QED Performance Optical Toslink Cable

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Class Leading Performance, Medical Grade POF Plastic Fibre Core of Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)

Graded Refractive Index for Reduced Transmission Loss, Fluorinated Polymer Cladding Material

Precision Engineered 24K Gold Plug

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About the QED Performance Optical Cable

QED's multi-award winning Performance Optical Toslink digital audio cable is designed for customers who have a decent audio-visual system and want good quality but at a sensible price. Some may even view this QED Toslink digital cable as pricey when you can buy no-name brands for around $10! But remember that every small increment makes an audible difference and if you've made a decent investment on the hardware, then buying decent cables is a no-brainer.

The award winning Performance Optical digital cable allows you to experience superior sound quality when connecting DAC's, TV’s, CD players and Blu-ray players to amplifiers or receivers. Performance Optical uses a polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) acrylic glass optical fibre to comfortably transmit the higher bandwidth signals demanded by today's multi-channel digital audio links.

QED Performance Optical Toslink Cable

The cable is optimised for a 'very low jitter' design to reduce digital errors, making for a cleaner audio data transmission. Jitter is the undesired deviation from true periodicity of an assumed periodic signal in electronics and telecommunications, often in relation to a reference clock source. A cable displaying very low jitter has been measured at typically 50ps. QED are so confident about the performance of all their products that they offer a lifetime guarantee.

The cable utilises the superior PMMA acrylic glass optical fibre previously only available in QED's ‘Reference’ range products. The new optical fibre boasts half the signal attenuation per metre of the previous model, which means QED Performance Graphite comfortably transmits the higher bandwidth signals demanded by today’s multi-channel digital audio links. The cable features a stepped refractive index core that together with precision cladding techniques minimises light absorption and modal dispersion of single mode optical signals at the fibre boundary. This reduces the angle of incidence at which total internal reflection occurs so that more rays can propagate along the cable, which in turn makes for decreased jitter and improved audio data transmission.

Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA) Acrylic Glass Optical Fibre: The new optical fibre boasts half the signal attenuation per metre of the previous Performance model, which means Performance Graphite comfortably transmits the higher bandwidth signals for multi channel audio.

Very Low Jitter Design: QED have identified jitter or distortions caused by errors in the light transmission as a major factor in the deterioration of the audio signal. By incorporating precision cladding techniques jitter is reduced enabling a cleaner signal with better dynamics and a wider sound stage.

Very Low Loss: Low loss < 0.15dB attenuation per metre.

In The News

"The Performance Graphite is a well-made cable, with a flexible but tough body, and beautiful, high-quality plugs. The sound it conveys is versatile and balanced, equally adept at expressing bass and treble. This sturdy little cable worked well with our reference CD and DAC set-up, allowing them to reveal verve and punch when needed, together with transparency and a pleasing sense of detail. With both movies and music, we heard improvements in system sound when using the QED, including greater detail and dynamics" - What Hi-Fi

About QED

In 1973 Bob Abraham and Ian Vine founded QED Audio Products and changed the way people think about hi-fi cables. By the time QED 79 strand was launched in 1978, it wasn’t considered' just another speaker cable' but a serious hi-fi component. During 1994 QED conducted the most extensive ever scientific investigation into the effects of speaker cable on hi-fi system performance. Click here to access their various reports on various cables.

QED's reputation for innovation and technical excellence is known throughout the world. The latest computer-aided design techniques allow their research and development team to keep pace with technological advances and deliver products that achieve the highest levels of performance and reliability. This is why QED speaker cables are recommended by so many of the world’s leading manufacturers of hi-fi and home theatre equipment. QED is Europe's number one award winning connectivity brand and has won more prestigious cable awards from ‘What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision’ magazine than any other brand (Awards 1981–2020). - QED - The Sound Of Science

Main Features & Specifications

  • Product Description: Digital optical cable with with standard toslink connectors on each end
  • Construction: Unique Boro-Silicate Glass Construction: Plastic Optical Fibre (POF) core of acrylic glass
  • Material: Fluorinated Polymer Cladding Material
  • Connectors: 24K gold plated Toslink connectors
  • Plugs: Precision engineered plug with integrated grip
  • Attenuation: < 0.15dB/m (650nm)
  • Numerical Aperture: 0.5
  • Minimum Bend Radius: 9mm
  • Available Lengths: 1.5 Metre; 3.0 Metre and 5.0 Metre
  • QED Product Code: QE6601
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: QED Lifetime Warranty - Does not include misuse or abuse

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