Designed and engineered by Naim’s in-house R&D team, Muso measures just under 630mm wide, 12cm tall and weighs a hefty 13kg. Other highlights include the touch-panel volume control which is made from a solid ring of bead-blasted, anodised aluminium and features 11 illuminated volume segments which vary in intensity depending on the volume setting.

Audio Features

Mu-so features a sophisticated bass reflex speaker system to maximise power output and bass extension. From their listening tests, they determined that the overall performance was heavily dependent on getting the design and implementation of the bass port just right. So the size, shape and positioning was carefully calculated early in the design process. The port is ribbed to increase rigidity and features flares to minimise turbulence in the air flow which both reduce resonance and lower distortion. The result is a unit with serious kick for powerful music performance. 

DSP - The Audio Brain: The digital signal processor (DSP) is the audio brain of mu-so. It has the crucial job of handling the incoming digital music information and passing different frequencies at the right times to the right speaker drivers. It’s a high-performance 32bit chip capable of hundreds of millions of calculations per second. More important than this however is that its software has been custom-designed by Naim engineers, then tested and fine-tuned in the listening room by their most experienced engineers to provide the optimum sound quality. They’ve gone to great lengths to extract every last drop of musical performance.

EQ and Loudness: It was deemed important in the development of mu-so that it was flexible enough to deliver a great sound in most living spaces. To ensure this they optimised equalisation settings for two different positions within a room: near and away from the room boundary. Naim also fine-tuned the EQ to ensure excellent bass and treble performance at any volume. At low volumes bass and treble can sound deflated, out of proportion with the rest of the music. It’s a psychoacoustic phenomenon that is well known to audio engineers. To combat this issue, Naim have included a loudness control in the DSP chip which intelligently enhances bass and treble at low volumes to stay relative to the rest of the mix.

Digital Amplifier: Mu-so features six 75 Watt class-D digital amplifiers which drive each of the six speakers independently. Naim chose class D amplifiers because they have a high power density making them very efficient, allowing them to get a big sound from a small space without wasting too much energy through heat. Staying in the digital domain through the amplification stage also means they only have to convert the signal to analogue once, thus minimising the potential for information loss and the introduction of noise and distortion.

Silk-Dome Tweeters: The silk-dome tweeters were chosen through listening tests over metal-dome alternatives for their beneficial effect on sound quality. They are a common feature in high-end standalone speakers and even by some of our locally grown brands including Richter & Subsonic.

Multi-Room Features

Mu-so can create a Multiroom audio system in two ways: When connected to the same network as a Naim streaming product such as a UnitiQute 2 or NDX (24bit/192kHz capable versions only) it can play the same music in perfect sync in another room. This makes it a perfect accessible system for customers with Naim Uniti players or separates hi-fi in their main listening room. Multiroom can also be achieved by using Apple Airplay to send audio from a single iPod, iPhone or iPad or from iTunes to multiple mu-so players simultaneously. Yes, you can buy more than one or expand the system as desired!


To make the seamless mu-so design a functional reality took months of collaborative work between Naim Audio engineers and a consultant professor from Queen Mary, University of London. One of the innovations that resulted from this work was the embedded Wi-Fi antenna system (patent-pending). Two hidden printed-circuit slot antennae, one between the bass drivers and one deep inside the rear heatsink, work in combination with a dual-channel diversity receiver. The result is excellent Wi-Fi link performance from within a metallic enclosure.

Contactless Touch Panel Volume Control: The mu-so touch panel volume control has been precision engineered to provide a seamless interface between the user and their music. Constructed of a solid ring of bead-blasted, anodised aluminium, it features a patent-pending system of illumination which refracts light onto the touch-panel surface and 11 different volume segments with varying intensity depending on the setting. The central touch-sensitive panel is isolated from the outer ring to remain static and provides all on product control including input, preset selection and standby in one elegant solution.

Volume Control: There is no physical contact between the mu-so volume control and the main board. Instead, two photo interrupters which transfer information by light are used. As well as being a more reliable alternative to a mechanical contact it means Naim had complete control of the resistance of the volume dial to achieve the most pleasing tactile experience.

Mu-so Control App: Mu-so can be controlled via the supplied remote control, the touch panel volume control or via a mu-so control app for iPad, iPhone, iPod and Android. The Mu-so control app puts a world of music at your fingertips. Created by a special team of software engineers and visual designers, it’s a seamless interface between you and your music, offering an array of music control and discovery features. The app will even notify you when there is new mu-so software available and enables updates directly from the app.

Add this to playlist creation; extended metadata to explore performers, biographies, discographies, similar music and more and the mu-so control app becomes the perfect tool to help you get more from your music. The new control app is available to download for iOS and Android devices and will be compatible with existing Naim streaming products as well as mu-so.

Menu System: A ‘Now Playing’ bar at the bottom of every screen gives instant control and you can browse albums, artists, songs and genres through a beautifully designed menu system. The home screen gives easy access to all inputs and iRadio presets. If you have other Naim streaming products on the same network, you can select rooms and enable party mode directly from the app.

Other Notable Features

Mu-so shares elements of its form with the prestigious Naim Audio Statement series of amplifiers. Both draw inspiration from classic industrial design and share a monolithic shape which is juxtaposed with organic, sculptural features that represent the abstract experience of listening to music. It represents the approach to audio design set out by Naim Audio founder Julian Vereker over 40 years ago. While Naim are relentless in their pursuit of technical excellence they are always grounded by the ultimate purpose of their creations and that is to connect Naim owners with music as the artist intended.

Acrylic Base: The transparent acrylic base is illuminated to appear as if the product is floating on a blade of pure light. And the rotary volume control shares similarities in form and function. Mu-so doesn’t just resemble our most powerful system; it’s in its DNA.

Front Grille Colour Option: A detachable speaker grille follows the same curvature as the aluminium heat sinks found on Statement. The detachable mu-so speaker grille will be available in different colour options. Call us for details.

Materials: Mu-so materials have been selected not only for their premium feel but also for their benefit to overall sound quality and performance when combined.

Aluminium Heat Sink: A solid extruded aluminium heat sink runs the length of the product extracting heat to maximise thermal performance for increased longevity and sound performance. It’s a three-part extrusion which is bead-blasted, CNC and anodised in a similar way to all Naim products to provide a premium finish.

Aluminium Volume Control: The touch panel volume control features a solid ring of aluminium which is CNC’d and finished through bead-blasting and anodising.

Wooden Cabinet With Aluminium Skin: The internal speaker cabinet is constructed from wood as it is a natural material for sound quality. It is covered by a skin of anodised aluminium which increases rigidity and mechanical dampening still further to improve performance.

Dimensions (WxHxD): 628 x 120 x 256mm

Nett Weight:13kg

Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years.

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE.

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