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Record Care Products

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  1. ProJect Clean It

    A Simple And Effective Device That Can Help Prolong The Life Of Your Precious Vinyl Records

    Removes Most Dirt And Deposits From The Stylus Tip

  2. ProJect Brush It Carbon Fibre Brush

    A top-selling product for removing dust and minimising static from vinyl records

    An absolute minimum for all who want the best sound from their vinyl

    Can also be used for Shellack records

  3. Wax Wash

    250 ml Bottle of Wax Wash Vinyl Cleaner

    2 Washable Lint-Free Cloths Included

    Suitable For New & Old Records

    Australian Made

  4. Spin Clean 8 Ounce Refill

    Cleaning Concentrate For Spin Clean Machine

    Clean More Records With Large 8 Ounce Bottle

    Cleans LP's, 45's & 78's

    Special Formula Washer Fluid

  5. AudioQuest Super Conductive Anti-Static Record Brush

    Safe, Fast, And Effective Tool For Removing Dust And Debris From Vinyl Records

    Conductive Carbon Fibre Bristles And Conductive Gold Contacts Remove Microscopic Dust Before It Becomes Embedded In The Vinyl

    Helps Keep Records Sounding Like New

    Stock Due Mid July 2022

    Special Price $45.00 (Normally Regular Price $49.00 )
  6. Record Revirginizer

    As Seen On The ABC New Inventors Program

    Lifts & Removes Dirts & Oils

    Removes Most Pops & Crackles

    Highly Recommended By Us & Others!

  7. Spin Clean 16 Ounce Refill

    Cleaning Concentrate For Spin Clean Machine

    Clean More Records With Large 16 Ounce Bottle

    Cleans LP's, 45's & 78's

    Special Formula Washer Fluid

  8. Knosti Disco Antistat Refill by Tonar

    Suits Knosti Disco Antistat record Cleaning Machine

    Genuine Knosti Refill Produced By Parent Company Tonar

    1 Litre Refill Mixture

    Very Economical

  9. Spin Clean Record Washer MK2

    Simple To Use And Effective Record Cleaner

    Accepts 3 Sizes of Records

    Cleans LP's, 45's & 78's

    Special Formula Washer Fluid

    Special Price $134.00 (Normally Regular Price $149.00 )
  10. Knosti Disco Antistat Record Cleaning System

    Simple To Use Manually Opereated Record Cleaner

    Removes Dirt & Dries Residue Free

    Cleans LP's, 45's & 78's

    Special Formula Washer Fluid, Replacement 1 Litre Refills Available

    Special Price $139.00 (Normally Regular Price $159.00 )
  11. Milty Zerostat 3 Anti Static Pistol

    Reduces Static on Surfaces To Help Remove Dust from Electronics, Vinyl Records and CDs

    Squeezing Trigger Releases Positive Ions

    Releasing Trigger Releases Negative Ions

    No Batteries Required, No Refills Required And No Radioactive Parts

    Special Price $140.00 (Normally Regular Price $149.00 )
  12. Pro-Ject + Ortofon VINYLCARE Pack

    Survival Kit For Record Collectors

    Includes 8 Cleaning And Maintanence Tools

    Instructions Included

    Special Price $152.00 (Normally Regular Price $169.00 )
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About Record Care Products

Vinyl records have again returned to the golden days of popularity. The younger generation have discovered what their parents and grandparents already knew - that music recorded onto vinyl sounds better. But vinyl records need to be maintained properly if you want them to last for decades.

There are literally dozens of cleaners available, but choosing products that actually work can be difficult. The products listed below are what we use on our own LPs! Remember, we're not just an online store, so please call or drop by to discuss what's best for your individual needs.

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