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Wax Wash

Record Cleaner

Wax Wash

Wax Wash

250 ml Bottle of Wax Wash Vinyl Cleaner

2 Washable Lint-Free Cloths Included

Suitable For New & Old Records

Australian Made

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Product Description

Wax Wash is made by Audiophiles for audiophiles. If you’re after a clean crisp sound from your vinyl but keep getting frustrating pops, crackles and hisses due to wax build up then this product is a necessity.


Whether old or new, with a few easy steps, Wax Wash with its patented formula (and sweet orange aroma) can remove the excess montan wax from your Vinyls and allow you to hear your music as it was meant to be heard

Ever wonder why your vinyl records crackle, hiss or pop? The culprit is likely Montan Wax.

Montan wax ester is added to the vinyl record compound to provide for good release of the record from the stamper at the record pressing facility. If more than the required amount of montan wax ester is used, the excess amount is not absorbed into the surface of the record.

The presence of excess montan wax ester results in non-uniformity on the surface of the record, particularly as related to the friction between the stylus and the groove. This non-uniformity produces noise when the record is played.

Wax Wash is the only vinyl record cleaner that contains a mixture of superior cleaning agents to specifically target and remove residual montan wax from old and new vinyl records. It is also effective at removing excess PTFE's (Polytetrafluoroethylenes) in newer pressings.

Not only does Wax Wash clean your records, it also removes static electricity!

Wash Wax contains 100% pure ingredients, free of impurities. This ensures that as you clean your vinyl, no other contaminants are introduced. The lint-free cloths have been created with specific characteristics including: softness, durability, absorption, wicking abilities, water repellency, electrodynamics, and filtering capabilities. Two washable lint-free cloths are included with every bottle of Wash Wax!

Wax Wash is produced in Geelong, Victoria from the finest locally sourced ingredients.

  • 250 ml Bottle of Cleaning Solution
  • 2 washable lint-free cloths included
  • Directions included

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Record Cleaner
Brand Wax Wash
Colour White
Shipping Weight (kg) 0.5000
Price Range $30.00


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