Parasound Zphono

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Quality Phono Stage in a Half Width Case

Switchable Moving Magnet & Moving Coil Input

Single Ended RCA Outputs, Gold Plated RCA Inputs & Outputs

AC Polarity Switch to Eliminate Hum

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About The Parasound Zphono

The Parasound Zphono phono preamplifier brings some much needed substance to this important segment. It’s not a flashy unit and is minimalist in its facilities, although it does have a switchable MC/MM input and an AC polarity switch to eliminate hum. What’s great about it is its ultra-low distortion sound which is natural and dynamic throughout the frequency range. It really is in a class of its own at anywhere near this price.

Missing a phono input in your audio system? Or is the crappy one in your amplifier letting you down? Well, take those LPs out of storage, the Zphono is here. This elegantly simple and affordable component allows your turntable to be used with any amplifier or receiver with sound quality that does full justice to your record collection. Long live vinyl!

Externally the Zphono comes with gold plated RCA inputs and outputs, has an AC polarity switch to eliminate any potential noise and hum, and has a user selectable gain selector for MM or MC cartridges. Internally it uses ultra-high speed, low noise op amps along with audiophile grade resistors and capacitors to ensure the best possible performance no matter what your set up is.

It’s unique half-rack width chassis is solidly constructed in that usual Parasound no nonsense way and will work with many different stereo integrated amplifiers or home theatre receivers including Class A, Class A/B or Class D designs.

Zphono In The News

“I am very impressed. Previous to this, the unit I was most enamoured with in this category was the Vincent PHO 8. The Parasound is just as dynamic (more, actually) and big sounding as the Vincent, but it is more natural and upon initial listening, simply better. The sound of the Zphono is bold and authoritative, with a shockingly low level of artefacts at this price category. It's life-like and clean, but never tizzy, harsh, tinny, thin, or artificial as many low end units are. I would say that it's very slightly to the warm side of neutral, but only because there is an absence of glare and an ease, fundamental rightness, and slight softness to the sound that makes it relaxing to listen to and will surprise many people who are used to hearing most cheap phono amps on the market. It is likewise expressive, detailed, insightful and lively with fantastic, well-defined, deep and rich bass. Overall, I would not call this an overly warm or romantic sounding piece. It does not muddle the sound or fix bad records. It's not flashy or bright. It excels at just sounding very, very good. It's tonal balance is neutral, exciting, and extremely smooth. The Parasound Zphono is now my favourite inexpensive phono stage, highly recommended, and is a ridiculous bargain.” Steve Hoffman Music Forum

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: High Quality Phono Stage with selectable MC/MM gain
  • AC Polarity Switch
  • Gain at 1 kHz
    • MM, 46dB
    • MC, 61 dB
  • Input Sensitivity at 1 kHz
    • MM, 5 mV in for 1.1 V output
    • MC, .9 mV in for 1.1 V output
  • Input Impedance
    • MM, 47 k Ω
    • MC, 100 Ω
  • Input Overload:  MM, 200 mV; MC, 36 mV
  • RIAA Accuracy: 0.25 dB, 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • S/N Ratio
    • MM, 84 dB
    • MC, 58 dB
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 241 x 50 x 254mm
  • Weight: 1.8kg
  • Shipping Weight: 2.7kg
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years

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