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Lucie Audio DSPre

Preamp/Processor with Dirac Room Correction

Lucie Audio DSPre Stereo Pre Amplifier - Front angle view

Lucie Audio DSPre Stereo Pre Amplifier - Front angle view

High Quality Preamplifier / Processor With Built In Dirac Room Correction

MiniDSP 2x4HD Processor Board, Calibration Microphone

Analogue & Digital Inputs, On Site Calibration

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Product Description

Lucie Audio DSPre

The Lucie DSPre Preamp/Processor solves one of the most perplexing problems facing the serious audiophile. Despite your best intentions for your stereo system the result is often undone by your particular listening environment. And heaven forbid you try to change the listening environment because your interior designer & probably your significant other will definitely have words to say.


The Lucie DSPre Preamp/Processor is designed to slot into a high quality sound system and basically take the room issues we all face out of the equation.

Who Is Lucie Audio?

Lucie Audio is a boutique audio equipment manufacturer based in Melbourne, Australia. The work of a small but dedicated team, focused on bringing a vision of what a modern stereo sound system could be and do, to market. Lucie blends state of the art technology both developed in house and sourced from key partners, with a hands-on and meticulous construction and finishing process. They believe the results speak for themselves, and the aim is to promote a renewed emotional response and engagement with music.

The goal of Lucie is to revitalise an interest in good sound reproduction at home, by bringing the music front and centre, rather than the equipment. Though Lucie use some cutting edge technology, the aim is enhanced transparency, leading to a new level of enjoyment. After all, first and foremost, good sound reproduction should forge a deeper connection to the music we love.

The technical foundations of Lucie lies in room correction. The uncomfortable fact in sound reproduction is that the listening environment is so often the deciding factor in overall enjoyment of the system, and it is a topic that is seldom addressed when choosing one piece of equipment over another. The use of DSP (Digital Signal Processing) allows great flexibility here - to achieve the best possible result in terms of tonal balance, depth and width of soundstage, and accurate presentation of instruments and voices, we tune the system and the room as a whole.

The architecture of the system is chosen for maximum versatility - the core of Lucie is the pre-amplifier/processor. Through the on-board DSP, you have access to vast capabilities for tuning the sound system to your space. Digital crossovers, room correction filters through the Dirac Live® room correction system and precise multi-channel signal level control are all handled here. With options for analogue or digital input from a variety of sources and volume controlled analogue output, this becomes the heart of our active audio system. From there we can connect a huge variety of existing traditional amplifiers and loudspeakers.

Room Correction Done Right

The Lucie DSPre is built around the capabilities and feature set of the MiniDSP 2x4HD processor board. This gives it the power to process the stereo audio stream in real time to perform room correction and digital crossover functions. Room correction technology is powered by Dirac Research AB, world leaders in this field. The Dirac Live platform combines powerful and flexible capabilities with an easy to follow measurement process.

In brief, this process maps out the frequency and impulse response characteristics of the loudspeakers in the room in a 3D grid around the listening position, using a series of frequency sweeps recorded by a supplied measurement microphone connected to a PC running the measurement utility. After completing the measurements, the summed frequency response is displayed, and a target or desired frequency response curve can be superimposed over the measured data and a set of filters generated to map the two together. Impulse response is also optimised during this process.  This data is then uploaded to the unit and stored in one of four configuration slots, which can be easily activated via the unit's remote control or via the software utility. This provides great flexibility in that up to four combinations of tonal response, crossover parameters and optimal listening positions can be stored and readily recalled.

To get the best from the MiniDSP hardware, Lucie Audio developed an active analogue volume control board to provide the best approach to gain structure - maintaining volume control in the analogue domain, before power amplification. A custom linear power supply for the volume control and DSP boards ensure top audio performance.

On Site Calibration

An on-site expert calibration service is included in the price for local customers in order to get the best possible outcome for your situation. In situations where this is not practical, we will offer a one-on-one video call to guide you through the procedure and any subsequent tuning required to get you up and running.

Included Items

  • DSPre unit activated with full Dirac Live license
  • MiniDSP remote control
  • MiniDSP Umik1 calibration microphone
  • External power transformer (earthed, suitable only for 220-240V, Au plug)
  • USB leads
  • Software and configuration files on USB storage


  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 1 Year

Note: Features & Specifications Subject To Change Without Notice. E&OE

Additional Information

Additional Information

Name Preamp/Processor with Dirac Room Correction
Brand Lucie Audio
Colour Silver
Shipping Weight (kg) 7.0000
Price Range $4,600


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