Tivoli Audio Model Three BT

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Classic AM/FM Table Clock Radio With Bluetooth Streaming

Superb, Crisp & Rich Sound, Real Wood Cabinet

Accurate Analogue, Quartz Clock With Alarm & Sleep Timer Functions

USB Charging For Phones & Tablets

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About The Tivoli Audio Model Three BT Clock Radio

Start your day the Tivoli Audio way. You don't need a degree in rocket science to operate the Model Three clock radio. With the Model Three, you'll enjoy beautiful sound and great performance in your Bedroom. 

Now with Bluetooth wireless audio streaming built right in, the Model Three is simple to use, so you won't lose sleep wondering if you'll wake up. The Tivoli Audio Model Three AM/FM clock radio will hopefully improve your mood from the moment it fires up. Most of you are to young to remember the great-sounding, beautifully designed radios of 60 years ago. But you've probably heard on the grape-vine as to just how good they sounded. Since the year 2000, Tivoli Audio have re-invented those well-made and great sounding radios but in a beautiful compact design. The original Model One has sold by the truckload the world over and has given birth to an entire family of quality radios including the Model Three which is essentially a Model One with an analogue clock. No digital or LED display here! The Model Three is definitely "old school."

Tivoli Audio Model Three BT

Clock Function: Let's take a closer look at the analogue clock function. It has a fine quartz mechanical movement that keeps accurate time keeping and complements the analogue tuning dial. The handsome exterior houses a rather high-tech interior. With a sleep timer, snooze button, and easy-set alarm, the Model Three is the ideal bedside companion. Because it's a clock radio, they've added a 20-minute sleep timer, a snooze button, a sleek thumbwheel to set the alarm time, plus the option to wake to a buzzer or the great sounding AM/FM radio.

Enjoy All Your Music: With the addition of Bluetooth wireless technology, when you’re not listening to the Model Three BT's world-famous analogue AM/FM tuner, you can listen to the music stored on your Bluetooth wireless technology compatible device. You’ll never tire of hearing your music through the Model Three BT thanks to Bluetooth wireless technology’s advanced A2DP profile, combined with the Model Three BT’s trademark equalisation.

And since Bluetooth wireless technology is of course "wireless", you won’t have to dig out an audio cable for your enabled-device every time you want to listen to your music through the Model Three BT. To get started, simply switch to the Auxiliary position and after initial pairing, start listening to your favourite music wirelessly. It’s that simple. But don’t worry, the Auxiliary input is still on board, along with the Record and Headphone outputs, so you can continue to connect those “old fashioned” wired devices when desired!

About The Model Three: The new Model Three BT shares many of it's predecessors fine qualities as designed and engineered by Henry Kloss. It has the same quality 75mm speaker that handles highs, mids and lows with amazing ease. Yes, the Model One BT is high quality mono! Rather than cram two tiny, cheap speakers into one small enclosure, the preference was to provide crisp, rich sound from a single, well-designed speaker. If you haven't heard one already, then you won't believe how good it sounds!

Designed with spare elegance and natural wood, the Model Three’s sound is warm, full and altogether surprising coming from a cabinet this small.” (Sound & Vision).

High signal sensitivity is achieved with a discrete-component FM tuner featuring the same innovative signal detection technology found in mobile phones. The large analogue tuning dial is geared down to a 5:1 ratio, so that turning the knob results in smaller, more precise movements of the tuning mechanism which is a real benefit when listening to late night radio where you do not want to 'disturb' others. With good reception, stations come in loud and gorgeously clear! It provides very good sound quality, and it has the ability to pick up more stations than typical table top AM/FM radios but this is totally dependant on the signal strength where you are listening. Performance depends on many factors. Before purchasing, please read this article on what you need to do to hear your favourite radio station.

The design is the finishing touch. The small, solidly built real wood cabinet offers classic looks and impressively clean sound. Plus, the simple timber colours complement any decor. It is very easy to use. Just put it down, plug it in and enjoy.

Note: The Radio section in our units is unique to Australia and will not work overseas. Likewise with US and other models which have different station allocation frequencies and will not work down under. Please call us if you need further clarification.

Our Take On The Tivoli Audio Model Three BT Clock Radio

Tivoli Audio designed the Model Three Series to be one thing: one of the best AM/FM table radio's you've ever heard and with a clock. The super-sensitive tuner locks onto stations that many other radios simply cannot. There is also a special frequency-contouring circuit that continually adjusts audio output, maintaining detailed sound even with a weak signal. The single 75mm long-throw speaker delivers warm, yet clear mono sound in an expansive sound field, even when you turn up the volume. One of the stand-out features from our hands-on experience is the volume control which is analogue and very sensitive to even small increments and unlike any radio with a digital volume control where the 'steps' can be quite large which can be a problem when late-night, low volumes are required. The sleep-timer is a perfect complement for late-night and wake up times.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: High quality AM/FM table radio with Clock and Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Receiving Bands: FM 87.5 to 108MHz; AM 522 to 1629kHz 9K step (Australia)
  • Indicator: Amber LED tuning indicator
  • Sleep Timer: 20-minute sleep timer and snooze button
  • Antenna: In-built AM and FM antennas - external antenna may be required in remote/difficult areas
  • Speaker: High-performance full-range 75mm (3") long-throw driver facing up
  • Enclosure: Rear ported cabinet for enhanced bass response
  • Tuning Dial: 5-to-1 ratio analogue tuning dial for accurate tuning
  • Enclosure: Furniture-grade hand-crafted wood cabinet


  • Bluetooth: Uses Bluetooth wireless technology’s advanced A2DP profile for high-quality audio
  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) results in low-to-no noise interference with other wireless devices
  • Range: Minimum 9 metre (30') reception range
  • Input: Mini-jack audio input for connecting an external source like an iPod or MP3 player
  • Output: Line level output for recording or to connect to the aux input of a hi-fi amplifier
  • Headphone Jack: 3.5mm Mini-Jack headphone output - most new headphones include this adaptor
  • USB charging for phones & tablets

Other Features

  • AC Power: 230-240Volt/50Hz input
  • DC Input: 12 Volt
  • Available In Walnut/Beige, Cherry/Taupe, White/Silver & Black/Silver Finishes
  • Dimensions(WxHxD): 212.7 x 114.3 x 133.4mm
  • Nett Weight: 1.6kg
  • Manufacturers Warranty: 12 Months 

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE.

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