Paradigm Defiance X10 Subwoofer

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Big 254mm (10" Heavy Duty Driver With Carbon-Loaded Polypropylene Cone

300 Watts RMS, 600 Watts Dynamic Peak, Class-D Amplifier

App Control Capability Built-In, Anthem Room Correction (ARC) Included

Optional Defiance WT Wireless Kit 

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About The Paradigm Defiance X10 Subwoofer

Need something bigger than ultra compact in a sub? Demand real power combined with intense bass performance with no gimmicks? Then the Paradigm Defiance X10 Subwoofer does all this and offers amazing value and will be right at home in your home theatre or stereo system.

Paradigm Defiance X10 Subwoofer

The Paradigm Defiance X10 packs a ton of amplifier and driver technology into a sophisticated powerhouse for maximum low frequency impact. Pound for pound, Defiance X delivers some of the very best bass performance in its class. The Defiance X10 features a 10” (254mm) bass driver with patented ART surround controlled by a 300 Watts RMS (600W Dynamic Peak) Class D amplifier for deep bass down to 23Hz. It also features App control via a smartphone and Anthem Room Correction (ARC) is included.

Paradigm Subwoofer Control App

NEW! App Controlled: Simplify setup & tuning with the free Paradigm Subwoofer Control App, available for iOS and Android devices. Adjust volume, low-pass filter, phase, deep bass and much more from the comfort of your listening chair. It features three preset listening modes, and lets you remotely run the Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) process.

Anthem Room Correction (ARC): Shape the bass to fit your listening space! ARC Technology is controlled via the free Paradigm iOS and Android smartphone app. Using the microphone in your mobile device or the supplied specially calibrated Paradigm microphone, ARC measures your space, compares it to lab standard responses using proprietary advanced DSP algorithms, and instantly removes performance-robbing anomalies. The result is easy to hear: realistically blended, accurately rendered deep bass. ARC gets great customer reviews because it delivers professional results at the touch of a button.

Patented Active Ridge Technology (ART): The farther the driver can freely move, the deeper the bass it can generate. Patented* ART driver design “overmolds” durable driver surrounds to allow the farthest possible throw without distortion or destruction. Greater excursion results in a measured 3dB gain in output, with a 50% reduction in audible distortion compared to drivers held back by standard surrounds. Only available on Defiance X15, X12, and X10.

Optional Defiance WT Wireless Module

Optional Wireless Module: Place your subwoofer anywhere in your room, with no inconvenient cabling, and without sacrificing speed or performance. The Defiance WT Wireless Module (sold separately) features fast and clear 2.4 GHz dynamic frequency selection with instant error correction and a 50ft range.

Down Firing Ports: Tuned ports turn the floor into a tool for enhancing bass response, allowing more flexible placement options with no risk of turbulence or distortion.

Built to Perform: Reinforced cabinet construction and vibration killing driver design delivers deep, detailed bass.

Defiance subwoofers deliver pure power, unleashed by clean, efficient amplification. Listen to Defiance subwoofers for yourself and step-up your bass experience.

In The News

“When bass is properly reproduced, it is the foundation in music and movie soundtracks,” said Keith Dowd, Director of US Sales, Paradigm. “It’s easy to design a subwoofer that makes a lot of noise, but a subwoofer with vanishingly low distortion that sounds as good as a high performance speaker can only come from a company that knows how to design and build high performance speakers.”

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: Bass reflex design with down firing ports, App controlled via smartphone, Anthem Room Correction (ARC) Included
  • Driver: 1 x 10″ (254 mm) Driver with ART Surround
  • Amplifier: 300 watts RMS, 600 watts Dynamic Peak, Class-D amplifier
  • Amplifier Features: Auto-On / Off, improved soft-clipping circuitry
  • Frequency Response: On-Axis - ±3 dB from 29Hz – 240Hz
  • Low Pass Filter Frequency: Variable 30Hz – 120Hz
  • Low Frequency Driver: 10″ (254 mm) ART Surround driver with carbon-loaded polypropylene cone
  • Low Frequency Extension: 24 Hz (DIN)
  • Sub / Sat Phase Alignment: Continuously Variable 0° – 180°
  • Sensitivity: 100mV mono (max. volume)
  • Impedance: RCA: 10k ohms
  • Finish: Satin Black
  • Inputs
    • Three RCA (Left, Right and LFE) for left/right line out and/or Sub-Out from receiver/processor or other line-level source
    • Two Speaker Level (Left and Right) for input from amplifier or other speaker level source
    • One Micro USB for ARC™ and firmware updates
  • Room Correction: Anthem Room Correction (ARC®) Included
  • Compatible Products: Defiance WT Wireless Kit (sold separately)
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 437 x 381 x 400mm
  • Weight: 19.1 kg
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 2 Years Electronics; 5 Years On Drivers

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE

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