Paradigm MilleniaOne REL HT/1003 5.1 Speaker System

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High Performance In A Compact, Room Friendly Surround Sound Speaker System

Paradigm Satellites Feature Pure-Aluminium Tweeters & Woofers

300 Watt Active REL Subwoofer With 10” Bass Driver

Adjustable Tabletop Stands & Wall Brackets Included

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About The Paradigm MilleniaOne REL HT/1003 5.1 Speaker System

This speaker pack takes some of the best products from two great brands, Paradigm & REL, and combines them into one great surround sound 5.1 speaker pack.

When a long-established brand like Canadian company Paradigm develops a new series of speakers you can be certain that they have put every effort and all their experience and expertise into the design. With a first look over the stylish and diminutive Paradigm MilleniaOne REL HT/1003 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System, you may reasonably conclude that it's just another cute looking player in the typical and over-supplied lifestyle speaker market. But the saying "never judge a book by its cover" is very true here.

Paradigm MilleniaOne & REL 5.1 Speaker System

MilleniaOne REL HT/1003 5.1 is a high-performance design that includes the award-winning Paradigm Reference MilleniaOne Satellite Speakers, winners of Sound & Vision's Product of the Year, feature cast aluminium enclosures and are one of the sexiest looking speakers in the world. These are paired with the 300 Watt REL HT/1003 home theatre subwoofer which is one of the best-selling and best sounding subs in its class.

MilleniaOne Compact Satellites: These feature a heavy die-cast aluminium enclosure that is acoustically inert. This is important as it minimises resonances which can destroy the all-important imaging. Included are both heavy metal bases for shelf mounting as well as wall-mounting brackets. The speakers are a 2-Driver, 2-Way design and include a 25mm S-PAL (satin-anodised pure aluminium) proprietary Paradigm tweeter and a 102mm S-PAL bass/midrange driver. Interestingly, the woofer surround overlaps the tweeter frame-plate allowing both to sit closer together and "blend" nicely. All speakers come with a snug fitting perforated metal cover that is held in by a thin rubber gasket that eliminates any rattles. The matching centre speaker comes supplied with a unique base that allows it to be placed horizontally. On the rear you will find some exceptionally (for the speaker size) heavy-duty speaker wire terminals. These are best used with quality cable without terminations (bare wire) such as our go-to recommendation, QED 79 strand.

REL HT/1003 Subwoofer: The home theatre focused Series HT line is designed specifically to answer the challenge of affordably priced, highly dynamic pure home theatre powered subwoofers in a handsome, compact package that makes it easy to tuck a few of these into most environments. The HT/1003 combines a lightweight, modern 10” CarbonGlas™ (250 mm) driver, coupled to a powerful 300W Class D amplifier that runs cool, producing startling dynamics. Internally, REL designed specially adapted home theatre input filters that produce extremely flat bass down in the 20’s.

REL set out to build the loudest, relatively compact, affordable 10” unit available for pure home theatre use. Critics are already lining up for reviews. The HT/1003 is designed to deliver the best bang (quite literally) for your buck when building a home theatre system, featuring: crisp cabinet dimensions finished in an attractive, yet purposeful, line grained black aluminium-look and topped by a 12mm thick beautifully polished top that serves to damp vibrations on the critical top surface of the cabinet.

For REL owners already enjoying the Series T or S subwoofers designed for both 2-channel and theatre use, the HT/1003 is designed to supplement their system’s .1/LFE output to produce even higher output, adding further depth to special effects to provide a true home theatre experience. If you own a REL and want theatre to be wildly dramatic, add in an HT (or a few).

Speaker Cable: Not included due to the fact that everyone has different requirements. We do offer home theatre speaker cable bundles of varying lengths at discount prices. We recommend QED 79 strand cable with this speaker package.

Our Take On The Paradigm MilleniaOne REL HT/1003 5.1 Speaker System

This system is one of our best-selling sub-sat speaker systems. It combines some of the classiest high tech Paradigm satellite speakers currently available with a world class subwoofer from REL, no less. This is some serious stylish bang for your buck and needs to be looked at very closely by all home theatre aficionados who want great sound but don’t want to take over the whole living room in the process.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: Six-piece Surround Sound system with five Satellite Speakers and a powered Subwoofer
  • Frequency Response: Overall 24Hz - 20kHz (±2 dB)

Paradigm MilleniaOne Satellite Speakers

  • Tweeter: 1 x 25mm S-PAL™ satin-anodised pure-aluminium dome tweeter
  • Woofer: 1 x 102mm S-PAL™ satin-anodised pure-aluminium cone midrange/woofer
  • Enclosures: Cast Aluminium with rear port (bass reflex design) to improve bass
  • Grilles: Low-diffraction grilles maximise imaging and ensure smooth dispersion
  • Speaker Terminals: Heavy duty and gold plated
  • Frequency Response: 120Hz - 20kHz (±2 dB)
  • Sensitivity: 89dB
  • Impedance: Nominal 8 Ohms
  • Stands: Adjustable tabletop/shelf stands/wall brackets included - wall hardware/screws not included
  • Finish: Gloss Black or White
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 115 x 195 x 145mm (including table-top stand)
  • Nett Weight: 2.96kg each (including stand)
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 5 Years

REL HT/1003 Home Theatre Subwoofer

  • Type: Closed Box, Front-Firing Subwoofer
  • Active Driver Size & Material: 10” (250mm) long-throw, CarbonGlas™ cone structure, inverted carbon fibre dust cap, steel chassis
  • Low Frequency Extension: -6dB at 24 Hz
  • Input Connectors: Dual Purpose Low Level Stereo RCA or LFE RCA
  • Output Connectors: Daisy Chain Low Level Stereo RCA or LFE RCA
  • Power Output: 300 Watts (RMS)
  • Amplifier Type: NextGen5 Class D
  • Wireless Capability: HT Air Wireless (Optional), Zero Compression Single Large Scale Integrated Chip
  • Protection System
  • Fully Electronic Set Safe: Yes
  • D.C. Fault: Yes
  • Output Short: Yes
  • Mains Input Voltage: 220-240 volts
  • Fuses: 6.3 Amp semi delay
  • Finish: Line Grained Black Composite
  • Supplied Accessories: Mains Lead
  • Dimensions (WxH xD): 318 x 347 x 351 mm
  • Net Weight: 12.7 kg
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE

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