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In 1972, at a meeting in Europe, eight people representing companies in the USA, UK, France, Switzerland and Germany formed a HiFi company soon to be known as NAD (New Acoustic Dimension). What made this event so unique was all of these individuals were already involved in the sales and marketing of high fidelity equipment. Indeed most of them were not only HiFi enthusiasts but were also music lovers. The secret to their success is simple; throughout the years NAD has remained loyal to its founding principles which have become traditional NAD hallmarks. NAD products sound good, are easy to use, provide truly useful features and offer great value for money. 

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  1. NAD M12 Master Series

    Preamp With Digital Inputs For A Network Music Player, Disc Player, Computer & Virtually No Audible Distortion

    Modular Design Construction Allows You To Add Bluesound Wireless Streaming

    Includes Bluos Streaming Module

    Special Price $5,699.00 (Normally Regular Price $6,299.00 )
  2. NAD M22 V2 Power Amplifier

    Immensley Powerful 2 x 300 Watts per Channel

    Compact Size & Cool Running Hybrid Digital Design

    High Current Low Distortion Power Supply

    Special Price $4,950.00 (Normally Regular Price $5,499.00 )
  3. NAD T778 4K Home Theatre Receiver (Cool Grey)

    9 x 85 Watts All Channels Driven, Hybrid Digital Amplifier Technology

    Front Panel Colour Touch Screen

    High-Res BluOS Network Music Streaming

    Dirac Live Room Correction

    Special Price $4,995.00 (Normally Regular Price $5,499.00 )
  4. NAD T758 V3i AV Receiver

    7 Channel Amplifier; 110 Watts Per Channel With 2 Channels Driven

    Assignable Surround Back Channels. Dual-Room/Dual-Source Output

    Dirac Live Room Correction, BluOs Hi-Res Music Streaming

    Apple AirPlay 2, 4K Ultra HD, Dolby Atmos & DTS HD Master Audio

    Special Price $1,999.00 (Normally Regular Price $2,799.00 )
  5. NAD C658 Streaming Preamplifier

    The NAD C658 is no-ordinary stereo preamplifier! Visit the past with a host of analogue inputs or into the future with Hi-Res music files.

    2-Way aptX HD Bluetooth - Stream Music FROM Your Phone Or TO Your Headphones - Brilliant

    With DIRAC live room correction technology built-in, it is no wonder this is an award winning component!

    Stock Due Late April 2021

    Special Price $2,429.00 (Normally Regular Price $2,699.00 )
  6. NAD C 298 Power Amplifier

    New Eigentakt™ Self-Clocking Amplifier Technology

    2 x 185W 8 Ohms, 2 x 340W 4 Ohms, 1 x 620W 8 Ohms Bridge Mode

    Single-Ended RCA & Balanced XLR Inputs

    Input Level Control, Line Output for Daisy Chaining

  7. NAD M10 Stereo Amplifier / BluOs 2

    Just Add Speakers to Form a Complete Music Streaming System

    2 x 100 Watts RMS Per Channel (4/8 Ohms)

    BluOS Compatibility For Expansion With Bluesound Wireless Speakers

    Connects To Your Home Network Via Wi-Fi Or Wired Ethernet

  8. NAD C388 Stereo Amplifier

    2 X 150 Watts RMS @ 4/8 Ohms

    Headphone Amp; Phono Input.

    Heavy Duty Speaker Binding Posts. Subwoofer Outputs.

    Remote Control And Free NAD Remote App For IOS/Android.

    Special Price $2,495.00 (Normally Regular Price $2,799.00 )
  9. NAD C388 Stereo Amplifier / BluOS 2

    Includes BluOS 2 Music Streaming Module

    2 X 150 Watts RMS @ 4/8 Ohms.

    Bluetooth Capable. Built-In DAC

    Headphone Amp and Phono Input.

    Special Price $3,055.00 (Normally Regular Price $3,399.00 )
  10. NAD C368 Stereo Amplifier

    2 X 80 Watts RMS @ 4/8 Ohms

    Bluetooth Capable. Built-In DAC

    Headphone Amp; Phono Input; Sub. Output

    Special Price $1,649.00 (Normally Regular Price $1,799.00 )
  11. NAD C368 Stereo Amplifier / BluOS 2

    Includes BluOs 2 Music Streaming Module

    2 X 80 Watts RMS @ 4/8 Ohms.

    Bluetooth Capable. Built-In DAC.

    Headphone Amp; Phono Input. Sub Output.

    Special Price $2,155.00 (Normally Regular Price $2,399.00 )
  12. NAD C338 Stereo Amplifier

    2 X 50 Watts RMS @ 4 & 8 Ohms

    Bluetooth And Wi-Fi Capable. Built-In DAC

    Headphone Amp; Phono Input; Sub Output

    Remote And NAD Remote App

    Special Price $1,079.00 (Normally Regular Price $1,199.00 )
  13. NAD C328 Stereo Amplifier

    2 X 40 Watts RMS @ 4 & 8 Ohms

    Combines All The New Tech Stuff With The Great NAD Sound.

