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Naim Audio Uniti Atom

Naim Audio

All-In-One Network Music Player


Quality All-In-One System, 2 x 40 Watts RMS per Channel

Multi-room, AirPlay, Bluetooth, Internet Radio & Hi-Res Music Streaming

Just Add Speakers to Form a Complete Music Streaming System

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Product Description

It's a cliche we know, but good things come in small packages. The Uniti Atom all-in-one audio player however isn't just good: it's a brilliant-sounding, uniquely versatile, seductively compact and, of course, irresistibly cute example of what contemporary music in the home is all about. Just add your speakers to complete the system.


Uniti Atom is a beautiful, compact multi-source music player that will seduce you with its amazing sound quality and outstanding feature-set. Its 40-watt integrated amplifier and high-resolution music streaming capabilities will fill your home with stunning high-fidelity sound. Atom is perfect as a high-end main system or even for use in the kitchen or study, where space is at a premium. Just add speakers. The Naim App for iOS and Android combines all of your music sources in one place, making Uniti Atom even more appealing.

Under the Skin of Uniti Atom

Naim have gone to extraordinary lengths to maximise the sound quality from such a compact all-in-one player. From the substantial transformer, which ensures that the power supply is always smooth and stable, to the sophisticated, hand-wired analogue and digital circuitry, every element of the design in Uniti Atom has been considered for its effect on sound quality.

New Uniti Range

New Uniti is the next incarnation of the Uniti family of all-in-one players. Inspired by Naim's unfaltering passion for music and enabled by 40 years of tireless innovation in engineering, they introduce the new Uniti range - the most advanced all-in-one streaming platform. Combining seamless digital technology with a rich analogue soul, you can play, stream, rip and store entire music collections in flawless high res. Ready to go with any speaker set up, Uniti gives you instant access to your music, total clarity and no compromise on quality, all within a beautiful one-box form.

The new Uniti family consists of three all-in-one players: the reference audiophile Uniti Nova, the multi-functional CD operating Uniti Star and the compact yet powerful Uniti Atom. The Uniti Core reference music server completes the range, allowing you to store and stream thousands of albums and back up all of your music in one place. With each player working independently (or together), simply add speakers to unleash your music in any room of the house. Designed to easily connect to a home Wi-Fi network, you can enjoy a world of music from virtually any source.


Chromecast Built-In: New for Uniti is native support for Google’s latest technology, Chromecast Built-In. This smart new streaming feature allows you to seamlessly link to hundreds of supported apps from your smartphone or tablet and stream directly to your Uniti all-in-one player.

AirPlay: Stream music from your iDevice or from iTunes and Apple Music.

TIDAL: The lossless streaming service is integrated into the system for an immersive, high-quality sound experience. Plus get a 90-day free trial of the lossless hi-fi tier service (terms and conditions apply).

Spotify® Connect: Discover millions of songs from the world’s most popular streaming service with the built-in Spotify Connect feature.

Bluetooth (aptX HD): New Uniti all-in-one players now feature aptX HD. Pair your Bluetooth device and instantly play back your music in high definition ‘better than CD’ quality.

Internet Radio™: Access thousands of internet radio stations and save your favourite pre-sets for easy access.

UPnP™ (Universal Plug ‘n’ Play): Stream your stored music from a PC, Mac or network-attached storage in high-res ‘better than CD’ quality.

Digital Input (S/PDIF): Significantly improve audio from digital sources such as TVs, set top boxes or games consoles.

Analogue Outputs: For connection to an external power-amplifier or a sub-woofer.

Headphones: Front panel 3.5mm headphone jack with new upgraded headphone amplifier featuring significantly improved bass extension.

CD Ripping: Create bit-perfect copies of your CDs and save the data to local storage (Uniti Star, Uniti Core) or to internal storage (Uniti Core).

Storage: Play, store and serve up to 20,000 tracks from an external USB drive (Uniti Atom, Uniti Star, Uniti Nova) or SD card (Uniti Star, Uniti Nova). Uniti Core allows you to fit your own internal storage device or store and back up your music collection on an external Network Attached Storage device or a USB-connected storage device and serve your music to any of the Uniti all-in-one players.

HDMI (ARC): New Uniti all-in-one players feature an HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) input (optional on Uniti Atom) so you can easily connect your TV to experience audiophile sound quality from your favourite film or game.

Multiroom Streaming: New Uniti allows you to play your music from any source in multiple rooms in perfect synchronisation or different music in different rooms.

