Paradigm Millenia 20 Trio LCR

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A Unique 9 Driver 2-Way Left+Centre+Right Speaker.

Ultra-Slim Extruded-Aluminum Enclosures Take Up Less Space.

Mica-Loaded-Polymer Midrange and Bass/Midrange Cones.

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The Paradigm Millenia 20 Trio LCR Loudspeaker looks like a big, sophisticated sound bar, but that is where the similarity ends! It combines all three front channel speakers (left, centre and right) into one and has a number of special applications. It delivers sophisticated state-of-the-art Paradigm Reference technology wrapped in a sleek lifestyle design to complement today’s flat-panel televisions.


Lets face it, no matter how much you spend on a new TV, the speakers inside are pathetic. Soundbars are now big business because everyone with a big TV needs something to fulfill the audio needs. And yes, there are some pretty amazing soundbars and soundbases in our store. However, what's an audiophile who's also a fashionista to do about speakers for his big-screen TV? Soundbars suit most, but not everyone and don't deliver enough for the person who want's amazing stereo separation with hi-fidelity sound. So many turn to compact subwoofer/satellite systems or go full custom with in-wall speakers, but again they don't suit all rooms and every situation. Enter Paradigm Millenia 20 Trio.

Unlike most soundbars that have their own in-built amplifier of varying quality, the Paradigm 20 Trio requires connection to a home theatre receiver for amplification and source access. This concept has several advantages. First, no worries about where to put three front speakers. In small rooms or areas with space limitations this can be challenging, so no clutter with a 20 Trio. Second comes with superior sound quality. By connecting a quality (not necessarily expensive) home theatre receiver, you are going to take the performance on both movies and music to another level. And a receiver also has advantages in both performance and connectivity options. You could use the 20 Trio as is, but really it will sound a lot better with a powered subwoofer and a pair of rear speakers which could be either in-ceiling or on wall speakers.

The Millenia 20 Trio LCR sports drivers that enjoy the full benefit of Paradigm's wizardry with materials and design, and yet are very attractively priced. Would you expect anything less than a great compromise from this world leading Canadian company? Just like their more traditionally styled counterparts, Millenia 20 Trio LCR speakers offer breathtaking music reproduction that lays bare the very essence of the original performance! And that complex mix of dialogue, music and action effects that make up a movie’s soundtrack? The Millenia 20 Trio complements flat panel TVs and can be used alone, or combined with a subwoofer and/or a set of surround speakers.

S-PAL™ Satin-Anodised Pure-Aluminum Dome Tweeters: Deep-anodised for exceptional rigidity and paired with a low-mass treated textile suspension. Highs are spacious, clear, silky smooth and exceptionally well extended.

Mica-Loaded-Polymer Midrange and Bass/Midrange Cones: High stiffness-to-mass ratio of polypropylene and the exceptional damping properties of the injected mica ensure performance that is accurate, lifelike, wonderfully detailed and critically revealing.

Ultra-Slim Extruded-Aluminum Enclosures: At a fraction of the thickness of typical wood enclosures, the extruded design affords all the benefits of a larger speaker in a significantly slimmer package, with no noticeable internal resonances. The dramatic side curvature not only adds a touch of class, it also provides additional structural integrity.

Premium Finish: Millenia 20 Trio speakers come in a highly polished Black Chrome finish.

High-Velocity Low-Noise Aluminum Ports: Bass efficiency and minimal turbulence distortion for cleaner and more articulate bass response.

Speaker Grilles: Magnetically attached speaker grilles.

Our Take

As you can read above, there are a lot of features that make Millenia 20 Trio more than suitable for a TV or Projector focused system. The Millenia 20 Trio has a low-profile so will look great on a wall next to a big flat-panel TV or under a projection screen. Also important at this point is to mention the sensitivity. At 90dB the Millenia 20 Trio delivers average efficiency and will work well with any good brand of home theatre receiver delivering more than 60 Watts RMS per channel in a stereo mode. Although more power is always a good thing, you don't need to go overkill. However, it will definitely benefit from an additional subwoofer to beef up the bottom end.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: Mount On-Wall or Shelf with supplied brackets.
  • Configuration: 9-Driver, Left+Centre+Right 2-Way acoustic suspension.
  • Recommended Amplifier: 60 Watts RMS to 120 Watts RMS per channel - must be 'clean' undistorted power.
  • Maximum Input: 90 Watts RMS.

High-Frequency Drive Units

  • Tweeter: 3 x 25mm S-PAL™ Satin Anodized Pure-Aluminum dome tweeter.
  • Chassis: Rigid High-pressure die-cast aluminum chassis.
  • Critical Coupling of Phase-Alignment Bridge and Elevated Dome.
  • Magnets: Computer-Optimised Magnets and Advanced Motor Structures.

Midrange/Bass Drive Units

  • Midrange Drivers: 3 x 115mm Mica-loaded polymer midrange cones.
  • Bass Drivers: 3 x 115mm precision-engineered mineral – filled polypropylene bass cones.
  • HTD: Heat Transfer and Dissipation System – Proprietary Design.
  • Phase Plugs: Solid aluminium phase plugs.
  • Surrounds: Over-designed Nitrile-Butadiene Rubber (NBR) surrounds and Nomex spiders.
  • Magnet Assemblies: Advanced magnet assemblies with symmetrical focused field geometry.

Other Features

  • Speaker Wire Terminals: Heavy Duty Speaker Wire.
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz.
  • Sensitivity: 90dB
  • Finish: Black/Chrome
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 1050 x 130 x 120mm
  • Nett Weight: 8.2 kg
  • Warranty: 5-Years - does not cover misuse.

Note: Specifications & Features Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE. Above illustration includes two Millenia 30 speakers and one Millenia 20 speaker. 

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