    Phono Input And Subwoofer Output.

    Special Price $795.00 (Normally Regular Price $999.00 )
  14. NAD C316BEE V2 Stereo Amplifier

    2 X 40 Watt Amp With MM Phono Input

    Discrete Components Deliver Great Sound

    Bass & Treble Controls, Headphone Output, Remote

    Special Price $629.00 (Normally Regular Price $699.00 )
  15. NAD C268 Power Amplifier

    Use The C268 As A Standard Power Amp In A Stereo System, To Power Music Zones In Your Multi-Room Audio System, Bi-Amp Stereo Speakers, Or Add Surround Channels To Your Home Theatre System

    Power Output Is A Conservative 80 Watts RMS Per Channel In Stereo, 300 Watts in Mono Configuration

    Special Price $1,349.00 (Normally Regular Price $1,499.00 )
  16. NAD D3045 Stereo Amplifier

    60 Watt Hybrid Digital Amp Loaded With Analogue & Digital Inputs

    HDMI ARC, MM Phono And USB Digital

    Two-Way aptX HD Bluetooth, Headphone & Subwoofer Outputs

  17. NAD D3020 V2 Stereo Amplifier

    2 X 30 Watts @ 8 Ohms, Digital And Analogue Inputs

    Built-In DAC, Bluetooth And Dedicated Phono (MM) Input

    Stream Digital Music Direct From Your Phone, Tablet Or Computer

    Special Price $650.00 (Normally Regular Price $799.00 )
  18. NAD C568 CD Player

    The flagship classic series CD Player deserves your attention. Yes, it has all the 'must-haves' you demand on a player of this calibre. What makes the difference is that NAD have included close tolerance components and these easily justify the higher price-tag.

    Special Price $1,169.00 (Normally Regular Price $1,299.00 )
  19. NAD C546BEE CD Player

    Excellent sounding CD Player that includes a very high quality Wolfson 24-bit DAC. It is compatible with CD, CD-R & CD-RW and has digital outputs. The USB Input supports external memory and audio rates up to 384kbps

    Sold Out - No Stock ETA Available

    Special Price $850.00 (Normally Regular Price $949.00 )
  20. NAD C538 CD Player

    The C538 is typical NAD; great quality, simple styling, and strong on playback quality. Although you can buy a Blu-Ray player for the same price, they don't sound as good as a similarly priced CD player. You won't be happier and especially at the NAD price!

    Special Price $495.00 (Normally Regular Price $599.00 )
  21. NAD PP4

    Compatible With Moving Magnet And Moving Coil Phono Cartridges

    USB Port For Connecting To A PC. Includes Vinylstudio Lite Software For Converting LPs To CD

    Special Price $315.00 (Normally Regular Price $369.00 )
  22. NAD PP2E

    Compatible With Moving Magnet And Moving Coil Phono Cartridges.

    High-Efficiency External Power Supply For Reduced Noise, Interference, And Power Consumption. Signal-Sensing Auto Power Standby.

    Special Price $225.00 (Normally Regular Price $249.00 )
  23. NAD C427 AM/FM Tuner

    Displays Radio Data System Program-Service & Text Info For Station Name, Artist, Song Info

    24-Position Rotary Knob For Switching Preset Stations

    Special Price $699.00 (Normally Regular Price $799.00 )
  24. NAD C558 Turntable (Gloss Black)

    Precision Built In England.

    Heavy Glass Platter Improves Speed Stability.

    Supplied With Ortofon OM10 MM Cartridge.

    Special Price $899.00 (Normally Regular Price $999.00 )
  25. NAD DD BluOS 2i MDC Module

    Add-On Wireless Module For Selected NAD Components

    Wi-Fi And Bluetooth For Wireless Music Streaming

    BluOS Compatibility For Use With Bluesound Wireless Speakers

    Special Price $729.00 (Normally Regular Price $799.00 )
  26. NAD DD AP-1 MDC Module

    Internal Analogue-To-Digital Conversion Of Source Signals At 24-Bit/192kHz

    3 Analogue Audio Inputs (Balanced Stereo XLR, Stereo RCA & Stereo RCA Phono)

    Module Should Be Installed By An NAD-Authorised Dealer As It Is Not Intended To Be A User-Installed Accessory

    Free Installation When Purchased With A NAD Amplifier

    Special Price $379.00 (Normally Regular Price $449.00 )
  27. NAD DD HDM-2 MDC Module

    3 x HDMI Inputs (Stereo Only, No Surround Decoding)

    1 x HDMI Output With Video Pass-Through

    UHD 4K Video Support with 4:4:4 @ 60Hz

    Free Installation When Purchased With A NAD Amplifier

    Special Price $549.00 (Normally Regular Price $599.00 )
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