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About Knosti

The Knosti Record Cleaner has been made in Germany since 1975 and the only thing that has changed in that time is the cleaning mixture formula! The concept is simple and if your records are in average condition, it will do an excellent job. We have sold truckloads of this very affordable and effective product - and it is still made in Germany!

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  • Knosti Disco Antistat

    Record Cleaning System

    This fantastic manually-operated machine is a dream come true for vinylphiles around the world and bridges the gap between the 'cloth and fluid' group of cleaners and the expensive machines. Learn More

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  • Knosti Disco Antistat Refill by Tonar

    1 Litre Bottle

    Suits Knosti Disco Antistat record Cleaning Machine

    Genuine Knosti Refill Produced By Parent Company Tonar

    1 Litre Refill Mixture

    Very Economical

    Learn More
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