Ruark Audio MRx Wireless Speaker

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Internet Connection For Internet Radio And Online Music Streaming Services

Free Ruark LINK Control app for IOS Devices

Bluetooth aptX For CD Quality Streaming

Sleek Design With Control Dial Centre On The Speaker Grille

Multi-Room Connectivity Option

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About The Ruark Audio MRx Wireless Speaker

The Ruark Audio MRx is not just another product cluttering up the market place! It is really well made and receiving accolades from both owners and the highly critical hi-fi press. So if you want to kick things up a notch in your home or office, then the Ruark Audio MRx wireless speaker with its contemporary British design could be just the thing to bring music to your ears. 

As we have come to expect from Ruark Audio over the last 30+ years, MRx is something rather special! With great sound and a wide range of capabilities, MRx makes a perfect system for your lounge, kitchen or study, but linked with other MRx speakers or select other Ruark models it's easy to build a wireless multi-room system for quality synchronised sound wherever required.

Ruark Audio MRx Wireless Speaker

Streaming Heaven: MRx has been built for wireless streaming and offers a fantastic choice of options. For direct streaming, its Bluetooth receiver allows quick and easy connection and with built-in aptX technology you will enjoy CD quality sound from compatible devices. With a broadband internet connection MRx comes alive and allows access to internet radio and an almost infinite library of music through online services such as Spotify, Deezer and Tidal, with Amazon Music also coming soon. Moreover you can also stream music stored on other networked computers and also from your phone. It supports a variety of popular audio codecs including WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC and MP3. Please note that audio streaming over a network requires a NAS drive or PC/Mac running DLNA certified software with sharing enabled.

Alongside its wireless connectivity, MRx also has great direct connectivity, with a combined line-in and digital optical input allowing auxiliary devices such as a turntable, Amazon Dot, Google Chromecast or Apple AirPort Express to be easily connected. Also featured is a USB playback port which allows you to conveniently playback music stored on a memory stick or portable hard drive in a variety of popular audio codecs. Furthermore, all these inputs are multi-room enabled, so if desired can be streamed wirelessly to other MRx.

High Fidelity Performance: Specifically for MRx, we have developed new speaker units based on the driver technology from Ruark's award-winning MR1. A new cone and coil assembly coupled with the powerful neodymium magnet system provides a full-range driver with unrivalled performance. These drivers are mounted as a stereo pair into tuned bass reflex enclosures. Using the latest sound processing technology, they have further tuned the sound and have created a stereo soundstage that belies the MRx compact dimensions. MRx features a linear Class A-B amplifier with a quality switch mode power supply. Linear amplifiers are used in the world’s best audio equipment and many still believe they offer superior performance when compared to new style digital amplifiers, which can - especially at this price-point - sound unrefined by comparison. Combined with the new custom drive units, linear amplification is another reason why MRx sounds so good.

Easy To Control: The stylish controller located on the front of MRx allows volume and source to be easily changed, but for full remote control they have created a dedicated app for iOS and Android devices called Ruark Link. This allows full control of all MRx functions and also displays information on the source material being played. Link also allows users to create and manage groups when two or more MRx units are being used together as part of a multi-room system. Select other Ruark models are also compatible with MRx and can also be controlled with the Ruark Link app.

A World Of Radio: With an internet radio tuner built in, MRx gives you virtually unlimited access to radio stations at home and abroad. If you're living away from home, you can stay connected with your favourite stations through the wonders of internet radio and if you love country or jazz then you can search worldwide by musical genre to find stations that specialise in the type of music you love. MRx also allows you to access radio podcasts and catch-up services, notably programmes from the BBC, so if you ever miss a show you can catch up at your leisure.

Hard-Wire Connection: MRx has been designed for wireless connectivity, but also included is an ethernet socket so MRx can be wired to a network if required. A wired ethernet connection ensures reliability in playback and can also prove useful if you want to use MRx where the wi-fi signal from your home router is variable or weak. In this case, ethernet powerline adaptors can be used and provide an easy to use solution to resolve network problems.

