Marantz Acoustic Energy Streaming System

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A system for those who want to move into the world of music streaming... but at a hi-fi standard! Both Marantz and Acoustic Energy will easily meet that brief both on performance and features.

Includes Marantz NA6006 Music Streamer, WireWorld Interconnect & QED Speaker Cable

Components & Speakers Available in Your Choice Of Finishes

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About The Marantz Acoustic Energy Streaming System

Marantz is one of the all-time aspiration brands. Saul Marantz started the journey back in the early 1950's and although he has passed on, the design team was headed up by another legend of the audio industry - Mr. Ken Ishiwata - who for over 40 years was known as the "golden ears" behind the brand. He is highly respected and was very influential in the direction that the audio industry has taken and has an extraordinary legacy including the creation and tuning of several Award-winning Marantz products.

The heart of this system is the Marantz PM6007 stereo amplifier which has a heritage spanning back to 2006 with the PM6001. Changes to the sound can only be described as refinements and of course the styling has gradually changed to match the range. The biggest change has been the inclusion of an on-board DAC and quality headphone amplifier. And now that music streaming is so popular, we felt it time to combine this iconic design with the a superb Marantz Network Music Player - the Marantz NA6006.

Marantz PM6007 and Marantz NA6006 System

This can play high-res files with sampling rates up to 24-bit/192kHz, for sound that can exceed CD quality. You can stream them over your wireless network, or load them onto a thumb drive for playback through the front-panel USB port. It can also play DSD files from your music server, or a thumb drive. And of course you need speakers. We've opted for the popular Acoustic Energy AE109 floor standers. The original AE109 launched in 1996, was praised for its great performance and high build quality. The current model looks and sounds every inch as good as its predecessor. Not only is the price attractive, but these are not 'refrigerator' sized speakers, but rather are slim and petite. The system also includes a 3 metre pair of QED Silver Anniversary XT speaker cables and a QED digital optical cable to connect the amp and music streamer. So what more can we tell you?

Marantz PM6007 Amplifier

Firstly, the Marantz PM6007 knows just how to deliver warm, dynamic sound to your speakers. The conservative 45-watt stereo power rating only tells part of this amp's story. Those 45 Watts per channel are generated by a high-current power supply that features a toroidal power transformer with high-current storage capacitors. That allows this amp to handle the heavy demands of speakers when they drop down around the 4 Ohm mark as well as having enough in the 'tank' to handle dynamic peaks in your music. Add to this the high-quality headphone amp that comes included and it quickly adds up to a product offering exceptional value. And so the big change (compared to the previous model PM6006) is in the DAC or Digital-to-Analogue Convertor and this is a reference class AK4490 DAC from AKM in Japan and it provides up to 192-kHz/24-bit resolution for optimum fidelity with your Hi-Res audio file types. The AK4490 is a new generation premium 32-bit 2-channel DAC with new technologies, achieving the industry's leading level for low-distortion characteristics and wide dynamic range.

Clean, Dynamic Power: The PM6007 has the Marantz signature sound and knows just how to deliver warm, dynamic sound to your speakers. The conservative 45 Watt stereo power rating per channel is generated by a high-current power supply that features a low impedance toroidal power transformer with high-current and custom designed storage capacitors. That allows this amplifier to handle the heavy demands of even 4 Ohm speakers as well as dynamic peaks in music. Plus, the output stage utilises current feedback circuitry — first developed by Marantz — to ensure clean playback with minimal distortion while driving both easy and difficult speaker loads. The technology provides wide-bandwidth and high-speed sound reproduction. In combination with the high current power supply, the PM6007's amplifier section holds a large energy reserve to easily drive even the most demanding speakers. An advanced thermal compensation avoids memory distortion for clean amplification under any circumstances.

Marantz NA6006 Music Streamer

Sound quality is first and foremost for the Marantz NA6006 music streamer and, as usual, Marantz have gone to great lengths to make sure this product has all the technological goodies to make it a stand out performer in its class. The NA6006 is built to meet all the requirements of the modern digital music listener. Born from the highly acclaimed ND8006, it features an already proofed technology and audio design concept to achieve best audio performance. Built with the music lovers in mind, the NA6006 contains selected components and Marantz unique HDAM circuitry which guarantees fast signal amplification with wide bandwidth to not miss any detail. This combined with high quality D/A conversion, solid mechanical construction and a clean power supply are the best ingredients for musical audio in unparalleled Marantz quality. It offers high-quality playback from home network sources, local USB storage, online streaming services, Internet radio, as well as Bluetooth and AirPlay 2. Stream music from Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, Amazon Music, and more, and listen to audio playback of DSD (2.8/5.6 MHz), WAV, MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC and ALAC files. Download the HEOS Home Entertainment Skill to use your voice and Amazon Alexa to seamlessly control volume, play, pause or stop the music — “Just Ask.” Amazon Echo required. And to finish off, the NA6006 can be integrated into the HEOS multi-room eco system. This is called high versatility.

High Quality Construction: Of course, the NA6006 is designed with the demanding music lover in mind, and crafted with strong materials that elevate audio quality. It achieves a solid foundation from a dual layer chassis plus individual circuit boards prevent mutual interference. Fully optimised to reproduce the best audio performance possible, the compact signal paths reduce distortion and improve sound. Multiple high-speed, high-current Schottky barrier diodes provide rapid recovery time and reverse current protection. Premium passive and active components, like audiophile-grade capacitors and precision-tight tolerance resistors amplify precision sound and audio quality.

