Roon Nucleus+ Music Server

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Dedicated Roon Music Server

Supports TIDAL & Qobuz Streaming Services

Library Capacities Over 10,000 Albums (100,000 Tracks)

Multi-Room Streaming To 6 Or More Simultaneous Zones

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About Roon

If you’re new to Roon then you might want to do some reading. For a deep dive, head to the Roon web site to get on board with what Roon is all about. For more information keep scrolling down and we’ll tell you all about it with images to match.

In short, Roon is a connecting, streaming and music management software that brings multi-room smarts to your hi-fi equipment. It is the brains which tells your music what to do and where to do it – the policeman directing the traffic.

Roon Nucleus+ Music Server

Roon is not a music streaming service in its own right. It does not offer you access to any music service to which you're not already signed up. Instead, it takes control of your internet radio, the music streaming services your subscribe to and your own personal music files, and sends them to audio output devices as controlled on a series of computer, smartphone and tablet apps. It joins the disparate dots of your listening ecosystem, giving you a one-stop-shop to access, control and play everything.

To do that, there are several key parts to Roon's structure: the Roon Core, the Roon app and the audio devices. The Roon Core can be installed on a PC or Mac computer or on a NAS drive. Roon Core requires a fair bit of processing power and many computers and NAS drives are just not up to the task. For those who want the best, most efficient and trouble free way of running Roon Core you need to be looking at a Roon Nucleus to do the job.

About Roon Nucleus+

The brain behind the Roon experience is the Roon Core. Every aspect of Nucleus+ – hardware, operating system, and software – was developed to provide a silent, high-performance, power-efficient Roon Core, by the same team that created Roon.

Nucleus is the easiest, fastest way to get your Roon system running. No computer or networking skills required. Just take it home, plug it in, and download the free Roon app for your mobile devices and computers. Nucleus+ keeps itself current with automatic updates.

Nucleus has no cooling fans or moving parts of any kind, and its minimal operating system is tuned to deliver high-performance audio. Whether it’s in your listening room, on your desk, or in a rack, you can be confident you’ll be getting the best sound from any music server.

The rich Roon experience requires modern computing power, and the more the better. Roon worked with Intel to develop Nucleus+ to support Roon now and in the future. It has horsepower to spare for large music libraries, multi-room streaming, and DSP.

Roon Nucleus+ Music Server Review

The Nucleus is a superb option for those who love Roon’s music server software, but don’t want to install and run the software on a Mac, PC, or NAS box. It’s stable, easy to integrate, completely silent, and a joy to use. I set it and forgot it was even there. That’s how all audio gear should be. Tech Hive

Our Take On The Roon Nucleus+ Music Server

Nucleus takes all the angst out of getting Roon running in your system. The Nucleus Music Server can access multiple library resources over the home network, stream to multiple endpoints (Roon’s term for streamers, DACs, and other analogue-output devices), and access content from the internet. And unlike home computers that have resource limitations due to the overhead of the operating system and background programs, Nucleus Servers are custom-built for music and can devote ALL their resources to ensuring music delivery without slowdowns, gaps, or loss of quality. For hassle free Roon streaming there is no better option than the Nucleus.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Library Capacity: Over 10,000 albums (100,000 tracks)
  • Multi-Room Streaming: 6 or more simultaneous zones
  • DSP Capability: All DSP functions available
    • Please Note: For smaller libraries, the ability to stream to less than 6 zones and limited DSP funtionality see the Roon Nucleus.
  • Connections
    • 2 x USB 3.0 - can be used with external USB hard drive and/or a Digital to Analogue Convertor (DAC)
    • HDMI - stereo and multi-channel audio output)
    • Gigabit Ethernet LAN - can be used with Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Internal Storage Slot: 2.5” SATA SSD or HDD up to 9.5mm drive height (Drive not included)
  • Audio Outputs
    • Network audio streamers
    • USB DACs, speakers, and amplifiers
    • HDMI (stereo and multi-channel)
    • Hundreds of devices from the best HiFi brands
  • Home Automation & Extensibility: Roon API, Control4 Driver, Crestron Driver
  • Finish: Black
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 267 x 64 x 267mm
  • Weight: 3.2kg
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 2 Years

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE

Scroll Down For More Information on Roon

Roon elevates your music experience in many dimensions, from rich metadata to integrated streaming services, and from inspired music recommendations to high-resolution home streaming.

Roon Finds The Information You’ve Been Missing

There’s more to describing your music than artist, album, and track. Roon finds and displays detailed metadata for your music, including reviews, ratings, recording and release dates, multi-tiered genres, high-resolution artist photos, and lyrics.

Learn About The People Behind The Music

People are people, not text fields. In Roon, all types of people – performers, composers, producers, and engineers – appear as links to deep biographical information, allowing you to explore their careers and collaborators.

Every Person, Genre, Place & Time In Roon Is A Link

You know your favourite artists, which makes them the best starting point for discovery. Roon lets you explore connections to their careers, including influences, followers, collaborators, and other related artists and composers.

Browse By Composer, Work & Performance

Classical music doesn’t fit neatly into the artist-album-track structure of pop and rock music. Roon starts with composers, then shows their works, and lists performances, including conductor, ensemble, soloists, recording venue, and date.

Lyrics, Displayed In Sync With The Music

With its huge database of lyrics, Roon lets you sing along with millions of songs. They can be displayed as a lyric sheet or synchronized to scroll along with the music that’s playing in real time. Never sing “Sweet dreams are made of cheese” again.

Find Upcoming Concerts For The Artists In Your Library

Never miss another concert by a favourite performer. When an artist in your library is on tour, Roon lets you know about it. You can even buy event tickets through Songkick.

