Westinghouse Pro 120M

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Screen Material: Tough Matt B White PVC

Care: Is Durable And Easy To Clean

Aspect Ratio: 16:9 HDTV - Designed For HD Projectors

Motorised Mechanism: Smooth Remote Control Operation

Mounting: Ceiling Or Wall Mountable

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About The Westinghouse Pro 120M

Want to impress your family or business associates with a high impact movie or work presentation? If yes, consider the Westinghouse range of quality projector screens. They test and inspect their products regularly to ensure they meet stringent quality control standards and provide a wide range of products to suit all budgets. Their motorised models as featured here are very affordable and come with a remote control.

Westinghouse is a trusted and well respected Australian company offering a wide range of audio visual furniture and equipment as well as being a major supplier of projector screens for home entertainment enthusiasts and business use. When it comes to value for money, Westinghouse is a good destination for fixed screens, motorised screens and pull down screens.

Westinghouse screens offer a smooth, even surface to enjoy sports, movies, HDTV programs or business presentations. The range also caters to the needs of many industries and businesses including education, business centres, corporate houses, hospitality and entertainment venues. They continually innovate and develop their range of products to ensure they incorporate the latest technological advancements.

It is important to consider a number of factors to ensure you select the right projector screen for the desired purpose. The quality of the projected image displayed will only be as good as the surface of the screen on which it is projected. Sadly, many consumers still don't grasp this point and think they can spend several thousand dollars on a projector yet next to nothing on a screen and get the best from the projector! Obviously it is also important to know beforehand where the equipment will be used and the type and size of screen required for the target audience. Today picture quality is so good that you should choose the largest screen possible and that is determined by our team taking the time to understand your requirements and situation and then tailoring products to suit your specific needs.

A Closer Look At The Pro 120M

The Westinghouse range of Motorised Projector Screens offer great features and fantastic value for money. They have a built-in motor that allows the screen to go up, down or stop in any position during operation by the included remote control. The top leader/masking is 450mm so you can 'stop' the screen in the best viewing position for the audiience. The black leader/masking also delivers the sharpest image edges by absorbing any stray light from your projector. One of the other benefits of a motorised screen is that the screen's motion is controlled by the motor allowing the screen to seamlessly roll up or down. This avoids the risk of damage by 'snapping' or rolling too quickly as can be the case with Manual Pull Down Screens. The 1:0° surface is ideal for applications where projector brightness and screen size require an increase in gain. The seamless white surface offers excellent colour reproduction and fidelity. The hidden bracket mounting system ensures all you see is your screen perfectly mounted to the wall with no distracting mounting brackets.

Audio Trends Take On Projector Screens

Westinghouse Motorised Projector Screens provide a contemporary style in your entertainment or living area to bring out the very best in your chosen equipment. Because they can be retracted, they allow your room to be used for other purposes when not in use. They are also extremely well priced and are not difficult for the handy person to install although you may need an electrician to organise a power point in your ceiling. Our sales professionals have a vast knowledge of home entertainment systems and the best set up to suit your specific needs and situation. Please do not hesitate to contact our team to discuss your projection screen requirements.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Home Theatre
  • Boardroom Presentations
  • Educational Training Facilities
  • Places Of Worship
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9/HDTV
  • Gain: 1:0°
  • Screen Material: Matt B polyester woven fabric
  • Care: Screen Is Durable And Easy To Clean
  • Easy Mounting System: Wall or Ceiling (Brackets included)
  • Diagonal Viewing Area: 3048mm/120"
  • Image Dimensions(WxH): 2657 x 1495mm plus black leader/masking.
  • Top Adjustable Black Leader/Masking: 450mm
  • Side/Bottom Leader/Masking Border: 3 x 40mm
  • Canister Size: 2933mm Wide x 103mm Depth x 125mm High
  • Remote Control: Included
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years

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