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System Packages

System Packages


The Radiogram ruled supreme from the 1930's until the early 1970's when the specialist hi-fi industry got their act together and offered the public a complete solution. Up until then you had to be either a University Professor or considered a nutter by your friends as buying a system meant choosing from different brands. Until Pioneer brought out the Prelude 500, there were very few stores that had the "smarts" to put together a suitable package.

Package systems of course can have issues as profit has been and still is put ahead of performance. As we have done since 1963, we still have the "smarts" and do take the guess work out of choosing the best combination at an attractive price. However, the emphasis is not just on price. Everything is matched to give you a great combination of performance with all the key elements that will create an awesome experience on both movies and music. Yes, straight stereo is back in fashion. Records are now selling as good as they did 30+ years ago and that is because many of us believe they sound better! All our recommended systems are made up with individual, matching components and include appropriate speaker cable. 

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