Naim Uniti Star Aria Streaming System

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Power Output 70 Watts RMS Per Channel From Naim Uniti Star

Play CDs Or Stream Your Favourite Music

Focal Aria 926 Floorstanding Speakers With Naim NAC A5 Pre-Terminated Speaker Cable

Enjoy Natural, Dynamic Sound

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About The Naim Uniti Star Aria Streaming System

It’s nice to see the French and the British collaborating on something as life affirming as a great stereo system. Of course, it helps that Naim Audio & Focal are under the same ownership and that all Focal speakers are voiced using Naim electronics. So, expect this system to sound pretty darn good then.

You can also expect it to look pretty good because Naim Uniti (the series) is surely the coolest product range to come anywhere near a hi-fi store in, like, forever. Indeed, the Naim Uniti Star has all the audio streaming flexibility you need within a classy, hewn-from-granite exterior. But there is more. Naim Uniti Star is an all-in-one multi-source CD streaming music player. Yes, it will play all your conventional CD discs AND stream your favourite music. Both options will arouse you with its great sound quality and satisfy with an outstanding feature-set. On board is a high-current Naim 70 Watt integrated stereo amplifier that will fill your home with superb high-fidelity sound.

Naim Uniti Star Aria Streaming System

Teaming up with the Uniti Star is the Focal Aria 926 floorstanding speaker system. First, these look amazing! Even on their own they offer extraordinary value for money. With an aluminium/magnesium inverted-dome tweeter and proprietary flax sandwich midrange & bass drivers in a nicely sized and stunningly finished cabinet, the Aria 926 is deliberately designed to perfectly interact with your décor while offering the best sound quality in its class.

This system is supplied with two 3.5 metre lengths of Naim Audio NAC A5 speaker cable terminated with banana plugs and we'll deliver for free anywhere in Australia.

A Closer Look

Imagine everything you need from an audio system in one place: Congratulations! You've just come up with the Naim Uniti Star. With CD, Streaming and Amplification on board, this new Naim All-In-One system is well named and would prove to be the Star of any system. Just add speakers to complete your system.

Naim Uniti Star: The clue is in the name: this system is the star of the show. With plenty of features and the ability to play, rip, store and serve your treasured music collection, Uniti Star offers infinite possibilities. Stream your music in high-resolution, play or rip your CDs, tune in to your favourite radio stations, access a world of music with a host of streaming services and dramatically improve the audio quality of your TV or games console. Ready to go with practically any speaker set-up, Uniti Star will have you rediscovering your ... Read More

Focal Aria 926: The Focal Aria 926 speaker is the entry into the floorstanding models in the Aria 900 range and it’s an excellent place to start if you’re looking for a speaker that’s not too big and not too small, but just right. The flax sandwich cones bring a wonderfully natural character to sounds which is rather pleasant and the Aria 926 deftly combines the subtlety of the flax drivers with the meaty dynamics only a multi-driver speaker can bring to all types of music.

The Aria 926, like all the 900 series speakers, is a fairly traditional looking speaker that will fit into pretty much any type of interior. It’s a bit like the Rolex Explorer of speakers, suitable for any occasion. Which does not mean it doesn’t have some elegant design touches. Available in High Gloss Black, the ... Read More

Speaker Cable: The Naim NAC A5 speaker cable is the perfect complement to any Naim system. No, it's not 'cheap' but it is darn good! Connections between all the components, including those to the loudspeakers, are crucial to the performance of any audio system.

NAC A5 is a multi-strand loudspeaker cable, consisting of two separated 4mm2 (squared) conductors. Its design is optimised for use with Naim amplifiers and any loudspeakers by ensuring that its capacitance, inductance and resistance are entirely compatible. We strongly recommend its use with any system using Naim components and with Naim twin loudspeaker plugs, which provide a safe, convenient and very effective connection. Even their plating has been the subject of research and development work.

Here at Audio Trends we use UK Deltron Soldered Banana Plugs either on one end or both ends depending on the Naim product in use, to ensure a secure, long lasting connection. This ... Read More

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