File Formats: Supports a broad range of music formats including: WAV, FLAC, DSD, Apple Lossless, AIFF, AAC, Windows Media-formatted files, Ogg Vorbis and MP3.

Wireless Updates: You can now update your Uniti system at the touch of a button with over-the-air updates via the Naim app.

Advanced Engineering

Revolutionary New Streaming Platform: Everything about this new streaming board has been scrutinised to achieve the best possible sound quality. It’s much more powerful than its predecessor, has masses of memory, will adapt to new technology and seamlessly integrates across Naim’s existing product range, including the Mu-so wireless music system.

DSP and DAC: Uniti features an incredibly powerful 4th Generation 40-bit SHARC DSP processor. It’s so phenomenally accurate that it performs a staggering 2.7 billion 40-bit calculations per second, giving it enough power to resolve the most complex music signals with ease. The SHARC processor removes ‘jitter’ timing errors and using Naim’s RAM buffer (first used in the Naim DAC and NDS) oversamples the audio 16 times to feed the premium Burr Brown DACs, resulting in a smoother and more precise sonic performance.

A/B Amplification: Uniti uses Class A/B amplification, with technology derived from their iconic NAIT integrated amplifiers. Filter sections in Uniti Nova are made using the finest quality through hole film capacitors and discrete transistors with Uniti Atom and Uniti Star using a combination of through hole and Surface Mount Design (SMD). The power amplifier sections are now twice as fast, feature substantial transformers and run from linear power supplies.

Digitally Controlled Analogue Volume: At the heart of the Uniti all-in-one players is an audiophile volume control, adjusting level in the analogue domain to a premium digital resolution. The design is taken from the NAC-N 272 streaming preamplifier and its smooth structure is inspired by Naim's reference amplification system, Statement. Also the Bluetooth antenna has been hidden underneath the central dial for a seamless aesthetic.

State of the Art Wi-Fi: New Uniti all-in-one players feature the very latest Wi-Fi, much faster than the original Uniti range. The superior Wi-Fi processor supports 2.4 and 5GHz, alongside much better internal buffer and memory – Uniti Nova will store up to one track’s (5 minutes) worth of buffer, which results in far fewer dropouts. The Wi-Fi aerials (one on either side of the product for optimum range) are integrated behind a slot machined in the heatsink. Behind the aerials Naim have also installed a back reflector to prevent any harmful radiation from entering the unit, which further increases range, and of course, improves sound quality. This incredibly detailed patent-pending innovation provides robust connectivity without the need for an external aerial.

CD Ripping: New Uniti Star and Uniti Core deliver bit-perfect CD ripping to create accessible files that can be served to any UPnP streaming system on the network. The system uses a custom version of the EAC (Exact Audio Copy) software to extract the files which can be stored as WAV or FLAC lossless. The CD playback component on Uniti Star has been custom integrated and takes advantage of the faster-than-playback read rates, so more is buffered into RAM allowing excellent audio extraction (as accurate as possible to achieve great sound) from the CD.

Storage: Play, store and serve up to 20,000 tracks from an external USB drive (Uniti Atom, Uniti Star, Uniti Nova) or SD card (Uniti Star, Uniti Nova). Uniti Core allows you to store up to 100,000 tracks; either fit your own internal storage device or store and back up your music collection on an external Network Attached Storage or a USB-connected storage device and serve your music to any of the Uniti all-in-one players.

Revitalised Design

Conceived and built from the ground up by Naim's engineers and designers in Salisbury, England, Uniti remains true to their core design principles. The new signature illuminated volume dial, inspired by the reference Statement amplification system, is just one of the features in this beautifully engineered brushed aluminium chassis, which also boasts extruded heatsinks for thermal stability and a highly-polished full colour LCD glass display, providing you with rich imagery of your favourite album artwork. Impeccably crafted with materials chosen to be in complete service of sound, Uniti is alive with unique visual contrasts that make it a masterpiece of industrial design.

Command Your Music

New and Improved Naim App: The new intuitive Naim app gives you effortless control over individual or multiple Uniti products. You can access all of your music, including your favourite radio stations, streaming services and playlists, explore artist discographies and biographies, and you can now update your system wirelessly with a single tap.

Intelligent Remote Control: All aspects of Uniti’s design were considered holistically, including the design of a new bi-directional remote control. Very early on Naim's R&D realised that passive IR remote technology was not going to deliver the targeted intimacy they wanted. A ground up solution, both from a technological and user point of view was sought and found with the bi-directional remote control. Beautiful white backlit buttons, a round volume display with segments that light up in harmony with the volume control on the player and easy pairing to any Uniti player, the remote is an intrinsic part of new Uniti.

