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Denon HEOS Go Pack (White)


Add-On Battery Pack For HEOS 1


Add-On Rechargeable Battery With Up To 6 Hours Of Operation

Weather Seal For HEOS 1 Speaker's Connection Panel

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The Denon HEOS Go Pack is designed specifically for the HEOS 1 to make it truly portable. It locks in place to the bottom of the HEOS 1. When the speaker is connected to AC power, the Go Pack's built-in battery automatically charges.


Denon's HEOS 2 Go Pack is the perfect accessory for your Denon HEOS 1 (HS2) wireless speaker (sold separately). The HEOS 2 Go Pack adds approximately 25mm to the overall height of your Denon HEOS 1 (HS2) speaker. The HEOS 2 Go pack  features a high capacity rechargeable lithium-ion battery that delivers 6 hours of playback time. It attaches to the HEOS 1 (HS2) speaker's base, with an easy twist-on/twist-off attachment. You will need to remove the cap from the bottom of the HEOS 1 (HS2) speaker. To charge the battery of the HEOS 2 Go Pack, connect your HEOS 1 (HS2) speaker's power adapter between the speaker and a wall outlet. Four blue LEDs indicate a full charge.

Note: To turn off the HEOS 2 Go Pack's battery, press and hold the button on the back of the battery for 2 seconds. The LEDs will flash quickly then turn off, indicating that the battery is off. Turning off the battery will conserve battery power while you are not playing music your HEOS 1 (HS2) speaker is not plugged in to AC power.

Silicone Splashguard: The HEOS 1 (HS2) speaker itself is humidity resistant, yet with the addition of the HEOS 2 Go Pack's silicone splashguard, it becomes IPX4 splashproof. The included silicone splashguard covers all of the HEOS1 speaker's connections and provides protection against splashing water, making the HEOS 1 (HS2) speaker the ideal wireless portable speaker for outdoor fun.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Add-On Battery Pack For HEOS 1
Brand Heos
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