About Radios

Once upon a time, terrestrial radio as it later became known, ruled the airwaves. In those days a radio was actually called a ‘Wireless’ because of the magical way it received transmissions through the air. Libbi Gorr from ABC Melbourne Radio still calls it a 'Wireless' and every Saturday morning she affectionately uses the term throughout her entertaining show.

Yes, the Radio or 'Wireless' as Libbi calls it is back in fashion! In fact it never really went out of fashion, but our performance expectations have been raised significantly since Henry Kloss and Tom DeVestro did something about it in the year 2000 with the brand Tivoli Audio. Observing their success, many others like Ruark, Richter and sangean have ventured into the arena and have in most instances produced a very sophisticated line-up. Most come with an Auxilliary input so you can plug in your smartphone (or vintage iPod) for extra music options other than traditional AM/FM stations and some newer models include a DAB+ Tuner and others have Bluetooth streaming capability.


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