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  1. Klipsch The Fives Powered Speakers

    Powered Bookshelf Speakers With HDMI-ARC For Connecting Your TV

    Multiple Playback Options Including Bluetooth & USB For Streaming Music From A Computer

    Optical Input, Analogue Input Including Switchable Phono Stage, Subwoofer Output

    Available Finishes: Matte Black & Walnut

    Priced from $1,390.00
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TV Sound Systems - The Soundbar Alternative

Soundbars are the flavour of the moment and they certainly have their advantages. They are relatively discrete, which means your decorator or significant other will probably approve, which is always a good thing when you’re trying to smuggle new AV gear into the house. They are also quite easy to install and setup which is certainly an attraction if you’re not overly gifted in the tech part of your brain. They are also generally quite affordable which everyone can appreciate. Some of our best selling soundbars come from companies like Bose & Sonos but you may be a little surprised to hear that there are alternatives to buying a soundbar and sometimes those alternatives come from the very brands that are also trying to sell you a soundbar!

When Sound Quality Is A Priority

What we are offering here is a genuine alternative to a soundbar that may fit your requirements better, especially if sound quality is a major driving factor. Unfortunately soundbars, because of their discrete design, can have inherent acoustic issues that a normal pair of speakers do not. So, when teamed with a do it all product like the Sonos Amp, a pair of well designed speakers can thoroughly outperform a soundbar. And don’t think you have to stop there. A subwoofer and rear speakers can also be added to give you a full 5.1 surround sound system which is still room friendly and gives you a large percentage of the flexibility and sound quality of a full home theatre system.

We have prepared some fantastic options that will give you all the facilities you require with sound quality that is a step above. Have a good look through these alternatives and give them careful consideration before you just blithely click add to cart on a soundbar.

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