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Wharfedale Wireless Works was founded by Gilbert Briggs in 1932, soon after he built his very first loudspeaker in the cellar of his home in Ilkley, Yorkshire. This sleepy little market town was located in the valley of the river “Wharfe” – an area known to this day as ‘Wharfedale’. This unlikely location would see the birth of a brand that has become recognized all over the world, synonymous with quality in high-fidelity reproduction.

Throughout the years, Wharfedale has gained a reputation for innovation. In fact, they invented the world’s first 2 way speaker in 1945. The device would look strange by modern standards with a 10” tweeter and a crossover that took two grown men to lift, but it set the standard for the entire industry.

In 1958 Wharfedale Wireless Works was sold to Rank Organisation with Gilbert Briggs continuing to manage the company until his retirement in 1965. The first four years of the Rank era saw two major breakthroughs. Wharfedale pioneered the use of the now famous ‘roll surround’ on cones and launched its first ever loudspeakers using ceramic magnets.

Production growth continued unabated into the 1970s with classic loudspeaker models such as the Lintons and the smaller Dentons proving immensely popular.  In 1981 the first Wharfedale Diamond speaker was born. The rather unassuming small box took the industry by storm. Small cabinets and the stiff, yet light polypropylene driver meant a very fast, tight sound and compact, accurate two-way drivers produced a fantastic stereo image. It quickly became a best seller and the Diamond range has continued to this day as a staple in the Wharfedale catalogue.

Fun Fact: Audio Trends founder, Stephen Lee, started by building Wharfedale speaker kits in the early 1960's with his father until later in that decade fully assembled models became available.

Now, with more than 75 years of setting the standards in perfecting loudspeaker performance, the most advanced research and development program, and the most integrated and thorough manufacturing and quality control process in the industry, Wharfedale, in order to remain at the forefront of audio, has dedicated a 1.5 million square foot of manufacturing operation in which every single product and process takes place in-house. This makes the design of any new loudspeaker an acoustic engineer’s dream. Instead of having to use off-the-shelf components from a catalogue as most other purported ‘hi-fi’ companies choose to, Wharfedale are able to build a complete vision – to engineer every single component from scratch to achieve a harmony in performance and balance.

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  1. Wharfedale Diamond 12.0 Speakers

    A Very Stylish Ultra Compact Design

    Surprisingly Good Full-Bodied And Transparent Sound 

    Rear Facing Bass Port, Heavy-Duty Speaker Wire Terminals And Extra Solid Cabinet Construction

    Priced from $495.00
  2. Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 Bookshelf Speakers

    Experience Big Sound From This Stylish Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 Compact Speaker

    Its Extra Solid Cabinet Construction Ensures Many Years Of Musical Enjoyment

    A Clean-Sheet Design That Offers Excelling Value

    Priced from $585.00
  3. Wharfedale Diamond 12.2 Bookshelf Speakers

    The Diamond 12.2 Delivers Impressive Musicality & Clarity From A Clean-Sheet Design

    Experience Big Sound From This Stylish Compact Speaker With Its Extra Solid Cabinet Construction

    Priced from $749.00
  4. Wharfedale EVO4.1 Speakers

    Stylish Design With Superb Curved Cabinet Walls

    Slot Loaded Profiled Port Bass Loading For Impressive, Accurate Bass

    Air Motion Transformer Tweeter For Clear Highs

    Priced from $1,169.00
  5. Wharfedale EVO4.2 Speakers

    This Stylish 3-Way Design Delivers In Spades

    The Spatial, Airy, Depth On Any Material. Big, Heavy And Great Construction

    Quality Feels as Good As It Looks


    Priced from $1,620.00
  6. Wharfedale Diamond 220 Speakers

    Compact Bookshelf Design, What Hi-Fi? & Hi-Fi World Award Winner, Dynamic Sound from a Small Loudspeaker

    Designed In-House In The UK, Kevlar Mid/Bass Cone, Soft Dome Tweeter, Impressive Power & Musicality

    Priced from $535.00
  7. Wharfedale Diamond 225 Bookshelf Speakers

    Stylish Bookshelf Design, Dynamic Sound from a Medium Sized Stand Mount Speaker Designed In-House In The UK

    Kevlar Mid/Bass Cone, Soft Dome Tweeter, Impressive Power & Musicality

    Priced from $759.00
  8. Wharfedale D320 Speakers

    Compact 2-Driver, 2-Way Bookshelf or Stand Mount Speaker

    Modern Rounded Cabinet, Dynamic Sound From a Small Loudspeaker

    Soft Dome Tweeter, Kevlar Mid/Bass Cone, Down Firing Bass Port

    Designed In-House In The UK

    Priced from $549.99
  9. Wharfedale Denton 85 Speakers

    Limited Edition Wharfedale Denton 85th Anniversary Edition Speaker

    Classic Style, Modern Design & Components, Refined British Sound

    Gorgeous Genuine Veneer Cabinets, Old School Charm

    Priced from $1,485.00
  10. Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers

    Limited Edition Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speaker

    Classic Style, Modern Design & Components, Refined British Sound

    Stands Included, Gorgeous Real Wood Veneered Cabinets, Old School Charm

    Priced from $3,199.00
  11. Wharfedale Elysian 1 Stand Mount Speakers

    Finely Crafted Luxury Stand Mount Speaker

    Air Motion Transformer Tweeters

    Woven Glass Fibre Mid/Bass Drivers

    Optional Elysian 1 Speaker Stands Available

    Priced from $7,999.00
  12. Wharfedale Elysian 2 Speakers

    Superbly Crafted Luxury Stand Mount Speaker

    Air Motion Transformer Tweeter

    Woven Glass Fibre Midrange & Bass Drivers

    Optional Elysian 2 Speaker Stands Available

    Finishes: Piano Black, Piano Walnut, Piano White

    Priced from $10,999.99
  13. Wharfedale D300S Atmos Speakers

    Wharfedale Dolby Atmos Elevation Speakers That Sit On Top Of Your Existing Speakers

    Bounce Sound Off The Ceiling For Enhanced Surround Effects

    102mm Woven Kevlar Bass Driver With 25mm Tweeter

    Priced from $479.00
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