music without the losses and colourations normally caused by cables. Polygraph testing shows that the primary sonic effects of cables are caused by electromagnetic effects. The effect called eddy current resistance, which increases as strands are twisted, is especially problematic because it masks quiet musical details. To overcome those issues, the strands in the DNA Helix designs are completely parallel, providing the most direct signal path for the lowest eddy current resistance. These parallel strands run within layered flat conductors that channel electromagnetic energy and reject interference. Furthermore, in the analogue cables, the spacing between the positive and negative conductors is fine-tuned by ear to match the pure sound of a direct connection. The effect of that tuning is like focusing a lens, with the beautiful textures and dynamics of live music coming into vivid 3-D focus when the spacing is just right.

Premium High-Quality Metals: A common misconception is that the gauge of a speaker wire is all that matters. Heavier is better, right? Wrong. Gauge can make a difference, but testing has taught us that cable design and material quality can have an even greater impact on the sound we hear. That is why WireWorld focuses on developing the most efficient designs and producing them with the best quality materials available in each price range. For example, the Stream 8 speaker cable features high quality oxygen-free copper conductors for the best performance for the money.

Composilex 3 Insulation: Beyond the advantages of the best conductor materials, a third generation composite insulation, Composilex 3, preserves the purity of the signal by minimizing triboelectric noise better than any conventional low loss insulation material, including DuPont Teflon®. Composilex 3 provides rewarding improvements in vividness, focus and dynamic contrast. With these innovations, Wireworld cables have advanced the art of reproducing the power and delicacy of music.

Home Theatre Installations: The sound quality of professionally installed home theatre systems has advanced to the point where the audible losses of standard speaker cables can really limit their performance. The best way to observe those losses is to compare a few centimetres of standard cable to the 10 to 15 metres commonly used for in-wall runs. The short connections sound dramatically better, with greater clarity and dynamic punch. Wireworld DNA Helix speaker cables are engineered to provide the closest sound to the short connections at prices that suit a wide range of installations.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: Dual DNA Helix Construction Speaker Cable (suitable for in-wall use)
  • Signal Conductors: 2 Conductors (16 strands)   
  • Conductor Material: Oxygen-Free Copper
  • Gauge: 16AWG / 1.25 sq. mm
  • Insulation: Composilex 3
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 5 Years

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE. Illustration displays spade connectors. These can be supplied to special order.

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