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Subsonic XS-1 (Black)


Powered Subwoofer

Subsonic XS-1 Subwoofer - Front view grille off.

Subsonic XS-1 Subwoofer - Front view grille off.

Heavy Duty, High Performance. Totally Designed in Australia.

300mm (12") Woofer With Dual Magnets.

Long-Throw Surround. Discrete Amplifier With 250 Watts + RMS Output.

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Product Description

Subsonic has been regarded as an industry leader in Subwoofers since their designers’ products began winning awards back in 1994 when Subwoofers were still an unknown quantity for many loudspeaker manufacturers. Totally designed in NSW, they are unequalled for performance at their price.


Subsonic has led the way in performance/value stakes for many years, and with the new range of X-series subwoofers, the bar has been raised even further. With the focus being on over engineering, Subsonic Subwoofers are built to perform flawlessly all the time, every time. Driven by powerful class A/B amplifiers, the new X-series Subwoofers can deliver low frequency effects in both music and movies with depth, clarity, presence, and precision.

With audiophile quality transformers in the power supplies (including a massive 420VA toroidal in the XS1) the amplifiers have plenty of current on tap - exactly what is needed for cinema type sound pressure levels.

Solid Enclosure

The subwoofer enclosures are also over engineered, with cabinet walls up to 25mm thick, and front baffles up to 32mm thick - that makes the cabinet super rigid and inert - providing the woofer with a rock solid foundation - an absolute must for bass to sound clean and natural, especially for music.

All Subsonic Subwoofers use custom designed woofers, for optimum performance, and are the foundation for and perfectly balanced relationship between transducer, amplification, and enclosure. The result is a subwoofer that will integrate precisely with the rest of the speakers in the system and will satisfy industry experts, audiophiles and home cinema enthusiasts alike.

Using proprietry 32mm dual magnet structures, this provides the ultimate balance of control and excursion. Reliability is world class with Subsonic Subwoofers.

Backed with a 5 year warranty, all Subsonic Subwoofers will provide you with many trouble free years of listening pleasure and can be matched with any of the Subsonic range of loudspeakers, or alternatively, with any high quality loudspeaker system.

Audio Trends Top Pick

We have supported Subsonic from Day 1. Why? Because as audiophiles ourselves we could see that Duncan Best and Graeme Dinning had just one goal and that was to build the best Subwoofers in the moderate price range. In fact apart from some of the amazing high-end Paradigm Subwoofers ($3,000 to $5,000 each), the only thing we know for a certainty is better than a Subsonic XS-1 is two Subsonic XS-1's!

No, that is not sales bull dust, but easily demonstrable and a theory supported by all the independant gurus who have established the Surround Sound platform for our enjoyment. Two Subwoofers provide a more even performance and not necessarily 'more' bass although of course this can be achieved with poor configuration! So, if you want 'better' bass on both movies and music, and you want value that just screams out and says "listen to me" then you have just found Subwoofer paradise.

  • Design: Powered subwoofer
  • Frequency Response: 22Hz to 150 Hz (±3 dB)
  • Driver Specs:
    • Size 300mm
    • Dual Magnet
    • Long Throw Driver
    • Flexible Surround
    • Huge 50mm Voice Coil
  • Enclosure:
    • Bass Reflex/Vented
    • 25mm MDF sides
    • 32mm front baffle
  • Amplifier Power Output: 250 Watts RMS (continuous power, not peak)
  • Output Stage: Discrete component and not so-called digital or IC
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 430 x 515 x 455mm
  • Net Weight: 34Kg
  • Finish: Textured Black (Timber Veneer Models available as optional extra).
  • Warranty: 5 Years On Driver; 2 Years On Amplifier.

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice.E&OE.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Powered Subwoofer
Brand Subsonic
Subwoofer Driver Size 305mm (12")
Finish/Colour Black
Subwoofer Power Output 200 - 299 Watts
Subwoofer Firing Direction Front Firing
Other Subwoofer Features Speaker/Hi-Level Inputs, Speaker/Hi-Level Outputs, Phase Selection, Auto Power On/Off, Variable Crossover, Upgradeable Power Cable
Shipping Weight (kg) 34.0000
Price Range $1,199


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