Premium Turntable Belt (195mm)

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Premium Quality Neoprene Turntable Belt

Size: Flat 195mm x 5mm x 0.5mm

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About Turntable Belts (195mm)

Is your turntable running erratically? Has the belt stretched? Audio Trends has a range of high quality 5mm wide flat belts to fit most turntables that have originated out of Japan and not China. They range in diameter from 170mm to 210mm.

This description is for a belt to suit a platter with an inner hub diameter of more than 195mm. As mentioned above, our belts are sourced from a leading manufacturer of high-quality premium belts in Japan. There is a BIG difference in belts and a poor quality belt will not only stretch more quickly, but they are often not made to the exact specifications required for accurate speed control. Audio Trends is run by music enthusiasts for music enthusiasts and what this means is you get the same product we would use and not something just to tick a box so to speak.

Replacement Is Quick & Easy: How do you make sure that this is the right one for your Turntable/Record Player? Very simply! First, remove the mat and then 'lift' the platter* from off the centre spindle/hub and discard the old belt if it is still attached.  Clean off any sticky mess or 'gunk' with Isopropyl Alcohol. Now flip the platter upside down and simply measure accurately the diameter (not the circumference) of the inner hub or inner rim where the belt attaches and deduct 5mm. That's the size you need to order. So measure 194mm means you order a 189mm belt. The measurement allows for some 'stretch' so that the belt will fit comfortably over the motor spindle, not putting excessive pressure on the motor or so loose that it falls off after a few spins.

Watch The Video To See How To Do It: One of our resident record player buffs and Technician - Andrew Coles - has prepared a simple video to explain the above process. Click here or click on Video Extra above to view the video.

Re-Installation: Fit the belt on the inner hub. It should fit easily. If is really difficult to get on or falls off, you have the wrong belt! Now replace the hub with belt fitted over the centre spindle. Rotate the platter until one of the inspection holes is above the motor pulley. Grasp the belt and hook it over the pulley and through the speed changer mechanism. Check that the deck runs with no fouling, replace the mat and you're ready for your next music session.

How To Order: Buy online or alternatively just phone us during business hours and we can process payment with your credit card. All Turntable belts are sent by fast, safe registered post. Or drop by with your platter and we'll fit a new belt for you on-the-spot and free-of-charge.

* The platter is the component the your mat and record sit on.

**We also stock original manufacturers replacement belts for Pro-Ject; Rega and Thorens.

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