Rega Exact Moving Magnet Cartridge

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Fine Line Diamond Stylus, High Output 6.8-7.2mV

Rega 3 Point Mounting

High Spec Parallel Wound Coils

Hand Made In England

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About The Rega Exact Phono Cartridge

The whole world knows Roy Gandy from Rega has designed some of the best sounding Turntables. He and his Rega colleagues also produce some great sounding MM cartridges and the Exact is the top-of-the-range.

The Rega Exact is a high output Moving Magnet (MM) cartridge and although specifically designed with Rega tonearms in mind - it has the Rega three point mounting system which makes it a cinch to install even for a newbie - it can work on any quality tonearm. It uses a highly expensive non removable cantilever, fitted with a "Vital" diamond tip. Rega entered the cartridge market in the early 1980's and all their cartridges are hand made by the highly skilled Rega team. Let's take a closer look.

Rega Exact MM Phono Cartridge

Coil Windings: Rega have designed and developed their own coil winding machine. This allows them to manufacture coils in a completely new and innovative way. This means approximately one third less wire is used than in their other cartridges, making the Exact even more efficient than the very popular Elys.

Ultra High Precision Molded Body: The Rega cartridge is a one piece molding made of Pocan, a polymer with a hardness greater than industrial aluminium. Most cartridges loose high frequency energy by the movements generated in many joints created in conventional manufacturing. Most cartridges have five or six joints between the stylus mounting and the cartridge/headshell face. Rega cartridges have none! Most cartridges have to allow for large tolerances when manufacturing automatically with a reasonable gap of 0.7mm between the moving magnet and the pole pieces. This gap on Rega cartridges is only 0.25mm, much lower than any moving magnet cartridge we have tested. The headshell face is machined perfectly flat to ensure maximum contact between the cartridge and headshell.

Sound Quality: The Exact cartridge offers outstanding sound quality and value for money. The proprietary design uses new parallel wound coils and pivot pads improving detail and accuracy. It also offers Rega’s unmatched level of mechanical integrity with no removable stylus to muddy musical waters and, in the Exact, the Rega three point mounting system is used for even greater rigidity.

The Exact Cantilever – Diamond Tip: The Exact has an expensive non-removable cantilever, fitted with a “Vital” diamond tip. This tip fits into the record groove more precisely than the usual elliptical type, allowing more information to be gleaned from the records.

Packing – More for the Cartridge: Rega has not tried to create a false impression of product expense by using elaborate packaging. By using the simplest and most inexpensive cartridge carton possible, yet still avoiding transit damage, Rega spends more on the cartridge itself - ensuring better value.

Assembly – Hand Crafted: Due to the design and extremely high tolerances of Rega cartridges, the assembly methods are more akin to watch making than to a mass production assembly line. Every cartridge is hand built. The highly skilled operatives use little more than tweezers and microscopes. Each cartridge is then adjusted and tested twice during a 24-hour period. Such methods are expensive and time consuming but Rega feels the result is worth it. We know you will too!

In The News

The Rega Exact is highly recommended by Stereophile Magazine which stated: "Hand-built MM without a removable stylus that MF claimed "will get your heart racing, that's for sure." The Analog Kid was knocked out by its explosive, energetic sound, breathtaking midrange purity, and transient snap. He concluded that "the Exact could bring a somewhat reticent system to life."

Our Take On The Rega Exact Phono Cartridge

In Australia, we believe we can boast more knowledge about vinyl than probably any other store and even more so with Rega. How so? Firstly, our founder can remember when records were only mono and when the first stereo albums his father brought home had table-tennis and train effects going from left to right speaker. That was about 1958 and the family were in the business professionally from 1963. That alone is over 50 years! Secondly, two of our current staff have worked for the Rega distributor (one at a very senior level) and have travelled to Rega in the UK on several occasions, even staying in Roy Gandy's home. They are still Rega fanatics! So if you really want to know about Rega, then don't hesitate to contact us. 

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: High output moving magnet cartridge
  • Output: 6.8 - 7.2mV
  • Stylus: Vital complex fine line micro-ground from a rectangular diamond billet
  • Fixing: Rega 3 point fixing
  • Tracking Weight: Recommended 1.75 grams
  • Coils: High Spec parallel wound coils
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 Years.

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