Quad II-Forty

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Relive The Elegance And Performance Of The 1950s

An Updated & Refined 40 Watt Valve Amp From Quad

Expect A Lifetime Of Unsurpassed Excellence

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About the Quad II-Forty

The Quad II-forty power amplifier is much more than a tribute to one of the most famous designs in audio - but refined and powerful in the modern sense of the terms.

The Quad II-Forty retains the elegance of the 1950s Quad II but with a level of sophistication, a build quality and finish rarely seen on any product old or new. Make no mistake: The brand-new Quad II Classic doesn't just approximate its forebear. Quad didn't set out to improve on or update the original, but rather to manufacture it again, the way it was. The circuit remains precisely as Peter Walker designed it more than half a century ago, and details of its construction have changed only where certain physical types of parts are virtually extinct (old capacitor shapes and their associated clamps, cloth insulation, and so forth) or where a change is required by law (eg, the new Classic has a cage to protect people and hot tubes from one another, an IEC-style AC cord socket with an integral power switch, and contemporary, CE-approved gold-plated speaker terminals). In every other way, the Quad II Classic is a Quad II.

The chassis has been substantially increased in size to accommodate the much larger components, all of which are hard wired by hand following a similar topology to the original. The modern listener demands a higher output than the fifteen watts of the original Quad II. The new Quad II-Forty uses larger output valves, KT88s instead of KT66s, and a more robust power supply utilising a 5U4G rectifier valve. The input valves are now military specification 6SH7s instead of EF86s.

All Quad products are expected to last a lifetime or even longer. Many Quad customers still derive immense pleasure listening to products built over fifty years ago. These new amplifiers are no exception and with periodic servicing and a caring hand you can expect the performance of these amplifiers to continue for many decades to come.

In The News

"They say that your first true hifi listening experience stays with you for life. I was 15 and at a friend's house. we were listening to Rolling Stones (Sticky Fingers) and Wings (Band On The Run) on his dad's stereo, which was Quad II's into ESL 63's- amazing sound. Since then my musical tastes expanded to classical and opera at live venues in London and Houston. I have had a number of music systems, notably Quad 34/303 into Tannoys (excellent sound) but in 2007 invested in Quad tubed amplification - QC 24 and Quad II forty monoblocks into Quad 988 electrostatics. The combination really does put you straight into the concert hall. The greatest recommendationm I can give is that when musicians come over and the system is playing they comment on the amazingly realistic sound and presence. I have personally never been interested in all the stats associated with distortion , S/N ratios etc., just how close is the musical reproduction to the concert hall. it never fails to amaze me how, after attending a concert, I can come home and play a recording of the same piece and feel i am back in the concert hall." - www.audioreview.com

"The nice thing about the Quad II Classic, the lovely and almost giddy thing about it is that the experience doesn't seem to require waking up. To live with these amps for a while is to know why some adults move back to their childhood neighborhoods...For all their faults in the context of here and now, the Quad II is the angel we know. It's beautiful, it's true to the original, and it has more than a little soul...For its part, the new Quad II Classic is like finding a wormhole in the time-space continuum and going back to the Cavern Club of 1962. - www.stereophile.com

Our Take

"The Closest Approach To The Original Sound" was the line that Quad used to promote its’ hi-fi equipment in the past. One owner suggested they should update the wording to "The Original Approach To The Closest Sound" because the custodians of Quad have created these amplifiers, based on the circuit topology of the past, but using modern components and high quality wiring. If you are really chasing the 'sound' of the 1950's to 1970's then a pair of Quad II Forty's matched with the QC-24 preamplifier and a pair of ESL2812's or ESL2912's will deliver. No the price is for those with deep pockets but unlike many other expensive hobbies or past-times can deliver 24/7 and not affected by the weather. It will let you escape from the world of trouble and strife to a world of calm and relaxation. Live life to the full because second chances are hard to get.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: Mono Power Amplifier (Price is for two)
  • Power Output: 40 Watts RMS
  • THD @ 700Hz 0.3% @ 40 Watts
  • 0.03% at 1 Watt
  • Residual Hum and Noise Better than -80dB
  • Frequency Response 10Hz - 30kHz (+0dB, -0.5dB)
  • Damping Factor 20 @ 700Hz (referred to 8 Ohms)
  • Power Consumption 180VA maximum
  • Loudspeaker Taps 4 and 8 Ohms
  • Valves 2 x 6SH7 Input, 2 x KT88 Output, 1 x 5U4G Rectifier
  • Input Sensitivity 1V RMS
  • Power Input: 230/240V 50Hz
  • Detachable Power Cable: Upgrade the standard supplied IEC cable. 
  • Finish: Lancaster Grey
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): Not stated
  • Nett Weight: Not stated
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE. Gold version no longer available.

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