The MRx has been designed so it can be used in both landscape or portrait orientation and have included threaded inserts on the rear so it can also be wall mounted if required. In addition, a selector switch allows MRx to be used singly or with two units so a stereo pair can be created. However you use MRx, its beautiful design makes it a focal point which will enhance your surroundings and life.

About Ruark Audio

Based on the south east coast of England, Ruark Audio are a family-owned company with an amazing, passionate team that has a genuine love of music. Founder, Alan O’Rourke, grew up playing guitar and surrounded by hi-fi equipment through his dad’s work in the industry. So it’s not entirely surprising that he went on to start his own audio company, originally designing and manufacturing a fine range of loudspeakers and now to a small but high-quality range of radio based products that we are also extremely enthusiastic.  The following is an exert from their company profile:

"We have always loved design. Our ultimate mission is to make beautiful products that blend in with your environment, and are easy to live with as they are enjoyable to listen to. Much of our inspiration comes from our surroundings and the things we love most. The curves of our favourite car, the functionality of a piece of classic furniture, the texture of a knitted sweater or the technology of the latest gadget in our office. We are constantly inspired and looking for new ways to shape and develop our products. We never stop."

And this last point is so true. Just when you think they can't do anymore with a product, along comes a new version to take listeners to a new level! The look of all the models exudes style - retro and modern at the same time - but sonically they're equally impressive. Custom made high-fidelity drive units and electronics provide a scale and quality of sound that belies the relative compact size. Want to know more? Then please call one of our friendly and expert staff on all things Ruark.

Our Take

If you're looking for a smart speaker that won't lose you style points, look no further! MRx is crafted from select materials which we know provide the best sound. Additionally, the aesthetics and the combination of the hand finished cabinets, controller, alloy stand and British-sourced fabric front has created something truly special. With MRx its beauty lies in its simplicity; not just in its ease-of-use, but in its sophisticated, timeless design. Not to be overlooked though is the inclusion of the latest tech features that complete the picture. It has everything necessary to give you the widest choice of options and an audio system second to none and this fully justifies a price that at first may seem on the high side. However, it will only take about 30 seconds to hear the difference!

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: Compact Wireless Speaker
  • Enclosure:Twin reflex tuned and damped enclosures
  • Driver: Ruark Audio 75mm full-range driver with powerful neodymium magnet system
  • Amplifier: Linear Class A-B Amplifier
  • Power Output: 20 Watts nominal output
  • Tone Controls: Bass and treble adjustment
    • Enhanced 3D stereo sound
  • Loudness Function: Provides enhanced sound at low volume levels
  • Broadband Internet Connection: For Internet Radio and online music streaming services (subscription maybe required)
  • Spotify Connect: Provides seamless integration with Spotify App and access to 20+ million tracks
  • Free App: Ruark LINK Control app for IOS Devices
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth V4.0, SBC, AAC, A2DP and aptX enabled audio receiver provides CD quality sound with compatible devices
  • Control Dial: Centred on the speaker grille
  • Multi-Room Connectivity: Multi-room capability allows two or more MRx to be linked together for synchronised sound around your home. Also compatible with select other Ruark models
  • Tuner: Internet receiver provides access to over 30,000 stations and also podcasts globally
  • DLNA: Wireless DLNA audio streaming from networked storage devices and PCs
  • Connectivity: 
    • Combined 3.5mm analogue and optical input to connect other audio devices
    • USB playback port. Codecs supported include WAV, WMA, AAC, FLAC and MP3
    • Ethernet connector for direct network connection
  • Features:
    • Landscape or portrait orientation
    • Stereo/mono/left/right selector switch
    • Anodised aluminium stand
    • 2 × UNC ¼" inserts at 59mm centres on back panel for wall mounting
  • Available Finishes: Rich Walnut Veneer/Lead Grey Fabric Grille or Soft Grey Lacquer/Lead Grey Fabric Grille
  •  Dimensions:
    • Landscape (WxHxD): 300 x 180 x 180mm
    • Portrait (WxHxD): 160 x 320 x 180mm
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE.

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