Wireworld Chroma 8 Twinax Ethernet Cable

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Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) Conductors

Low Loss High-Density Composilex 3 Insulation

Patented Tite-Shield Technology Effectively Isolates Noise

24 Karat Gold Plated Connectors

Available In Various Lengths

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Information On Wireworld Chroma 8 Twinax Ethernet Cables

Wireworld Chroma 8 Twinax Ethernet Cable features the same advanced design as the groundbreaking and more expensive Starlight 8 Ethernet cable, but with regular oxygen-free copper (OFC) conductors instead of the more expensive silver-clad OFC conductors. Everything else is the same thus making Chroma 8 an exceptional trickle-down product.

Let's Take A Closer Look: Flat, flexible and fast, this amazing cable is also easy to connect and install. The enhanced, patented Tite-Shield design improves streaming fidelity by isolating noise in local area network connections.

Wireworld Chroma 8 Twinax Ethernet Cable

Wireworld was founded with the unique mission of perfecting audio cables through objective listening tests. These scientific tests ensure that each new generation of cables lets you hear more of the original sound than previous cables. After five years of development, Wireworld have released their second generation Ethernet cables, the next step toward musical perfection.

Their patented flat design was developed through listening tests that compared network cables to a local USB stick. These new “Series 8” cables utilise higher density triple-layer shields and quieter Composilex 3 insulation to maximise audible and visible performance.

People don’t realise how much musical detail is being lost by their Ethernet connections until they compare their network sound to an internal drive or USB stick,” states Wireworld designer David Salz. These cables isolate network noise to minimise that loss and provide sound quality that approaches the clarity of a local solid-state drive.

The official network cable categories (ie. Cat5/6/7/8) only include twisted pair cables, so these non-twisted twinax cables cannot be rated by those test specifications. However, it is interesting to note that the 100Gb/s (QSFP+) Ethernet cables used in internet server installations are also twinax designs. The patented “Tite-Shield” design utilised in these cables places the conductors in parallel, with each of the four pairs isolated from the others by dense triple-layer shields. This radical flat design is so effective at isolating noise that replacing only the final cable in the network can substantially improve sound quality.

The Series 8 upgrades of these cables involved two critical areas of performance. The density of the triple-layer shields was increased, which reduced both cross-talk and external interference. However, the controlled listening tests also revealed that internally generated ‘Triboelectric noise’ was still masking too much quiet musical information. Upgrading from Wireworld’s proprietary “Composilex 2” composite insulation, used in the original versions, to the newly developed and much quieter “Composilex 3,” enabled even finer musical details to be preserved.

The Twinax 8 Family: The three cables in Wireworld’s Ethernet range differ only in their conductor materials. The Chroma 8 Twinax (as featured here) is yellow with oxygen free copper (OFC) conductors. Starlight 8 Twinax is red with Silver-Clad OFC conductors and the range topping Platinum Starlight 8 Twinax is Silver with conductors made of the most conductive metal available, Ohno Continuous Cast solid silver of 7N (99.99999%) purity. With next generation performance and versatility, Wireworld Series 8 Ethernet cables provide audio/video enthusiasts and professionals alike with objectively superior network fidelity.

Composilex 3 Insulation: Insulation materials are considered very important in cable design and designers usually select whatever standard materials they find to work the best. The problem with that approach is that none of those standard materials provide both low loss and low triboelectric noise. To overcome that limitation, Wireworld developed their own composite insulation materials. Now in their third generation, Composilex 3 insulation materials are uniquely blended to minimise both noise and loss, enabling you to hear more musical detail and three-dimensionality than ever before.

Composilex 3 insulation has made great improvements in the performance of Wireworld Series 8 cables. It is totally unique to Wireworld and the incredibly quiet background, tonal purity and expansive soundstaging it provides are a revelation in sonic realism. It works by reducing triboelectric noise, which is caused by static charge/discharge effects generated where conductors touch insulation. The noise is induced by movement, vibration and signal energy. Engineered for the lowest triboelectric noise of any low loss insulation material, including DuPont Teflon, Composilex 3 provides a major advance in preserving tonality, spatiality and dynamic contrast.

Gold Contacts: Wireworld’s Ethernet plugs use 24 Karat Gold plated contacts for superior signal transfer. They are also far less likely to tarnish over time. These are some of the best fitting and highest conductivity Ethernet plugs in the world.

About Wireworld

For the seriously music-obsessed, a key gateway to an expanded soundstage, where one comes within grasping distance of the creator’s vision, lies in the purest and most sonically invisible of conductors being the medium between their audio setup. In the audio world, few have come close to reaching this flagstone as David Salz, Founder and CEO of Wireworld. For close to four decades, David has led a renaissance in the cabling world, completely reinventing conductor geometries in his quest for high-performance cables that boast even octave to octave tonal balance, while staying bereft of the signature house sounds that colour many a brand creation. We also support Wireworld as a premier provider of leading edge digital and analogue cable technology for home audio and video, from HDMI and USB audio to state of the art high-end interconnects and speaker cables. They have earned their world-class reputation by producing high quality cables based on the use of objective perceptual testing, innovative patented designs, premium materials, and exceptional manufacturing quality.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Product: Flat Profile RJ/E Ethernet Cable
  • Signal Conductors: Oxygen Free Copper (OFC)
  • Wire Gauge: 23 AWG (0.26 sq. mm)
  • Insulation: Composilex 3 Insulation reduces interference and greatly improves performance
  • Cable Design: Tite-Shield Technology places the conductors in parallel, with each of the four pairs isolated from the others by dense triple-layer shields
  • Plug Contacts: 24 Karat Gold Plated
  • Available Lengths: 1 Metre; 2 Metres; 3 Metres; 5 Metres; 7 Metres
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: Lifetime Warranty Against Faulty Workmanship And Not Misuse Or Abuse

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