10 Argent Place Ringwood VIC


About Paradigm

In 1982, with in-depth previous experience in the Sales and Marketing of speakers, Co-founder Jerry VanderMarel, together with Co-founder Scott Bagby, a highly talented speaker designer, set out to produce the finest high-end high-value speakers available. Now well into its third decade, Paradigm has firmly established the invaluable reputation of producing outstanding and competitively priced high-end speakers. Headquartered just outside of Toronto, Canada, we can personally testify that Paradigm’s large and advanced facilities house extensive state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing resources. These include the largest (33,000 cu. ft.) privately owned anechoic chamber, 2 dedicated double-blind screen listening rooms and a highly advanced proprietary speaker measurement system.

So what has created this enormous success? Pure and simple… product performance. Jerry, Scott, Bill and all the others at Paradigm are audiophiles. They have a fundamental love of music and the pleasure it provides in all our lives. As such Paradigm has always been a product driven company. The concern has always been with producing products that can genuinely bring us closer to the live musical event. We invite you to drop by and have a demonstration at a convenient time.


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