Screen Technics CinemaSnap HCG 110 (Hi Contrast Grey)

Despatched In 3 - 4 days

A 110" 16:9 Fixed Frame Projector Screen; High Resolution Screen Material In High Contrast Grey.

Black Powder Coated Frame, Easy To Assemble & Install.

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The Screen Technics High Contrast Grey 110" Fixed Screen utilises a quality screen material that will enhance your home theatre viewing experience.


If you have a projector and sufficient wall space, a fixed-frame screen like this Screen Technics CinemaSnap model can provide outstanding picture quality. The sturdy aluminum frame assembles easily in minutes with basic tools. By attaching the screen to the frame with the provided snaps, the screen is stretched flat to provide a smooth, uniform surface for the projected image. The frame's black powder-coat finish looks stylish, while also concealing projector overshoot and boosting the visual punch.

This screen features the high contrast grey surface of the CinemaSnap range. It ensures accurate image reproduction and provides an exceptionally wide angle of view with little loss of resolution. This is a great choice for situations where you can control your room's ambient light and where a wide viewing angle is necessary. The high contrast grey surface in conjunction with the CinemaSnap fixed frame screen system is specifically designed to improve overall colour saturation. The colour grey assists the projector in improving black levels in the colour spectrum by shifting the contrast band towards the darker scale, but does lose some of the brightness although this can be easily compensated with a modern projector.

What Is A Lambertian Screen? The high contrast grey surface has a maximum gain of 0.8 and 180 degree viewing cone with little if any brightness drop when viewed from a wide angle. Perfect for when you need a simple but reliable, good value and durable fixed frame screen with better "blacks" and do not need or want a motorised setup. 

The high contrast grey material improves your picture in the following areas.

  • Resolution
  • Colour Saturation
  • Off Centre Viewing

Setting the benchmark for perfect lay flat and ease of installation, this fixed screen system is designed to complement modern home theatre design, utilising a dedicated wall space. Easy to install and never requires retensioning of the screen surface!

Main Features & Specifications

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Fixed Frame Screen
    • Ready to assemble
    • Best possible lay-flat qualities
  • Frame: 
    • Bevelled Edges
    • Black Powdercoat Finish - Flocked version available for small additional cost
    • Increased Contrast and Overscan Protection
  • Surface: 
    • Easy and unique snap on screen surface
    • Matt White material
    • Gain: 1.0
  • Borders: As per frame system - 80mm wide
  • Brackets: MultiTech Wall Brackets included
  • Image Size (H x W): 1370 x 2435mm  
    • Diagonal: 110"
  • Screen/ FrameSize (H x W): 1530 x 2595mm

Please Note: These screen systems utilise the structural support of the wall brackets in the design. If wall brackets are not to be used seek advice for potential frame alterations.


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