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  1. NAD PP4

    Compatible With Moving Magnet And Moving Coil Phono Cartridges

    USB Port For Connecting To A PC. Includes Vinylstudio Lite Software For Converting LPs To CD

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More About Phono Preamplifiers

There's something uniquely pleasurable about listening to vinyl, something that digital media simply can't match in quite the same way. Playing records is again popular, but there is one problem. You need to connect via a phono input (also known as a phono preamp) to make the very small signal from the turntable powerful enough for your Amplifier to perform. However, many of today's Receivers and Amplifiers either won't let you connect a Turntable, but (and it's a big but) even if they do, it is usually a very low quality circuit that doesn't deliver on good performance which sort of defeats the purpose as to why we're all switching to vinyl. There's two main ways to get connected.

One way is to buy a Turntable with a phono circuit built-in. This allows you to simply connect the Turntable to an Auxiliary input. Prices can be quite low with performance to match and really only do a basic job for the occasional listener with just a few LPs. Yes, if you want simplicity with better performance, there are a few other models available that fit the bill.

However, there is an even better way and probably why you're on this page! The best solution is to purchase an add-on Phono Pre-Amplifier and Audio Trends has something to suit every need, some even with a USB circuit to copy your vinyl to Computer if you so desire. What are the benefits. First, your choice of Turntable is almost unlimited. Secondly, it's very easy to add extra, unwanted 'noise' at the Phono stage. The goal with all separate Phono Pre-Amplifiers is to reduce the 'noise' and amplify the low-level signal generated by the stylus without distorting it. Obviously it stands to reason that the more you spend, the better the performance or so it should be. Interestingly, separate Phono Pre-Amplifiers all come from 'specialist' manufacturers who design their products using premium components chosen for exceptional accuracy, to amplify the signal with the minimum distortion. Entry priced models work with all popular turntables that use a Moving Magnet cartridge. If you have or intend to own a high-end audiophile turntable with a Moving Coil cartridge then we have models to suit.

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