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Bluesound Node 2 (White)


Streaming Music Player With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Bluesound NODE 2 Music Player - Front angle.

Bluesound NODE 2 Music Player - Front angle.

Plays A Huge Range Of Digital Music Formats, Including High-Res Music Files And Internet Radio

Wireless Bluetooth Aptx Audio Coding For Fantastic Sonic Detail With Compatible Devices

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Product Description

The Bluesound NODE 2 is a network music player which lets you stream digital music files on your network connected Windows or Mac computer. Additionally, stream select online music services to your existing home audio system. A free remote app for your Apple iOS or Android device lets you control the NODE 2 and your streamed digital music from your mobile device.


With Bluesound you can enjoy high-end audio in more rooms of your home. While there are many streaming speakers in today's audio landscape, Bluesound's multi-room music system focuses on helping you enjoy the most from not just low level files, but more importantly high-resolution audio files.

The NODE 2 takes the already excellent NODE and updates it with a fresh new look and a host of useful new features.

Network Music Player: The Bluesound NODE 2 network music player lets you stream digital music files on your network connected Windows or Mac computer, plus stream select online music services and internet radio to your existing home audio system. The Bluesound NODE 2 offers a wired or wireless network connection, plus a USB (type-A) input. With Bluesound you can enjoy high-end audio in more rooms of your home. While there are many streaming speakers in today's audio landscape, Bluesound's multi-room music system focuses on helping you enjoy the most from not just low level files, but more importantly high-resolution audio files. The NODE 2 turns your audiophile-grade audio system into a network-capable Bluesound player. Connect the NODE 2's analogue or digital outputs to your existing system and you'll be able to play all the music stored on your home network, as well as Internet radio stations and more.

32-Bit/192kHz DAC: The Bluesound NODE 2 zone player employs a 32-bit/192kHz DAC (digital-to-analogue converter) to ensure that your lossless high-res music playback is flawless, with precision and clarity - at any volume.

Wired or Wireless Network Connection: The Bluesound NODE 2 can be connected to your home network and Internet provider via a hardwired Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45) jack connector or wireless WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) connection. Either network/internet connection allows you to stream music from your Windows or Mac computer and NAS drive (such as the Bluesound Vault, sold separately); as well as stream select online music services.

Bluetooth w/ aptX: The Bluesound NODE 2 features built-in Bluetooth 4.0 with support for wireless music streaming from your Bluetooth-enabled Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad, Android smartphone/tablet, Windows PC/Phone, Mac computer/laptop, and more. You'll be able to stream stored music and music apps on your Bluetooth-enabled device to the Pulse 2. In addition, the Pulse 2 offers aptX for CD-quality sound from Android (OS 4.0+) devices. You can even distribute Bluetooth audio to the rest of your Bluesound wireless audio system throughout your home or office over WiFi.

Music Options: Bluesound was designed to play just about any digital music you might have in your collection, including high-resolution files up to 24-bit/192kHz. Access the music stored on your computer or a networked hard drive, or tap into Internet radio stations like Tunein with over 70,000 FREE stations and online streaming services like Rdio, Spotify, Deezer etc (Subscription required) with the Bluesound app. Each Bluesound player also features a USB input for playing files "locally" from a thumb drive or hard drive, so if a friend brings over their favourite album or playlist, you can listen to it through your system.

Optical/Analogue Input: The NODE 2 is fitted with a 3.5mm Aux input which can be used as an analogue or digital connection. As an analogue input, simply connect a stereo minijack audio cable from your analogue source to the NODE 2's Auxiliary input. As a digital input, use the included 3.5mm-to-Optical adapter along with an optical digital cable (sold separately) to connect your digital source to the NODE 2's Auxiliary input. As an analogue or digital input, the unit's Auxilliary input supports 2 channel PCM audio (not Dolby Digital or DTS). Audio from the Optical/Analogue Auxiliary input can be played back at the Pulse 2 speaker and wirelessly distributed to other Bluesound components in your home for multi-room playback.

USB (Type-A) Input: The Bluesound NODE 2 features a USB (type-A) port to directly connect your USB mass storage class (MSC) device; such as a thumbdrive, or external hard-drive. The unit's USB port supports music playback from these compatible USB devices formatted in FAT 32. The USB port is not compatible with the direct connection of an Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad or Android devices. 

Note: There is also a mini-USB (type-B) port that is used for service purposes only (not for consumer use). Only authorised service personnel can access this USB port.

Create Your High-Resolution Multi-Room Music System: Combine multiple Bluesound players to enjoy high-end sound throughout your home. Controlling the system is easy with the free Bluesound app for your smartphone or tablet - see below.

  • POWERNODE 2: This amplified player connects to a pair of speakers. It may be small, but it's 60 Watts per channel is powerful enough to easily drive a pair of floor-standing speakers.
  • PULSE MINI & PULSE FLEX: These all-in-one streaming speakers are perfect for a wide variety ofuses and locations, even outdoors in the case of the Pulse Flex with its optional battery pack
  • VAULT 2: If you've amassed a large collection of CDs, then the VAULT 2 was designed for you. It's a storage drive designed with the audio enthusiast in mind. This drive defaults to bit-perfect recording of your CDs, letting you experience every detail without switching discs every time you want to hear a new track or album. 

