QED Performance Ethernet Graphite Network Cable

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Quality Streaming Ethernet Cable With Oxygen Free Copper Conductors

Asymmetric Twist Rates For Reduced Cross-Talk

8/8 Rj45 Gold Plated Connectors

Designed By QED In England. Lifetime Warranty

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About the QED Performance Ethernet Graphite Network Cable

The QED Performance Ethernet Graphite network cable is an excellent choice for those who want and trust a brand-name product compared with the abundance of no-name ones on the Internet and in the big-box stores.

Wired Ethernet offers uncompromised data rates over long distances. This ensures that all of your high-quality media streams reach their intended end devices with no compromise to the data. The end result is greater reliability and better sound and picture.

Wireless Wi-Fi networks provide a convenient solution for connecting to the Internet or sending and receiving emails and files. However, when it comes to streaming high-resolution media throughout the home, the convenience of Wi-Fi comes with significant performance compromises. At a distance of just 6 metres, some wireless routers lose as much as 85% of their data throughput. These losses in throughput cause dropouts in your media, higher variable compression rates, and an overall loss in audio and video fidelity. In addition, as you increase the number of devices on a wireless network, you decrease the potential bandwidth available to each device. Conclusion? If uninterrupted performance is essential, you need a quality cable like outlined below.

Ethernet cables

High Definition Digital Audio: Unlike many other low-price cables that are constructed to the CAT5e standard, the Performance Graphite Ethernet cable is able to transmit high definition digital audio between networked Ethernet components and is ideal for HD audio streamer applications up to 24 bit/192kHz.  QED have identified that reducing jitter or timing errors within the digital signal makes for cleaner audio transmission and with Ethernet this is no different. With CAT 6 UTP specification and 250MHz bandwidth, the Performance Graphite Ethernet is more than equipped to handle the latest high definition digital audio.

Very Low Jitter: Jitter is the undesired deviation from true periodicity of an assumed periodic signal in electronics and telecommunications, often in relation to a reference clock source. A cable displaying very low jitter has been measured at typically 50ps.

8/8 Rj45 Gold Plated Connectors: Stranded 24AWG 99.999% OFC copper conductors and gold plated 8/8 RJ45 jack plugs to maintain low insertion loss figures throughout the life of the cable by minimising signal reflections and keeping contact resistances low.

CAT 6 UTP Specification: 100Ω characteristic impedance

Asymmetric Twist Rates For Reduced Cross-Talk: A polyethylene former is used to physically separate each twisted pair into its own compartment within the cable keeping the geometry extremely uniform. This further contributes to the elimination of cross-talk within the cable and maintains the tight 100 ohm characteristic impedance demanded by the Cat6 UTP standard.

About QED

In 1973 Bob Abraham and Ian Vine founded QED Audio Products and changed the way people think about hi-fi cables. By the time QED 79 strand was launched in 1978, it wasn’t considered' just another speaker cable' but a serious hi-fi component. During 1994 QED conducted the most extensive ever scientific investigation into the effects of speaker cable on hi-fi system performance. Read the results in “The Genesis Report”. Hear the results whenever you listen to your favourite music using QED cables.

QED's reputation for innovation and technical excellence is known throughout the world. The latest computer-aided design techniques allow their research and development team to keep pace with technological advances and deliver products that achieve the highest levels of performance and reliability. This is why QED speaker cables are recommended by so many of the world’s leading manufacturers of hi-fi and home theatre equipment.

QED is Europe's number one award winning connectivity brand and has won more prestigious cable awards from ‘What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision’ magazine than any other brand. - QED - The Sound Of Science 

Main Features & Specifications

  • Product Description: RJ/E Cat6 Ethernet cable
  • Conductors: Eight 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper conductors of 7/0.2mm (24AWG) stranding 
  • Insulation: Performance Ethernet is sheathed in a flexible pearlescent polyethylene graphite coloured PVC outer jacket
  • Impedance: 100Ω ± 5% @ 250MHz
  • Delay Skew: <450ps/m @ 250MHz
  • Loop Resistance: 93.25mΩ/m
  • Capacitance Imbalance: < 3.30pF/m
  • Cable Diameter: Graphite PVC jacket OD 6.3mm
  • Available Lengths: 1.5 Metre; 3.0 Metre; 5.0 Metre
  • Lifetime Warranty - Does not cover misuse or abuse

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