Quadraspire QX7 Floor Protectors

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Insanely Over Engineered Floor Protectors/Spike Shoes

Perfect For Your Average Audiophile

Suit M6/M8 Spikes

Made In England

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Quadraspire QX7 Floor ProtectorsThe Quadraspire QX7 Floor protectors are the top of the range solution to keep the spikes on speakers and equipment racks from damaging your hardwood or tile floors.


Speaker and speaker stand isolation is critical to the performance of your speakers. At Audio Trends, we want you to attain the best possible performance from your speakers and your stands and as a result, we recomend you put spikes on your stand. However, this may upset those that like their hardwood or tile floors! Spike Shoes are the solution! 

Quadraspire floor protectors/spike shoes are made from stainless steel with an absorbtion material sanwiched between the spike absorber to neutralise the adverse effects arising from contact vibration resonance and therefore improve sound quality and acoustic insulation. Naturally there is a hole on the upper surface to locate the spike and on its lower surface, a non slip membrane designed to protect delicate floor coverings and aid sound dampening.

These Isolation supports are beautifuly designed. Each spike shoe has a diameter of about 30mm, making them suitable for most speaker stands and Hi-Fi rack applications with a overall maximum weight spread over all four shoes of about 125kg. 

Why Spikes? 

The scientists tell us that the least amount of energy can be transmitted though a spherical point. Therefore, if we are not transmitting energy through to the floor, the more energy ends up as sound in the room. Sonic improvements that result are found in more accurate low frequency and less high frequency ringing from the stand.

Why Do You Need Speaker Stands?

That question is often quickly followed up with another: "Can't they just sit on the floor?" The truth is you can put the speakers wherever you like but the location and positioning absolutely and significantly affect performance. When bookshelf sized speakers are placed on the floor or against a wall their sonic output becomes 'connected' to the floor or walls. This results in sound that is muddy, distorted and lacking in clarity. Speaker stands elevate and isolate speakers from floors and walls. Sound is clearer and cleaner with much better imaging and a greater sense of realism.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Pack of 4
  • 125kg load rating
  • Stainless Steel Sandwich Construction
  • Made in the UK.

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