Paradigm Rock Monitor 60-SM Outdoor Speaker

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Stereo Input Speaker With PolyGlass Reinforced Weather & Water Resistant Enclosure

Dual Voice-Coil 165mm Woofer; 2 Tweeters

No Compromise Outdoor Music 

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About The Paradigm Rock Monitor 60-SM Speaker

Whether it's Winter or Summer a big part of the Australian lifestyle is outdoors. When it comes to outdoor sound, Paradigm are again the experts. The Paradigm Rock Monitor 60-SM is compact and reasonably priced and perfect for small gardens or pool areas.

Outdoor speakers aren't new and neither are the rock-simulated units more and more manufacturers are designing and building. Even our Canadian friends at Paradigm are no exception and as it gets pretty cold in Toronto, they know a thing about making things weather proof. So whether you are relaxing in the garden, on the terrace, or by the pool, the experience is enhanced by music. Why limit the enjoyment of your hi-fi to the house when there are great opportunities to enjoy the music in the great outdoors? All models we sell have specially treated cabinets to resist harmful UV rays. Rock speakers are an easy, discrete and surprisingly affordable way to bring the Paradigm high-performance sound you enjoy indoors … outdoors. They’re weather resistant — so move that otherwise non functional rock out of your garden and replace it with a rock speaker! 

Paradigm Rock Speakers

A Closer Look - Paradigm Rock Monitors: First and importantly, they are completely weather resistant — you can leave them outside fully exposed to whatever nature brings, worry-free. Testing has naturally been done in Canada including extensive salt fog and UV exposure testing. Plus, it can handle extreme temperatures of both cold and heat including below 0C and over 75C! And no, we're told by reliable sources that this is not how hot in gets outside in Toronto but rather was a lab test. The cabinets are made from an artistically crafted 4-layer fibreglass material that makes the cabinet acoustically inert and completely weatherproof. This is then painted with protective paint, so you'll enjoy "rock-solid" sound for years to come. All Paradigm Rock Monitors have Stereo Inputs.

What's A Stereo Input Speaker? These high-performance single-speaker systems provide two channels of L/R sound outdoors. Their Dual-Directional Soundfield™ — two tweeters, each offset at a 30° angle—and twin voice coil bass/midrange driver ensure extremely wide dispersion, a particularly important consideration outdoors where there are no walls or ceiling to contain sound.

A Rock Monitor? Rock Monitors are ideal in small outdoor areas less suited to a stereo pair of speakers or where a single speaker is preferred. In large, or unusually shaped areas, multiple rock speakers can be used to eliminate sound imbalances that occur with stereo sound as people move around or are seated closer to one speaker than the other

Pure-Titanium Dome Tweeters: 2 x Superior PTD™ Pure-Titanium Domes with Unique Controlled WaveGuide™ Faceplates deliver smooth, clear, extended response. Ferro-fluid cooled and damped.

Injection-Moulded Polypropylene Cones: 1 x dual voice coil Superior ICP™ Injection-Molded Co-Polymer Polypropylene Cones. Oversized magnets and superior motor structures ensure a very detailed, authentic midrange.

PolyGlass Reinforced Enclosures: Superior PolyGlass™ Mineral-Filled Reinforced Enclosures. Fully sealed (no ports) for protection against the outdoor environment … even under adverse weather conditions!

Brave The Elements: Weather, Water, UV-Resistant Aluminium Grilles stainless steel / brass hardware, gold-plated binding posts.

Did you know? Did you know that Paradigm loudspeakers are still designed, engineered, and crafted just outside Toronto, Canada? It’s been that way since 1982. That’s when co-founders Jerry VanderMarel and Scott Bagby decided to, eh-hem, change the prevailing industry paradigm. They wanted to build high performance loudspeakers right here at home. They wanted to custom-design their speaker components based on science, not speculation. And they wanted to make them available at prices that everyone would appreciate.

In The News

"The Paradigm 60-SM Rock Monitors are all around solid performers, providing better sound than you might expect from such a conspicuous little package that happens to blend beautifully into almost any outdoor setting... If you are yearning to take your music outdoors without cramping your style, the Paradigm Rock Monitors should provide sufficient reasoning for you to catch up on your listening sessions while enhancing the enjoyment of yard activities. Because of their smallish size and very natural looking design, the 60-SMs truly blended seamlessly into my landscaping. I found that once I fired them up most people walking buy couldn’t locate where the sound was coming from. One of my neighbors commented that he wished he had that quality of sound in his own home, let alone his front yard. - Gene DellaSala , Audioholics

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: Single speaker system with stereo L/R inputs (Sold Separately)
  • 3-driver, 2 x 2-way coaxially mounted high-frequency drivers, weather, water, UV-resistant sealed enclosure, self draining fissures
  • Crossover: Two 3rd-order electro-acoustic at 3 kHz
  • Frequency Response: ±2 dB from 66 Hz - 20 kHz
  • High Frequency Driver: Two 25-mm (1") PTD™ domes
  • Mid/Bass Frequency Driver: Dual voice-coil, 165mm (6-1/2") ICP™ cone, die-cast chassis
  • Low Frequency Extension: 44Hz (DIN)
  • Sensitivity Room: 89dB
  • Nominal Impedance: Compatible with 4 Ohms Mono; 8 Ohms / channel Stereo Input
  • Suitable Amplifier Power Range: 50 - 120 Watts Mono; 50 - 55 watts / channel Stereo Input
  • Maximum Input Power: 70 Watts Mono; 35 Watts / channel Stereo Input
  • Finish/Colours Available: Fieldstone; North Eastern Granite
  • Nett Weight: 7.7kg
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 385mm × 340mm × 330mm
  • Warranty: 12 Months. Does not cover misuse

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