Show What’s Playing On Any TV In Your Home

Roon Display lets you show what’s playing on your TV using Chromecast, or on any other device with a web browser. Display even supports real-time lyrics, so you can sing along with your favourites.

Effortless Organization

Roon Display lets you show what’s playing on your TV using Chromecast, or on any other device with a web browser. Display even supports real-time lyrics, so you can sing along with your favourites.

Importing Your Music Is Easy, Fast & Totally Automatic

Roon automatically identifies your music, corrects any errors, and enhances it with loads of rich information. Roon does this on a regular basis, so your music is always kept up to date without you lifting a finger.

Filter, Sort & Find Music With Focus

Roon makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Using Focus, you can filter your library using any number of criteria, like “1980s Pop”, “24-bit Jazz recordings”, or even “Beethoven conducted by Herbert von Karajan”.

Roon Watches Your Folders Without Touching The Files

Roon continuously scans your music folders, so whenever you add new music, you’ll see it immediately. You can also drag and drop music right onto the Roon app to copy it to your Roon system.

Keep Multiple Versions Of Your Albums

All albums have different versions with different track listings, mastering, and audio encoding. Roon shows you all those versions – both in your library and from TIDAL and Qobuz – and lets you highlight your favourite.

Everything Is Connected Via Hundreds Of Genres

Music is often described as belonging to a single genre, but it’s rarely that simple. Roon’s hierarchy features familiar top-level genres (like Jazz, Rock/Pop, and Classical) plus hundreds of subgenres (like Post-Bop, Speed Metal, and Chamber Music).

Organize Your Music Using Playlists & Tags

Combine music files and streaming content in your playlists, or use tags for even more flexibility. Tags can be applied to any artist, composer, album, track, genre, playlist, or even another tag.

Music Streaming

You’ll find millions of tracks on TIDAL and Qobuz, but Roon connects you with them.

All Your Music In One Place, Both Files & Streams

See all the music stored on your local devices like an internal or USB hard drive, or NAS, plus streaming content from TIDAL and Qobuz. Everything is folded together, so you don’t have to worry about where music is stored.

Your Personal Gateway To A World Of Streaming Music

Roon knows your music, and also how it relates to the rest of the music in the world. The collection you’ve built is always the starting point for exploration in Roon, and it becomes the lens through which you view the world of streaming.

Spectacular Search Across Your Files & Streams

A unified library means you can search all your music at once, without thinking about where it lives. Search for composers, performers, producers, genres, styles, or just about anything else!

TIDAL & Qobuz With Roon Is Like A Shopping Spree

Using TIDAL or Qobuz with Roon feels like a shopping spree at a record store. All the streaming content you find is treated like local files in your personal library, so it really feels like you own it.

Find A Great Performance, Every Time

You’ve collected performances of works by your favourite composers. Because Roon understands classical music, it can show you many more great performances of those compositions from TIDAL or Qobuz.

Personalized Discovery

Powered by Valence recommendation technology, Roon lets you rediscover old favourites and find new ones.

Roon Radio Curates Music Based On Your Tastes

Sometimes you want to hand-pick your playlist, but you can also sit back and let Roon do the work for you. Choose a starting point, and Roon Radio will play a mix of recommended music from TIDAL and Qobuz.

Suggestions Let You Build Playlists In No Time

As Roon chooses music for you, just give a thumbs up (or down) to effortlessly put together a playlist. When you find new picks you love, add them to your library for easy access later.

Rediscover Favourites With Insights Into Your Music

See featured performers, genres, time periods, and labels from your library. Find collaborations between your favourite artists, and rediscover those albums you love but haven’t listened to in years.

A Personalized Experience For Everyone In Your Home

Every person in your home has a Roon profile, so everyone keeps their own favourites, playlists, and history. That means everyone gets recommendations tailored for their individual tastes.

Never Miss A New Release Or A Great Recommendation

More new and reissued music is released every week than ever before. Throughout the app, Roon makes sure you find the music that you don’t want to miss.

Audio Engine

Get the best possible sound quality with bit-perfect playback, exhaustive format support, and powerful DSP.

Bit-Perfect Playback Of PCM & DSD Audio

Roon provides no-compromise audio perfection. Its audio engine supports bit-perfect playback of lossless and lossy file formats, including high-resolution audio content like PCM and DSD, in both stereo and multichannel.

Signal Path Shows You Exactly What You’re Hearing

Sometimes it’s hard to know what’s happening to your audio. With Signal Path, Roon gives you clear and precise information about how audio flows through your system, from source media all the way to the speakers.

All Major Formats Are Supported At The Highest Resolution

Enjoy up to 768kHz/32-bit PCM and DSD512 (stereo and multi-channel) in WAV, WAV64, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC (Apple Lossless), DFF, DSF, OGG, MP3, and AAC. If your gear doesn’t support a format, Roon transcodes to play back at the best quality it supports.

Tune Your Audio In Each Room With DSP

A powerful DSP suite helps customize your listening experience, including volume leveling, EQ, upsampling, room correction, convolution, crossfeed, and more. Compatible with PCM, MQA, or DSD content and all supported audio endpoints.

Roon Makes Every Piece Of Audio Gear Sing

From network streamers to mobile devices, Wi-Fi speakers to USB DACs, and smart devices to whole-home audio distribution systems, Roon plays your audio everywhere, at the highest possible sound quality.

The World's Only End-To-End MQA Support

MQA core decoding allows anyone – even those without MQA-capable hardware – to experience MQA content. Roon is the only music player that can apply DSP to MQA content while allowing your MQA-capable DAC to render the post-processed stream.

Enjoy Your Music Everywhere With Multi-Room Playback

Roon can play audio in one room or all around your home. Play different music in different rooms, or group your rooms together to play the same thing everywhere.

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