Marantz MM7025 Power Amplifier

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Quality 2 Channel Power Amp For Home Theatre Or Stereo Systems

Upgrade Your Home Theatre Receiver & Make Your System Sing

140 Watts Per Channel Into 8 Ohms, 170 Watts Into 6 Ohms

RCA & XLR Balanced Inputs, Gold Plated Speaker Binding Posts

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Marantz MM7025 Stereo Power AmplifierThe Marantz MM7025 2 Channel Power Amplifier is the perfect candidate for improving the sound in your home theatre system where it can be employed to provide quality power to the front left and right speakers. This can often significantly improve the sound of a mid tier home theatre receiver. Of course it will also perform brilliantly in a quality stereo system where it is equally at home.


The overall quality of your entertainment system's sound is extremely dependent on the power amplifier section and that is whether it is a small integrated amplifier or a large power amplifier like the MM7025. It is not simply a matter of the more Watts the better because your speakers are like a heavy train going up a hill - it doesn't just need more power, but more clean and controlled power. Likewise, the power amplifier section needs to deliver sufficient quantities of clean, instantly available power on demand. So there must be enough clean power that is available in an instant when you turn up the volume of when a dynamic passage demands it and especially so with today's movie soundtracks. So how does the Marantz MM7025 measure up?

2 Channel Power Amplifier

The Marantz MM7025 2 channel power amplifier delivers power and detail, and is rated at 140 Watts (into 8 Ohms, at 20Hz-20kHz with 0.08%, with both channels driven) and 170 Watts (into 6 Ohms, at 20Hz-20kHz with 0.08%, with both channels driven). The MM7025 power amp matches perfectly with the Marantz AV-8805 or AV-7705 home theatre preamp/processors (sold separately). The power supply features a high current EI power transformer and Marantz original 15,000 μF / 71 V x 2 block condensers to provide a powerful, presence filled sound that easily handles sharp short-term transient peaks. Featuring Marantz' unique current feedback discrete power amp output stages that are identical for all channels. In fact, the MM7025 is equipped with the same complimentary push-pull circuit as the far more expensive Marantz SM-11S1 power amp, providing minimal phase shift and excellent detail resolution. It is also equipped with multiple high current discrete power transistors that feature high slew rate and wide operating bandwidth to extract the most detail from today’s high resolution audio formats. The current/voltage conversion section has a Wilson current mirror circuit to improve circuit stability and high-speed processing.

The internal heat sink efficiently processes the heat emitted from the amp and a quiet cooling fan removes the heat from the chassis. A high-sensitivity temperature sensor IC is used to control the cooling fan's rotation speed to match the amount of heat generated by the amp. The chassis provides isolation from extraneous noise, and features a multi-layer reinforced bottom panel assembly for maximum rigidity along with triple-layer top cover. Elegantly finished in anodized black satin, the MM7025 features the classic Marantz ringed porthole display with a blue illumination accent that includes a display on/off function.

Other Features

With the Auto Standby Mode turned on, this component will enter standby mode after approximately 30 minutes (continuous) with no input signal. A blue indicator on the front panel display and a blue ring around the display light when the power is on; the blue ring around the display can be turned off if you prefer. Separate red indicators on the display light when the protection circuit or Auto Standby feature is engaged.

Speaker Outputs: The speaker output terminals are binding posts that will accept single banana plugs and bare wire. A plastic collar prevents the use of spade terminations.

Inputs: Each channel has an RCA (unbalanced) and XLR (balanced) input. Separate switches for each channel specifies which is engaged.

Remote Power Control: This unit is equipped with a remote power control function; when a compatible Marantz preamp is connected, this unit's power can be switched on and off simultaneously with the preamp. The RCA Remote Control input is connected to the preamp and the Remote Control output can be connected to other compatible Marantz components; CD player, DVD player, Tuner, etc.

Our Take

With the advent of 7.2 and 9.2 channel surround sound systems the need for quality add-on 2 channel amplifiers to round out your system are more important than ever. If you want to step up to 7.2 or even 9.2 surround sound, then you can easily add one or more MM7025 140 Watt stereo (2 channel) power amplifiers to your system for more surround channels or multi-room audio. The MM7025 is comfortable driving high-performance speakers. If your preamp or A/V processor has XLR outputs, you can connect to this amp's XLR inputs and enjoy the superior sound quality they provide.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: 2 channel power amplifier for home theatre or stereo systems
  • Discrete Current Feedback circuit for accurate, natural sound at all volume levels
  • Power: 140 Watts per channel into 8 ohms (20-20kHz) at 0.08% THD, with both channels driven
  • 170 Watts per channel into 6 ohms
  • Frequency Response: 8-100kHz (±3 dB)
  • Signal-to-Noise ratio: 105 dB
  • Input Sensitivity:
    • RCA: 1.2 V/22 kΩ
    • XLR: 2.4 V/30 kΩ
  • One RCA and One XLR input for each channel
  • DC trigger input/output: Yes
  • IR flasher input: Yes
  • Power Supply: Massive EI power transformer for high current and low noise
  • Speaker Terminals: Gold-plated binding post speaker terminals
  • Power Consumption: 220 Watts
  • Standby Power: 0.4 Watts
  • Detachable Power Cord: Yes
  • Finish: Black
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 440 x 350 x 126mm
  • Weight: 10.5kg
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 3 Years

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE

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