Paradigm Millenia Sub

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Back-to-Back Bipolar Dual-Woofer Design

High-Current, High-Power (300 Watts RMS) Output

Unique Style Allows For Both Vertical & Horizontal Positioning

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About the Paradigm Millenia Sub

Talk About Sub Yoga! More Positions than a Swami Teaching Yoga in an Ashram. MilleniaSub … It will turn you on, bliss you out, and rock your soul to the core! Think of it as the mind/body/bass connection!

We're glad you're thinking about a Paradigm sub! That's a great start so sincere congrats! Paradigm have an amazing range of subwoofers and in a world that seems to be saturated with choice, Team Paradigm have developed something completely out-of-the-box when it comes to design. Lets be honest and admit that subwoofers aren't the sexiest component and certainly don't get from our experience any votes from "the good wife" which create some awkward situations from time-to-time here in the store. Yet, everyone knows that a subwoofer or two is essential if you want decent bass on either music or movies.

So with MilleniaSub, there must have been input from all the fine ladies associated with Paradigm because this sub ticks all the boxes. The difference this sub will make to your music and home theatre experience can't be put into words, but you'll hear it and you'll feel it. They say Paradigms put you in the moment and keep you there! The amorphous ‘they' are right. It's a humbling experience, one that takes you beyond the sub's slim and toned beach bass body to a place where you're absolutely lost in the music or movie you're watching.

Reference Bass: Your MilleniaSub is part of Paradigm's ‘Reference' collection … cool style and superb quality that includes ‘cost no object' technology at below what you'd pay for any other genuine high-end subwoofer with this much cool stuff. We guarantee you won't be able to keep the Paradigm difference a secret. In fact, we hope you don't. Spread the word! Talk about it. BRAG about it! Play your MilleniaSub and let others listen! Paradigm's mission is to rid the world of bad sound … and by ‘bad' they mean the kind of subwoofers the big box stores stock, the ones that pretend to be dangerous and big-bass mean, but in the end couldn't give a fish in a fish bowl a fair shake.

So what are you waiting for? Get down here and get a demo … we guarantee a whole new mindset after you've heard the MilleniaSub. There'll be no going back. Like we said, it's a mind/body/bass connection!

Back-to-Back Bipolar Dual-Woofer Design: Unique and inherently vibration cancelling. Woofers fire in opposite directions resulting in a physical cancellation of vibrations and a massive reduction in the potential for sound-destroying resonances. Bloated, boomy bass?? Not a chance!!

Killer Polymer Monocoque Cone Design: The outer skin of the woofer cone bears the brunt of the motion stress brought on by extended cone excursion. Cone is FEA-optimised for maximum strength-to-weight ratio.

Over-molded Corrugated Santoprene® Surround: Well known performance advantages like high excursion and symmetrical compliance as well as increased longevity and you-can-bank-on-it-performance reliability. Design geometry reminiscent of the Paradigm RVC-12SQ in-wall sub equals higher output, lower distortion with every bass note sounding distinct.

Radical Dustcap Design: Braced through the centre and adhered to the cone's edge allowed the engineers to move primary cone breakup mode to outside the woofer's operating band. Reduced distortion (inaudible actually!) and improved frequency response. Not to mention it looks totally cool!

FEA-Optimized Motor Structure: A 25mm voice-coil, high-energy rare-earth neo magnets – swami-approved for their radiating energy!

5-mm Thick Extruded Aluminum Cabinet The cabinet is ultra-rigid but also super slim, allowing space to tuck in all of the crazy state-of-the-art technology! Just take a look at the cut-away image and you'll be a believer.

Advanced Ultra-Class-D™ Amplifier: Paradigm's Digital Signal Processing Design. Sophisticated mathematical algorithms ‘shape' frequency response ensuring accurate, consistent, musical bass without distortion even at the highest output levels. 

Main Features & Specifications

  • Driver: 2 x 355 x 76mm reinforced back-to-back polymer cones
    • Voice Coils: Two 25mm to help deliver plenty of bass
    • Roll Surround: Patented corrugated Santoprene® surrounds
  • Enclosure: 
    • Extruded aluminium
    • Sealed (Acoustic Suspension) delivers very tight and accurate bass
  • Amplifier:
    • Ultra Class D: 1 x 300 Watts RMS Sustained; 900 Watts Peak
    • Auto-on, soft clipping, thermal monitoring
  • Subwoofer Cut-Off Frequency: Variable 35Hz - 150Hz; With Bypass Option
  • Frequency Response: 21Hz - 150Hz
  • Wireless Option: Built-in wireless receiver included. The PT-2 wireless transmitter is not included and is available separately.
  • Mounting: Stand for vertical positioning 
    • Bumper Pads: Rubber feet to provide 15mm clearance when positioned horizontally
  • Color: White or Black
  • Nett Weight: 10.9kg
  • Dimensions(WxHxD): 179 x 383 x 465mm
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years Electronics; 5 Years On The Driver

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