Wireworld Starlight 8 Coaxial Digital Cable

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Silver-Clad Copper Conductors

Low Loss High-Density Composilex 3 Insulation

Tri DNA Helix Design, Minimises Electromagnetic Losses

Silver-Tube Connectors with Silver-Clad Oxygen Free Copper Plug Contacts

Available in Various Lengths

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About the WireWorld Starlight 8 Coaxial Digital Cable

The Wireworld Starlight 8 Digital Audio Coaxial cable uses silver-clad copper conductors to make reference-standard digital audio performance more affordable than ever. Starlight 8 is the only digital audio cable to offer leading-edge technology, materials and performance, in the price range of conventional coaxial digital audio cables. The patented DNA Helix design and Composilex 3 insulation provide clear improvements in musical detail and dynamic expression.

Wireworld was founded with the unique mission of perfecting audio cables through objective listening and scientific tests to ensure that each new generation of cables lets you hear more of the original sound than previous cables. After five years of development beyond the highly acclaimed Series 7, Wireworld have released the Series 8 cables, the next step toward musical perfection.

WireWorld Starlight 8 Digital Audio Coaxial Cable

DNA Helix Cable Technology: The foremost Wireworld technology is the patented DNA Helix (Delineated Neutralising Array) conductor geometry. This unique technology uses layered flat conductors with parallel strands to prevent the electromagnetic ‘eddy current’ losses caused by conventional stranded and solid conductors. The results are audible and measurable improvements in preserving musical detail, natural tone quality and dynamic expression. For Series 8, the DNA Helix designs have been upgraded by increasing the number of strand groups to three, which strengthens the electromagnetic field that moves the signal through the cable.

Silver Clad Copper: Starlight 8 steps up from Ultraviolet 8 with the use of ‘silver-clad’ copper conductors as opposed to ‘silver-plated’ copper conductors in the Ultraviolet 8. Since silver is the most conductive metal, adding a layer of silver over copper can improve performance. Wireworld use the term ‘clad’ to describe an extremely thick layer of silver. The silver-clad cables have about three times as much silver as rival silver-plated models. Silver also makes the quietest and lowest loss connections, even when mated to terminals made of other metals. Silver conductors improve resolution, which can reveal coloration caused by design faults, but in the best designs they simply reveal more music.

Quiet Please!

Insulation materials are considered very important in cable design and designers usually select whatever standard materials they find to work the best. The problem with that approach is that none of those standard materials provide both low loss and low triboelectric noise. To overcome that limitation, Wireworld developed their own composite insulation materials. Now in their third generation, Composilex 3 insulation materials are uniquely blended to minimise both noise and loss, enabling you to hear more musical detail and three-dimensionality than ever before.

Composilex 3 insulation has made great improvements in the performance of Wireworld Series 8 cables. It is totally unique to Wireworld and the incredibly quiet background, tonal purity and expansive soundstaging it provides are a revelation in sonic realism. It works by reducing triboelectric noise, which is caused by static charge/discharge effects generated where conductors touch insulation. The noise is induced by movement, vibration and signal energy. Engineered for the lowest triboelectric noise of any low loss insulation material, including DuPont Teflon, Composilex 3 provides a major advance in preserving tonality, spatiality and dynamic contrast.

Silver-Tube Connectors

The idea behind developing connectors that surpass most others in design and material was based on a simple question. Why bother perfecting cables if the plugs take away from their performance? After all, the cable can’t let you hear all of the music if it’s losing information at the connection. Wireworld connectors are engineered to provide some of the purest and most lifelike sound quality available. Awarded U.S. Patent #5,413,503, the Wireworld Silver-Tube RCA plug design provides the highest conductivity of any RCA plug in the world. Note, there are three RCA plugs in the range and Starlight 8 has the entry-level Silver-Tube RCA plug.

The most unique feature of this design is a silicone rubber tension band, which creates a smooth firm grip over any jack. With superior sonic transparency and a perfect fit every time, Wireworld connectors are arguably among the world’s best. Bright gold-plated connectors may look beautiful, but they’re not a reliable indicator of quality in cables. Most gold-plated plugs are made of brass, which is plated with bright nickel and a thin layer of gold. Brass and nickel are rather poor conductors that introduce significant loss at the points of contact. Furthermore, the thick metal sections of conventional plugs reduce sonic clarity. Wireworld Silver-Tube RCA plugs utilise thin-walled tubular contacts made of the best conductors, oxygen-free copper and silver, to provide distinct improvements in clarity, smoothness and dynamic range and some of the highest conductivity of any RCA plugs in the world. Wireworld claim that their silver-clad OFC plug contacts are three times more conductive than the common bright gold over nickel plating used on costume jewellery and most other brands and that's great news for us as consumers! By anyone’s standards, these are superb plugs and by making an almost permanent connection will dramatically improve the definition and dynamics of most systems.

About Wireworld

For the seriously music-obsessed, a key gateway to an expanded soundstage, where one comes within grasping distance of the creator’s vision, lies in the purest and most sonically invisible of conductors being the medium between their audio setup. In the audio world, few have come close to reaching this flagstone as David Salz, Founder and CEO of Wireworld. For close to four decades, David has led a renaissance in the cabling world, completely reinventing conductor geometries in his quest for high-performance cables that boast even octave to octave tonal balance, while staying bereft of the signature house sounds that colour many a brand creation. We also support Wireworld as a premier provider of leading edge digital and analogue cable technology for home audio and video, from HDMI and USB audio to state of the art high-end interconnects and speaker cables. They have earned their world-class reputation by producing high quality cables based on the use of objective perceptual testing, innovative patented designs, premium materials, and exceptional manufacturing quality.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Product Description: Digital Audio Coaxial Cable
  • Terminations: 1 x RCA to 1 x RCA
  • Connectors: Patented Silver-Tube
  • Plug Contacts: Silver-clad Oxygen Free Copper
  • Conductors: 3 (16 Strand Groups) Silver-Clad Copper conductors
  • Wire Size/Gauge: 26 AWG (0.13 sq. mm)
  • Insulation: Composilex 3 Insulation reduces interference and greatly improves performance
  • Cable Design: Tri DNA Helix creates a more efficient channel for electromagnetic energy, thereby preserving more of the delicate information that creates higher fidelity
  • Available Lengths: 500mm; 1 Metre; 1.5 Metre; 2 Metre; 3 Metre; 6 Metre
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: Lifetime - Does not cover misuse or abuse

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