Wharfedale Diamond 11.2 Speakers (Black Ash)

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Stylish Compact Design With Curved Cabinets & Big Sound Stage

Designed In-House In The UK, Impressive Musicality & Clarity

Rear Terminals Accept 'Banana' Plugs

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Enter Wharfedale Diamond 11.2 - the latest update on an amazing story. This model is the top-of-the-range in the compact category and truly delivers performance way above its price-point.

About Wharfedale Diamond 11.2 Speakers

Wharfedale’s Diamond range of loudspeakers need little introduction. With nearly three decades of supremacy within the sector, numerous international awards and over 1 million pairs sold worldwide they are arguably 'THE' most recognisable name in the world of audio.

Wharfedale Diamond 11.2 Bookshelf Speakers

The Diamond 11 series builds on the innovative acoustic technology and superb aesthetics which made the previous series fresh and visually exciting. With the introduction of the all-new Diamond 11 Series, Wharfedale has once again raised the bar for affordable, high-performance loudspeakers.

Now you've heard the hyperboles: A certain product is touted better than those costing three times as much and possesses technological details nobody but the designers understand. All this from manufacturers that have been in business just a few years. We sympathise with your skepticism. So does Wharfedale.

Don't judge this 2-way speaker by its relatively modest size. Whether playing classic-rock favourites or mellow jazz, the 11.2 exhibits spacious dynamics and astute control no matter the program material. It begs to be placed in an office, den, bedroom, porch, lounge, or modest-sized listening room - anywhere you want to hear rich, involving sound.

Enhancements Focus on Delivering Best-Possible Sound Quality: How does Wharfedale do it? Improving on past award-winning designs, the 11.2 features a soft-dome tweeter custom-made to present clear, high frequency ranges up to 20kHz. A 150mm (6") Kevlar bass driver and a bottom firing port to bring up the bottom end and yield tremendous punch. Lets look at these enhancements more closely.

Advanced Driver Systems:Whereas most affordable speaker systems are based on drive units that are built down to a price, Wharfedale started with the premise that Diamond 11 series drivers should be aimed at performance and that is why they sport advanced driver systems incorporating elements that normally only find their way into high-end loudspeakers. For example, the bass and midrange drivers use a basket with a network of ribs that maintain the rigidity of the basket while leaving a large open area behind the cone. The rigidity improves transient impact while the big open area reduces early reflections to cone and allows the generous, specially chosen internal cabinet absorbent to do its work.

The Diamond 11 Series speakers also feature massive magnet designs to both raise sensitivity and ensure absolute control of cone movement over lower bass frequencies. In addition, the use of a specially shaped single-forged pole piece with copper cap controls the magnetic flux and ensures low distortion through the critical midrange area. Then there is the progressive suspension which features a lightweight foamed surround for an extended midrange response, in conjunction with a super-long-throw voice coil motor system, to achieve unparalleled linearity and accuracy in this sector of the market. Naturally the woven Kevlar cone, a long-time favourite for Diamond designs, has been treated to provide a precise match to the new suspension elements.

High-frequency performance has been similarly enhanced with a newly evolved tweeter design. Again, an over-sized ceramic magnet system is used, with a copper cap for flux control. And, here, the pole piece is vented through to a specially shaped rear chamber. This provides a low resonant frequency, ensuring excellent linearity throughout the operating system and allowing the textile dome to contribute to a lucid midrange performance in addition to precise high-frequency detailing.

Slot-Loaded Distributed Port: The slot-loaded distributed port is a recent Diamond innovation, first introduced in the Diamond 100 Series in 2012, where the internal port tube opens into a slot formed between the cabinet and the plinth. This reduces the turbulence and audible ‘chuffing’ suffered by conventional ported systems, which is caused by the sudden outrush of high pressure air into the low pressure in the room. A further benefit is to increase the efficiency of energy transfer from the bass reflex tuning to the room. Wharfedale has taken this one stage further for the Diamond 11 Series, profiling both ends of the port with a semi-parabolic entry and exit curve that linearises airflow through the port tube. This has allowed them to increase the volume of air in the slot-loaded system and further improve the performance of the low frequency output.

Gorgeous Finishes and Elegant Curves: Visually, the Diamond 11.2 practically disappears into its surrounding environment. Even when you might notice it, you'll adore the elegantly curved cabinets and gorgeous finishes, with the latter available in three equally striking colors. The compact form extends to functionality. On the back, the 11.2 boasts heavy-duty terminals that ensure the best-possible connectivity and allow for a wide range of cable and plug options.

Your Decision Made Easier: Satisfaction is Guaranteed: Still debating your decision? Audio Trends fully realises that the under $1,000 speaker category is quite possibly the most-competitive field in audio. Breathe easier knowing that we promise your satisfaction with our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee*. We honestly don't think you'll be sending back your 11.2's once you hear them. If anything, you might find yourself ordering more pairs to place throughout your house. They're that addicting. And that's good. Call us or simply order from our Web site to get your Diamond 11.2's on their way!

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: Stand Mount or Bookshelf.
  • Enclosure Type: Rectilinear Bass Reflex
  • Frequency Range: 48Hz to 20kHz ±3dB.
  • Bass/Mid Driver: 150mm.
  • Cones: Kevlar cones for highest stiffness to mass ratio, unheard of at this price point.
  • Roll Surrounds: Low reflection MSBR surrounds with increased linear driver excursion, improves dynamics and isolates reflections.
  • Tweeter: 25mm.
    • Neodymium magnet for high power and ultimate control.
  • Open back driver design for zero back-wave bleed through the cone.
  • Crossover: Polypropylene Capacitors on tweeter crossover for silky smooth highs.
    • Crossover Frequency: 1800Hz.
  • Cabinets: Curved side panels reduce panel flex and cancel internal standing waves
    • 19mm MDF enclosure for solid impact and dynamics.
    • Full internal cross-bracing for reduced enclosure vibration.
    • Poly-fill stuffed enclosures improve bass and midrange performance.
  • Our Amplifier Recommendation: 35 Watts to 100 Watts - must be 'clean' power!
  • Speaker Terminals: Will accept bare wire or banana plugs.
  • Sensitivity: 88dB 
  • Impedance: Nominally 8 Ohms.
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 221 x 335 x 290mm.
  • Finish: Immitation Black Ash
  • Nett Weight: 9.0Kg each
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 5-Years. Does not include abuse or misuse.

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE

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