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About Pro-Ject

Pro-Ject has been manufacturing belt-drive turntables from their European factory for more than 50 years. Pro-Ject turntables allow you to experience again the clarity, warmth and magic to be found in the grooves on your vinyl, at very reasonable prices. With simple designs and high construction standards, performance has been the priority.

Fully manual operation coupled with the best materials and components available at each price level ensures the best possible value. In addition to the turntable range, Pro-Ject also produce phono boxes, simple inexpensive phono preamplifiers that allow a turntable to then be connected to any standard line input, including that of computers. Of course, we've been selling them since the beginning of time and due to our passion for all things analogue - read vinyl - can tell you everything you need to know from our fantastic range of their products.

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