Easy To Expand: Attach a NODE 2 to your home audio system and use the POWERNODE 2 to drive some compatible speakers in the lounge-room. Up to 12 Bluesound devices can be connected in a wireless environment but if you want to connect more than 12 Bluesound devices, you will need to connect the Bluesound devices to your network using a hard wired connection to EVERY product. Bluesound can then control up to 34 devices in this environment. Although wireless connectivity is very convenient in small and close to router setups, more elaborate setups and larger homes will benefit from hard-wiring even if it is only 3 or 4 items never mind 12!

Control In The Palm Of Your Hand: In addition to creating high-end music players, Bluesound also developed free apps for Apple and Android so you can control the system easily with your portable device. You can download the free Bluesound Remote App from iTunes or GooglePlay in order to use your Apple iOS (5.0+) or Android (2.1+) device to control PULSE. You are able to browse your local music library from a NAS or Windows/Mac computer on your network. You can also search for and listen to online music from TuneIn, Rdio and more. In addition, you can create, edit and retrieve your favourite music playlists.

The Bluesound Remote App even provides artist/song/album information and Album Art. The remote app can be used in portrait or landscape mode. There are three main screens; the Centre Screen which has the playback controls and source information, the Menu Screen which is swiped in from the left side, and the Players Screen which is swiped in from the right side. Simply pinch, swipe and tap the screen of your iOS or Android device to make selections.  If you have multiple Bluesound devices on the same network, you can use the Bluesound Remote App to control each of them separately. Play music in one room, all rooms, or different tracks in different spaces around your home.

More About Bluesound: Bluesound is an alliance of audiophiles dedicated to delivering on the promise of wireless, digitally-perfect high-fidelity audio. They are not just another computer company! Their goal is one many aspire to but few have currently reached. So, who is Bluesound? Easy! The same people who pioneered world-famous NAD Hi-Fi in the 1970's and even now still set the bar high in audio components, relentlessly pursuing innovative technologies and faithful music reproduction. Having been associated with the team for over 35 years, we can testify that they’re all about the sound. They have built on their decades of audio experience to create the Bluesound line of multi-room audio gear for the discerning listener. No, that doesn't mean expensive but rather cutting-edge when it comes to performance.

In The News

The designers at NAD and PSB have come up with a brilliant solution to the problem of high-res, whole-house audio that combines superb sound reproduction with twenty-first-century connectivity — From The Absolute Sound January, 2015

Our Take

What makes Bluesound so special it that it's all about high-resolution audio. Sonos, Heos and others currently don't handle high-res music. The Bluesound NODE 2 wireless speaker is part of their wireless high-resolution audio eco-system that consists of music players, amplifiers, hard-drives and wireless speakers to playback your high-res and low-res music files, along with your favourite online music services throughout your home using your home's WiFi network. The Bluesound NODE 2 looks and feels great. The stated feature set is awesome. It also sounds very good. Also easy to use with Spotify. Best of all, it comes with a quality app that lets you easily call up and control your music. With an advanced WiFi antenna design Bluesound ensures you get one of the best wireless connections in your home although as we mention above, there are limitations and a hard-wired connection is best for elaborate setups. Yes, you can play your music in perfect sync on every Bluesound connected device or play different music simultaneously to any Bluesound device in any room. 

  • Design: Wireless Network Music Player
  • Compatibility: Communicates with other Bluesound players via your home network (wired or wireless)
  • Free App: Control the system with a free app for your smartphone, tablet, or computer (Android, iOS, Kindle Fire, Windows and Mac)
  • Files: Plays MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, WMA-L, FLAC, ALAC, WAV and AIFF files
  • Sample Rates: Supported sample rates: From 32kHz to 192kHz
  • Bit Depths: 16-bit to 24-bit
  • Internet Radio: Plays Internet radio stations from TuneIn Radio; Radio Paradise and others
  • Spotify Connect: Lets you play Spotify's streaming music library through your Bluesound system via your smartphone or tablet (requires Spotify app and a premium subscription; firmware and app version 1.10.0 or higher)
  • Cloud Services: Plays streaming music from WiMP, Rdio, Slacker Radio, Qobuz, HighResAudio, JUKE, Deezer, Murfie, HDTracks, Spotify and TIDAL depending on your location
  • Multi-Room: Play music in multiple rooms when you add other Bluesound players
  • Controls: Top-mounted controls for volume, play/pause & skip forwards or backwards
  • Bluetooth: High quality aptX Bluetooth capability built-in
  • Headphone Output: 3.5mm front mounted jack
  • USB Port: Connect a thumb drive with music files
  • Analogue Input: Rear 3.5mm stereo jack
  • Optical Input: Rear 3.5mm jack - adaptor for optical cable provided
  • Ethernet Port: This is for a wired connection to a home network
  • Supplied Accessories: AC Power Cord, Ethernet Cable, Stereo RCA to RCA Cable & a Toslink Optical to 3.5mm Mini Adaptor
  • Windows: Compatible with Windows (XP or higher operating system)
  • Mac: Compatible with Apple MacIntosh products
  • Power: 230 Volt/50Hz input
  • Power Consumption: 3 Watts
  • Detachable Power Cord: Allows for upgrade to something better
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 220 x 46 x 146mm
  • Nett Weight: 1.12 Kg
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 years.

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE. Tablet And Smartphone Sold Separately.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Streaming Music Player With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Brand Bluesound
Product Type Pre-Amplifier
Streaming Features Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
General Features Auxilliary Input, Headphone Jack
App Control Android, Apple iPad, Mac Desktop, PC Desktop
Supported Streaming Services Deezer, HDTracks, iHeartRadio, Internet Radio, Napster, Spotify, Tidal
Colour White
Shipping Weight (kg) 2.0000
Price Range $899


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