Sonus faber Omnia Wireless Sound System

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Beautifully Styled Italian Wireless Sound System

Substantial 490 Watts Output, 7 Speakers Including Side Firing Spatial Drivers

HDMI ARC, MM Phono/Line Analogue, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2, Chromecast

Tidal Connect & Spotify Connect Streaming, Roon Ready

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About The Sonus faber Omnia Wireless Sound System

There is an unspoken understanding between humanity and nature. During our lives, we often experience moments where our connection with the natural world may waver when faced with the vastness and intensity of our surroundings. Nature expresses herself through shapes, light, sounds. Nature is the home we must enhance. Humanity finds connection in music, sharing what we’ve discovered during our time spent in the world of Natural Sound.

Omnia is an ecosystem that embodies Sonus faber’s values and heritage, from Italian tradition to modern technologies. An organic architecture of technological desires, exemplified in one, wireless system. The journey is inspired from connection, the truest relationship of humankind - the link to life. With Omnia, Sonus faber adds to its collection a contemporary and powerful all-in-one active system. The system embraces innovative acoustic technologies with wood elements customary of Sonus faber, fitting seamlessly within any home environment. In today’s fast-moving world, Sonus faber’s Natural Sound enhances life at home with loved ones.

Sonus faber Omnia Wireless Sound System

Senso: Senso is Omnia’s tactile illuminated wooden top panel. This touch sensitive interface allows direct control of the system, with additional remote operation available via the supplied handheld controller or a user’s smartphone or tablet. The illuminated lines indicate Omnia’s mode, which streaming service is in use and which input is selected, also allowing the user to adjust the volume.

Acoustic Package: The Omnia’s acoustic package features a 4-way closed box system with 7 drivers driven by a 490 Watt amplifier. On the front, two .75” (19mm) silk dome tweeters with Neodymium motor systems and two 3” (76mm) paper pulp cone midrange drivers guarantee the Sonus faber sound signature and deliver life-like micro-dynamics. Low frequency is achieved through a 6.5” (165mm) long-throw aluminium cone woofer in a down-firing configuration, creating an immersive and impactful sound field. On both sides of the system, two 1.75” (44.5mm) wide range inverted dome cellulose pulp membrane drivers with Neodymium motor system, enhance the sound field with a greater sense of dimensionality in conjunction with newly trademarked technology Omnia is bringing to life: Crescendo. This new technology combines a mix of in-phase bipole and anti-phase dipole sound schemes to redefine the 3D listening experience.

Crescendo: Omnia delivers stunning performance: 490 Watts of power driving 7 speakers optimized by Sonus faber, featuring a specially designed new acoustic technology called Crescendo. This advanced signal processing system results in a greater sense of dimensionality and immersivity. By cleverly mixing stereo signals, adjusting delays, and modifying the phase behaviour of the loudspeakers including the two full range side speakers, Sonus faber were able to craft a wider sound scape, where bipole and dipole theory are used together to create that immersive effect that makes the OMNIA sound like a much bigger stereo sound system. It creates a crisp wavefront which, through room reflections, mimics that of a live performance. A natural experience just within your room. Omnia can be optimized to perform in any environment, thanks to the Room Placement options and EQ modes selectable on the web-based set up page.

Wireless Connections: Omnia’s wireless connection options guarantee seamless playback from mobile devices thanks to Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast built-in.

Applications: The intuitive interface allows you to stream directly with your favourite music service or app thanks to the implementation of Spotify Connect, Tidal Connect and Roon Ready. All your favourite music, handy and wireless.

HDMI: Omnia features an HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) input making it easy to enhance all of your television sound with one direct connection. Just choose the movie, embrace your sofa and enjoy the experience.

Turntable Ready: Omnia also offers an analogue input to provide a complete experience of the iconic natural sound of Sonus faber. Enjoy any analogue source through Omnia, thanks to the MiniDin switchable Phono/Line input (a MiniDin to RCA cable is supplied).

Omnia Shapes & Finishes: The wood element immediately invokes the iconic Italian design of Sonus faber. The Walnut finish has a traditional and warm appeal. The Graphite finish lends Omnia a refined industrial look.

About Sonus faber

As a loudspeaker designer, Franco Serblin thought – literally - outside of the traditional loudspeaker box. Serblin founded Sonus faber in Vicenza, Italy in 1983 with the company’s priorities focused as much on style and craftsmanship as on technology and engineering.

Its first product was a 2-way monitor speaker with a midrange cone in Kevlar and a cabinet in solid walnut wood, a method of cabinet construction that has become a recurring theme. Since that time Sonus faber has created some of the most beautifully crafted speakers in the world, which should come as no surprise, hailing from the region that is home to illustrious luthiers with names like Stradivarius and Guarneri. To see and touch the cabinet of a Sonus faber loudspeaker is to fall in love with wood, lacquer and leather, materials as natural and pure as the sound of the speakers themselves.

Sonus faber’s current speakers run the gamut from affordable to “if you have to ask?” territory with a host of desirable models in between, from the entry level Lumina range, through the lute shaped Sonetto series and onto the handsomely crafted Olympica Nova models which are an absolute joy to look at and listen to. If you want a piece of art that is also one of the world’s finest audio transducers, look no further than a speaker from Sonus faber.

Our Take On The Sonus faber Omnia Wireless Sound System

Trust the Italians to work out a way to make a product like this look so good you just want to buy it, whether you need it or not. Sonus faber, in their inimitable way, have transformed the all-in-one wireless sound system into a work of art. Omnia kind of does everything. It plays your TV sound via HDMI ARC, has a switchable analogue input for turntable or line level sources and can play sound via Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast. It is also Roon Ready, as well as being able to stream music from Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect. It has the sort of big airy sound that completely belies its size and has the convenience of top panel, remote control and App control options so getting it to do exactly what you need is easy peasy. So, in summary, its handcrafted wood construction, streaming smarts, versatile connectivity and spacious sound quality are all top class, and its curves are reminiscent of an Italian supermodel! Sign me up.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: Wireless Sound System with TV, Analogue & Streaming capabilities
  • System: Stereo 4-way, DSP-optimized closed box system
  • Speakers
    • Tweeters: 2 x 19mm silk dome high frequency drivers
    • Midrange: 2 x 76mm paper pulp cone midrange drivers
    • Woofer: 165mm long-throw aluminium cone bass driver
    • Spatial: 2 x side firing 44.5mm cellulose pulp membrane special full range drivers
  • Power Rating: 490 W
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz to 25kHz (@-6dB)
  • Connectivity
    • Digital: HDMI ARC (2 channel)
    • Analogue: MiniDin switchable Phono/Line input (MiniDin to RCA cable is supplied)
    • Bluetooth aptX HD
    • Apple AirPlay 2
    • Chromecast Built-In
    • Tidal Connect
    • Spotify Connect
    • Roon Ready
  • Network
    • Ethernet (10/100 Mbps)
    • Wi-Fi dual band 2x2 802.11 b/g/n/ac (2.4GHz and 5.2GHz)            
  • Included Accessories: Power Cable, MiniDin to RCA Adaptor Cable, Remote Control
  • Available Finishes: Graphite or Walnut real wood finishes
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 650 x 130 x 280 mm
  • Weight: 7.6 Kg
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1 Year

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE.

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