Phono Cartridges

Phono Cartridges

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  1. Rega Carbon Cartridge

    A High Quality, Moving Magnet Cartridge

    Simple To Set Up, Easy To Install

    And Above All, Accurately Reproduce Music

    Performs Far Beyond Its Budget Price Tag

    Stock Later in 2022

  2. Garrott Brothers K1 Moving Magnet Cartridge

    Australian Designed Moving Magnet Cartridge

    Conical Diamond Stylus. Easily Upgradeable To Higher Level K2 Or K3

    Easy DIY Installation

    Screws And Nuts Included

    Special Price $210.00 (Normally Regular Price $230.00 )
  3. Denon DL-103 Moving Coil Cartridge

    A Classic Moving Coil Phono Cartridge

    In Continuous Production Since 1963

    Easy To Set Up & Align, Great Sound

    Wide Compatibility, Hand Made In Japan

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More About Phono Cartridges

The Phono Cartridge is often confused as the "needle" which it is not! The Phono Cartridge is the electronic device that the needle either inserts into as in the case with the most popular Moving Magnet (MM) designs or is part of as in the case with Moving Coil (MC) designs. The right Cartridge combination can make amazing differences to your overall "vinyl" enjoyment. So although many of the Turntables we stock have a Cartridge/Stylus pre-installed, you can usually upgrade it to something better. The choice can depend on a number of factors including your other components. Please feel welcome to call us and discuss your options.

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