REL Tzero MKIII Subwoofer

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The REL T-Zero Subwoofer Is A Miracle In Miniature

Discrete Size, Big Sound, Long Throw Aluminium 6.5" Bass Driver

High Current 100 Watt Amplifier

Pair Them Up For Even Better Bass

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About The REL Tzero MKIII Subwoofer

The REL Tzero MKIII subwoofer is the baby in the REL range but that doesn’t mean it's short on talent. The Tzero MKIII is every bit a real REL subwoofer, it’s just designed for smaller spaces such as a bedroom, study or anywhere space is at a premium but you still want great bass.

Tzero MKIII is every bit a true REL, just smaller.  It enriches even modest systems with power and natural bass by bringing the quality and full REL connectivity suite along with an all-new aluminium cone that provides much greater stiffness to the driver for punch and a powerful, reliable Class D amplifier, all at an attractive price point and size. Ideal for apartments, flats, studies, anywhere space is limited.

REL Tzero MKIII Subwoofer

100% REL, Just Smaller: Tzero is, in many ways, the most difficult design REL has ever executed because never before have they delivered so much for so little. Five coats of your choice of black or white high gloss lacquer as in all Serie T, NextGen Class D amplifiers, REL’s famous High Level Input, plus a separate .1/LFE input stage with its own volume control to get theatre levels AND music perfect without racing to adjust or looking for a remote control.

The jewel of the MKIII is the new aluminium-coned driver, a rugged 6.5” unit with exceptional output and low bass extension for its size. While it won’t drive medium or large rooms hard, REL make plenty of larger models that handle that task, Tzero MKIII remains a miracle in miniature

Compact Power & Finesse: At REL every design begins by defining and designing the best bass engine for a given application. With its new aluminium-coned long throw 6.5” driver, the MKIII is powerful and articulate, delivering surprisingly deep bass. Able to fill smaller spaces effortlessly. Have a much larger space? Turn to one of REL’s larger models, there are plenty to choose from.

Bass Beyond Its Size: At REL every clean sheet design begins by defining and designing the best bass engine for a given application. While the long throw 6.5” is REL’s smallest-to-date, make no mistake it is powerful and articulate, able to fill medium-sized rooms effortlessly. Have a much larger space? Distribute them throughout for an unobtrusive spacious presentation of music and film sound.

Right Sized Power & Control: Though Tzero MKIII is REL’s entry level subwoofer, that doesn’t mean it can’t punch far above its weight. 100 high-current watts from a NextGen Class D amp means it holds its head high and is capable of delivering many years of satisfying performance. Tzero MKIII features the same high-quality input filters, crossovers and limiters as REL’s larger models.  Tzero MKII includes a full REL connectivity suite, fast 8ms delay filter set and REL’s famed High Level Input as well as a separate .1/LFE input with its own level control and a standby circuit that reliably comes alive at very low levels.

REL Tzero MKIII Subwoofer Review

This is The Little Sub That Could. The REL T-Zero isn’t meant to be compared to the big guns, but in a way the small cones make them extremely fast, and that is a perfect foil for high performance audio systems. The size ultimately limits the ‘lift’ they can bring to some systems (you wouldn’t use the RELs with anything that has an eight-inch woofer or larger for example), but in adding some air and space and speed to a good thin floorstander or a regular two-way stand-mount without breaking the bank, a REL T-Zero (or preferably, two) can’t be beaten.”

"Put simply, the T-Zeros increase the clarity of the midrange and the articulation of voices. This is no small measure... suddenly your loudspeakers begin to sound like they should sound."  Hi-Fi+

About REL

REL was founded in 1990 in Bridge End, Wales, UK by Richard E Lord and for the last 30 plus years REL has been developing better and better subwoofers designed to bring the ultimate bass response to your stereo or home theatre system, regardless of budget.

But lots of companies make subwoofers, so what makes REL special? Well for starters, they ONLY make subwoofers, whereas almost every other company make a range of products, including subwoofers. You can guess which company pays subwoofer development the most attention. Also most REL subwoofers are designed for music systems and have two very unique features. The first is the High Level Input which brings the signal in from the amplifier’s speaker outputs so the signal your subwoofer is seeing is the same as the one your speakers are seeing. This means the subwoofer has a much better chance of sounding like an extension of your speakers.

The second unique feature is the lightning fast filters which REL have developed which allow REL subwoofers to be as quick as your speakers. To illustrate, a typical loudspeaker has a response time of 4ms (milliseconds), whereas most subwoofers have a response time between 37ms & 80ms. No wonder most subwoofers sound as slow as a wet week. By contrast the response times of a REL Subwoofer vary between 9ms for the Serie T, 7ms for the Serie S and a loudspeaker-equalling 4ms for the Reference series. On top of that, REL have some of the lightest most rigid cones found on any sub and some of the most powerful amplifiers, all housed in uniquely braced cabinets that ensure no cabinet resonances of any kind and no turbulence or noise inside the cabinet. Last, but certainly not least, REL subwoofers are some of the most harmoniously designed and downright good looking subwoofers on the planet, ensuring it’s not just the bass response that brings a smile to your face.

Our Take On The REL Tzero MKIII Subwoofer

The REL Tzero MKIII is a miracle in miniature. If you have a smaller space and maybe a pair of nice sounding bookshelf speakers that need a bit of fleshing out then the REL Tzero MKIII could be the perfect choice. It is indeed scaled for the simple life, where excess is banished but outsized performance in a décor friendly subwoofer with both brains & brawn is welcomed.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: Sealed Box, Down-Firing Active Woofer
  • Active Drive Unit: 1 x 165mm (6.5") long-throw, steel chassis woofer
  • Input Connectors: Hi Level Neutrik Speakon, Low Level single RCA, LFE (Low Frequency Effects) RCA
  • Lower Frequency Response: 37 Hz at -6 dB in room
  • Amplifier Power Output: 100 Watts (RMS)
  • Amplifier Type: Class D
  • Phase Switch: 0 or 180 degrees
  • AC Input Voltage: 230-240V/50Hz
  • Fuses: 2 Amp semi delay
  • Protection System
    • Fully Electronic SET-SAFE
    • D.C. Fault
    • Output Short
  • Supplied Accessories
    • Neutrik Speakon High Level Interconnect (10 Metres Nominal)
    • Detachable Mains Lead - Upgrade to IsoTek for better performance
    • User Manual
  • Available Finishes: High Gloss Black or High Gloss White (5 Coats)
  • Dimensions Including Feet: (WxHxD) 216 x 241 x 260mm
  • Nett Weight: 6.8kg
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE

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