Full Colour Display: With this range Naim wanted to deliver total connection to the user’s music collection. A highly-polished full colour 5” LCD display provides rich imagery of album artwork and content. The screens have proximity sensors and thus will wake up as someone approaches the machine to display music metadata, audio input information and more. There are also a selection of front panel buttons, including Favourites, Inputs and Play/Pause.

In The News

What Hi-Fi? Magazine reviewed the Naim Audio Uniti Atom and summed it up quite nice by saying there were several impressive positives including:

"Class Leading Clarity & Insight"

"Lovely Precise Timing And Impressive Dynamic Range"

"Looks As Impressive As It Sounds".

Even more telling was their list of negatives which they summed up in one point:

"Really Nothing Noteworthy".

Their Verdict hammered home just how great the Atom is:

"In a way it would be easy to understate just how great a performer the Uniti Atom is, insofar as it’s kind-of what we have come to expect from Naim.

But if you end up hearing one and fail to be excited at the prospect of ownership then, quite frankly, there’s little hope left for you."

Sound 5 Stars

Features 5 Stars

Build 5 Stars

Audio Inputs

  • Digital (S/PDIF)
    • 2 x Optical TOSLink (up to 24bit/96kHz)
    • 1 x Coaxial RCA (up to 24bit/192kHz, DoP 64Fs)
    • 1 x HDMI ARC (optional)
  • Analogue
    • 1 x RCA
  • USB
    • 2 x USB Type A Socket (front and rear)
  • Streaming
    • Chromecast Built-In, Apple Airplay, TIDAL, Spotify® Connect, Bluetooth (AptX HD), Internet Radio™, UPnP™ (hi-res streaming)

Audio Outputs

  • Analogue
    • 1 x Stereo power amplifier
    • 1 x RCA sub/pre output
    • 1 x 3.5mm headphone jack


  • Network
    • Ethernet (10/100Mbps), WiFi (802.11 b/g/n/ac with internal antennae)
  • Multiroom
    • Serve up to 4 network-connected players via UPnP™ at full CD quality.
    • Party Mode Streaming: Sync up to six Uniti all-in-one players or other Naim streamers and control via the Naim app.
  • Updates
    • Update your system wirelessly via the Naim app.

Ripping and Storage

  • Storage
    • Store up to 20,000 tracks to a local USB connected storage device and serve to a network-connected player.


  • Audio Formats
    • WAV - up to 32bits/384kHz
    • FLAC and AIFF - up to 24bit/384kHz
    • ALAC (Apple Lossless) - up to 24bit/384kHz
    • MP3 - up to 48kHz, 320kbit (16 bit)
    • AAC - up to 48kHz, 320kbit (16 bit)
    • OGG and WMA - up to 48kHz (16 bit)
    • DSD - 64 and 128Fs
    • Notes: Gapless playback supported on all formats. All formats to 48kHz maximum over wireless network.
  • Internet Radio Provider
    • vTuner premium 5*
  • Internet Radio Formats
    • Windows Media-formatted content, MP3, ACC, OGG Vorbis streams and MMS


  • Amplifier Output
    • 40W per channel into 8 ohms
  • Power Consumption
    • Typical use: 90W
    • Standby mode: <5W
    • Deep sleep: <0.5W
  • Mains Supply
    • 100V, 115V, 230V; 50 or 60Hz

User Control

  • Handheld
    • Zigbee RF4CE
  • App Control
    • Naim App for iOS and Android
  • Front Panel
    • 5" colour TFT display and rotary volume control with proximity sensor and four buttons


  • Dimensions
    • 95mm x 245mm x 265mm (HxWxD)
  • Weight
    • 7kg
  • Finishes
    • Brushed and anodised aluminium
  • Supplied with
    • Remote control, mains cable, cleaning cloth and quick start guide.


  • Amplification
    • External power amplifier or sub-woofer
  • Mains Cable
    • Power-Line Lite mains cable

Certification and Licenses

  • Certification
    • Apple AirPlay, Chromecast Built-In, Bluetooth, AptX HD, Zigbee RF4CE, Rovi, HDMI, NTFS, HFS and Wi-Fi.
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years. 

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE. Product images are for illustration purposes only and may vary from the actual product. Any accessories pictured (MP3 Player, Phone, Computer etc) are not included with the product.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name All-In-One Network Music Player
Brand Naim
Finish/Colour Black
App Remote Control No
Supported Audio Formats No
Supported Streaming Services No
Shipping Weight (kg) 8.0000
Price Range $3,750


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