IsoTek EVO3 Sigmas Power Conditioner-Black

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6 Outlet Power Filter With 75dB RFI Reduction

Removes Most Mains Noise, 108,000A of Protection

Differential Gate Filter Network, Made In Europe

Includes IsoTek EVO3 Premier C19 Power Cable

Available In Deepest Black

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About The IsoTek EVO3 Sigmas Power Conditioner

Want to hear your system as you never imagined it could sound? The Isotek EVO3 Sigmas power conditioner will liberate your system from the effects of mains noise and let you hear the pure sound of music as you never thought possible. Believe us, we've heard it and it's enough to boggle your mind!

The EVO3 Sigmas offers 4 medium power outlets, now rated at 10 Amp and 2 high current driven by a paired down version of Titan’s Direct-Coupled© conditioning network. It represents an extremely cost effective full system upgrade. This comment from Isotek Founder Keith Martin sums it up perfectly: "The original Sigmas combined GII Titan and Nova thinking into a single chassis, and was universally praised for its compact size and power delivery and timing. Our new EVO3 version offers a ten-fold improvement in both Common Mode and Differential Mode power cleaning." Keith Martin.

IsoTek EVO3 Sigmas Power Conditioner

  • Removes both Common Mode and Differential Mode mains noise.
  • RFI reduction 75dB
  • Six unique conditioning stages ensure optimal isolation between each outlet, eliminating Differential Mode cross contamination.
  • 108,000A of instantaneous protection.
  • Internal wiring; solid core silver plated PCOCC with FEP virtually an air dielectric.
  • Two high-current outlets incorporate part of Titan’s Direct-Coupled© circuit and deliver low impedance 3680W of continuous power.
  • Four outlets, now rated at 10 Amp feature IsoTek unique Adaptive Gating© circuit, which auto-senses the connected electronics and provides the optimal level of conditioning required at a maximum 2300 Watts of continuous power.
  • LED Display showing voltage and THD distortion of the mains.

Trickle-Down Technology: The EVO3 Sigmas still combines the technology from the award-winning Titan and the well respected Nova into a single chassis product, now with a ten-fold improvement in both Common Mode and Differential Mode filtering, essential for the increased use of electrical devices, wi-fi networks throughout our homes, and mobile phone data streaming. Differential Mode filtering has also been enhanced by improved material application throughout IsoTek’s unique components, developed specifically for purpose.

The medium current side of the EVO3 Sigmas has an increased 10A capacity, allowing for the use of a wider range of electrical equipment. Whilst designed with high quality audio replay in mind, the enhanced amperage and Adaptive gating system, (which auto-senses the load) permits the use of plasma screens, projectors, media centres etc.

The printed circuit board features 24ct gold plated 2oz copper for improved reliability and signal transfer.

The internal wiring has also been upgraded to IsoTek’s newly developed UPOCCP, (Ultra Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting Process) solid core internal wire. This technology has been applied to the manufacturing of single crystallized copper with the process of heated mould continuous casting. The resulting product has small rods of OCC pure copper, from which the wire can be drawn and which can have copper grains of over 700 ft length. IsoTek then silver plates this already statement purity copper before winding a strand of FEP Teflon around the solid conductor creating a dielectric of virtual air, over which a secondary FEP Teflon tube is extruded.

Lastly the EVO3 Sigmas features 108,000 Amps of instantaneous protection. IsoTek’s unique advanced protection system uses a pyramid array of VDR devices that offer protection and react more aggressively as the fault becomes more dangerous.

IsoTek EVO3 Sigmas Power Conditioner Reviews

"I was truly impressed and amazed at how much of an improvement the EVO3 Sigmas is over the previous model."

"Often a new version of a product offers improvements over the previous design but not enough to warrant current owners upgrading. This is one occasion where owners of the Gll version will find such substantial benefits from upgrading to the EVO3 model that the financial outlay can be fully justified."

"This product is truly awesome in the effect it has upon a system and can be regarded as an essential purchase."

About IsoTek

Headquarters in Winchester UK, IsoTek is an English company making award-winning power optimisation products for hi-fi and home cinema systems. IsoTek has offices in Switzerland and the United Kingdom with over 100,000 customers in over 45 countries. IsoTek has earned numerous accolades from specialist audio and AV publications worldwide and was voted most innovative brand in the Home Entertainment category at the PLUSX Awards, Germany 2016.

IsoTek was born with a singular aim: to create a better solution to the problem of poor mains quality, which restricts the performance of audio systems, through rigorous research and genuine innovation.

Main Features & Specifications

  • Full component from component isolation with ‘adaptive gating’ to auto sense the load
  • 108,000 Amps of instantaneous repeatable protection
  • Easy plug-n-play installation
  • Suitable for a complete audio system
  • Number of outlets: 6
  • Outlets 1-2 (high current): 16 Amps (Continuous 3,680 Watts); (Transient 15,000 Watts)
  • Outlets 3-6 (medium current): 10A (2,300Watts)
  • Front Panel Display: Voltage / THD / Off
  • Mains Power (AC) Inlet: 16 Amp IEC C20 (Male Connector)
  • Mains Voltage: 240V / 50Hz
  • Power Cable: Includes a 1.5 metre IsoTek EVO3 Premier C19 high current power cable
  • Available Colours: Black or Silver
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 444 x 90 x 305mm
  • Nett Weight: 10Kg
  • Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years

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