Acoustic Energy AE109 Speakers

There is no shortage of competition at this price point but the Acoustic Energy AE109’s hold their own very well. The first thing you notice is how small and compact these speakers are at only 800mm tall. The second thing you notice is how blooming heavy they are for the size, a quite considerable 17.5 kg each. Moving these around the store is as good as any workout! This solidness of construction combined with their diminutive stature make these a rather attractive choice in the right environment. They have been engineered to offer neutral balance, low-distortion and high power handling with as little cabinet colouration as possible. The good thing about a small floorstanding speaker is they can be used in a smaller room without sticking out like a sore thumb visually. Combined with wide output slot rear-porting, the AE109’s are extremely flexible loudspeakers for use in any room or position in the home. And the AE109’s have more than enough welly to fill a medium size room with rich dynamic sound that you would swear was coming from a much larger speaker. They are also relatively easy to drive with a sensitivity of 89dB and a four ohm impedance rating and make them a perfect match with the Marantz PM6007 stereo amplifier which although not high powered has very good current delivery.

QED Cable Included

Part of QED's Reference Range, Silver Anniversary XT has been specifically designed as the natural replacement for the multi-award winning Silver Anniversary speaker cable. Combining the features of Silver Anniversary with the added enhancement of X-Tube technology to combat the skin effect and deliver stunning detail. High performance low density polyethylene dielectric cuts down on the amount of audio signal energy lost due to cable capacitance. Silver plated 99.999% OFC conductors provides a low frequency path for the audio signal and delivers stunning high frequency detail. The package price includes a 3 metre pair that have been factory terminated with QED AirLoc Forte banana plugs that fit snugly into both the amplifier and speaker terminals

Main Features & Specifications

  • Design: High quality Music Streaming System
  • Amplifier: Marantz PM6007 Stereo Amplifier with built-in DAC and headphone amplifier
  • Power Output: 2 x 45 Watts RMS @ 8 Ohms (20Hz-20kHz)
    • 2 x 60 Watts @ 4 Ohms (20Hz-20kHz)
  • Power Supply: High-current toroidal power transformer for clean playback and smooth handling of demanding speaker loads
  • HDAM: Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module and current feedback amplification for accuracy and control under high-drive conditions
  • Tone Controls: Front-panel tone controls (treble and bass)
  • Analogue Inputs: Phono; 4 x Line-level
  • Analogue Outputs: Subwoofer; 1 x Line-level; Headphone jack on front panel
  • Digital Inputs: 1 x Optical and 1 x Coaxial digital audio input
  • Detachable Power Cord: Allows for better quality cord (Isotek Premier) for improved performance
  • Finish: Black
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 440 x 105 x 366mm
  • Net Weight: 7.5kg
  • Network Music Player: Marantz NA6006
  • Compatibility: Plays digital music from computers, music servers, and online services with your home stereo system
  • DAC: ESS9016 Sabre DAC (digital-to-analogue converter) for high-performance playback of digital music
  • Wi-Fi: Dual-band Wi-Fi creates a solid connection to your wireless network
  • Bluetooth: Enjoy wireless connectivity for streaming music from compatible smartphones, tablets, and computers
  • HEOS Technology: Supports Spotify, TuneIn, Sound Cloud, Tidal, Napster & Deezer (subject to availability)
  • Voice Control: Compatible with Amazon Alexa voice control via the HEOS Home Entertainment skill (Amazon Alexa device required)
  • Apple AirPlay 2: Stream audio from an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or iTunes on your computer
  • High-Resolution Playback: Compatible with DSD, FLAC, WAV and ALAC files; also plays MP3, WMA, and AAC files (Please Note: AIFF files are not supported)
  • Resolution: Up to 24-bit/192kHz resolution for PCM files; up to 5.6MHz resolution for DSD files
  • HDAM: Output stage uses Marantz's latest generation Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAM) for low noise and lifelike sound
  • Digital Inputs: 1 x Optical and 1 x Coaxial digital audio input
  • Analogue Outputs: 2 pair of stereo analogue RCA outputs
  • USB Input: Front-panel USB input (Type A) for connecting a compatible USB memory device
  • Headphones: Discrete headphone amplifier with 1/4" (6.35mm) output and volume control
  • Detachable Power Cord: Allows for better quality cord (Isotek Premier) for improved performance
  • App: Free Marantz Remote app available for Apple and Android devices
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 441.4 x 106.4 x 371.5mm
  • Net Weight: 6.6kg


  • Design: Small, slim 2½ way floorstanding speaker
  • Mid/Bass Drivers: 2 x 101mm (4”) paper cone
  • Tweeter: 1 x 25mm (1”) soft dome
  • Frequency Range: 40Hz -35kHz
  • Sensitivity: 89dB
  • Maximum Power Handling: 120 Watts - must be 'clean' undistorted power
  • Crossover Frequency: 2.3kHz
  • Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
  • Grille Covers: Magnetic
  • Speaker Wire Terminals: Will accept bare wire or banana plugs
  • Finish: Available in Satin Black or Walnut vinyl veneer
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 160 x 800 240mm
  • Weight: 17.5kg each
  • Speaker Cable: 2 x 3 metre QED Silver Anniversary XT speaker cable
  • Banana Plugs: All speaker cable ends are terminated with high-quality Airloc Forte banana plugs
  • Delivery: Free Delivery
  • Manufacturers Warranty: Marantz 2 Years. Register online within 30 days of purchase for 3 year Warranty. Acoustic Energy: 5 Years. Does not include misuse

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE

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